Hospitals & Asylums    


Fall Equinox Edition


20 September 2005


Vol. 5 Is. 3


This Issue I have decided to do away with the Microsoft Word version of the Quarterly in hopes of imparting more information and sparing the environment, in the same amount of time.  It is advised to read the Summaries and then decide which Texts you wish to read this quarter.  You are welcome to publish the document(s) on the Internet, in whole or in part.  I am hoping for employment to fully analyze the UN Organizational Chart this Fall and/or write a Constitution for Hospitals & Asylums Non Governmental Executive (CHANGE) and am accepting stories and donations for a healthier, wealthier and wiser HA.  Tony Sanders        


Public Health Department (PHD):


First Annual Draft Amending Title 24 US Code Chapter 9 Hospitalization of Mentally Ill Nationals Returned From Foreign Countries.  Popularizing freedom for the both medical practitioners under a peaceful policy of universal free health care and for the alleged mentally ill (ami) who should be released.  Debates the transfer of Controlled Substances Act (CSA) authority from the Attorney General to the Secretary of Health and Human Services in 2006, renaming of the federal office and department to Medical Director (MD) and Public Health Department (PHD) and appointing the Secretary of Health and Human Services petitioner to the Supreme Court versus Oregon in regards to the Order to Abolish the Death With Dignity Act in furtherance of Ashcroft v. Oregon 9th No. 04-623.  Encouraging the WHO Health Assembly (HA) to codify their Resolutions HA/59/0 whereas “laughter is the best medicine”!!!


International Development (ID):


Third annual draft of the Hearing AID Act of 2006 Amending Title 24 US Code Chapter 5 Columbia Institution for the Deaf for synchronization with the UN while attempting to administrate $88 billion for Official Development Assistance (ODA) this 2005 in order to afford Africa $25 billion in new annual assistance that we must see arriving in the form of cash assistance to the poorest.  In 2006 we’ll pay Asia, America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East another new $25 billion.  2006 should be the first year when the UN levies over $100 billion of ODA with which to uphold the principles of poverty reduction, proportionality and regional subsidiary in the beginning of a new global social security tax administration that will amount to 1% of the GDP, $500 billion in 2005 dollars by 2020.  The goal is for donor nations to make progress paying 0.7% of their GDP for international development in order to afford a $1 trillion decade this 2000-2010 rather than taking it for granted between the years of 2005-2015 by when we need to levy at least $300 billion annually to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.  2007 should be the first year when obligations are completely untied from treaties and are administrated proportionally to the need demonstrated in per capita income as estimated by the Human Development Reports.  Reforms the Security Council for regionalism and establishes the Human Rights Council in amendments to the UN Charter.  Seeks funding to study the UN Organization Chart this Fall..


Attorney General Education (AGE):


First Justice of the Peace Act of 2005 and third annual draft amending Title 24 US Code Chapter 2 Soldier’s and Airmen’s Home.  Calling for the Establishment of a National Human Rights Commission with the American Bar Association.  Setting forth a rule of law whereby Justices to the US Supreme Court and Federal Judges would have term limits of two five year terms, limiting Chief Justices to two one year terms so that every Justice could be Chief and the Judiciary Committee would not fall asleep with any Presidential coup.  Determining that the US prison population of 2.1 million is 725 per 100,000 citizens, the highest rate of detention in the world and in need of the condemnation of 1,000 jails and prisons and release of 1.1 million prisons in order to stay within the capacity of the legal limit which is arbitrarily set at 1 million but is in fact closer to 750,000 for the nation of 290 million.  States will need to add the number of county, state and federal inmates to determine how many prisoners are from each county and begin investing in community corrections programs for them to be released to.  Authorizing the renaming of the Probate Court to the Justice of the Peace if only they would free the alleged mentally ill (ami).         


(A) Synchronization with the United Nations


(1) Summary of the World Summit HA-15-9-05


(2) High Level Segment of the Substantive Session of ECOSOC HA-29-6-05


(3) $25 billion African Social Security Settlement HA-7-6-2005

(4) UN Chronicle: Rule of Law HA-11-8-05

(5) UN Chronicle: Terrorism HA-19-8-05

(6) 67th Session of the Committee on Racial Discrimination HA-1-9-05


(7) 33rd Session of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women HA-2-9-05


(8) Application of HA to ECOSOC for recognition in the Organizational Session of January HA-24-5-05


(9) G-8 HA-7-7-05


(10) Kyoto Protocol HA-1-7-05


(B) State of the USA


(1) President Pro Tempor of the Senate Jo Biden  HA-13-8-05


(2) Robinson for Justice to the US Supreme Court HA-11-6-05


(3) Discovery of the $6.4 Trillion US GDP with a per capita of $21,500 HA-2005


(4) Hurricane Katrina: $50 billion to $250 billion damage estimates and a military coup HA-29-8-05


(5) $17 billion 2006 US Foreign Assistance Appropriations Act HA-26-8-05


(6) Pardon Ohio HA-17-9-05


(7) Cincinnati Mayoral Candidates: Request to be appointed to the Panel Studying County Corrections  HA-27-8-05


(C) Personal Ambitions to Develop the World Peacefully through the Rule of Law


(1) $1 Meteors and Space Programs HA-8-11-05


(2) Inter-Parliamentary Union HA-22-8-05


(3) 2nd Draft of the Constitution of Korea and Advisory Opinion HA-17-6-05


(4) 4th and Final Draft of New Iraq Constitutional Elections HA-28-6-05


(5) World Atlas Development: HA-2005


(6)Foundation of the United Nations of America HA-30-8-05


(7) United Nations University HA-5-6-05


Reminder to Professors, Philanthropists and Hospitals & Asylums Scholars of all walks of life, the Author would like to be made aware of your interest by email in making a confidential recommendation for him to have the option to attend the UNU School of Economics and Technical Change at Maastricht beginning in Fall 2007 for a PHD in 2010.