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United Nations of America HA-30-8-05


Dear Friends, Americans and Countrymen:


I am greatly honored to have this opportunity to present to the American people the founding economic administrative table(s) of the United Nations of America (UNA).  After nearly a month of observing the trial of this year's flagrante delictos under the Inter-American Democracy Charter of September 11 2001 I am happy to report that we can at last reap the benefits of a week's work on the economic and vital statistic tables of the UNA that can be found, with links to national constitutions at   


These Tables have been drafted for the UN General Assembly Committee on Financing for Development to tax $25 billion and administrate $5 billion to the now founded United Nations of America (UNA) at the World Summit September 14-16 for the benefit of the continentís poorest people in accordance with the Plan Aid Column which creates goals for the collection of official development investment from private donors and administration to those nations considered most needy.††


Money is expected to be primarily administrated as cash assistance to the poorest in the form of a global social security system that can be known as Hospitals & Asylums (HA) at the World Summit this September 14-16 in New York City.†††


If the kidnappers can behave well enough this September I hope to have the time to draft these easy to understand Plan Aid tables for the every continent on the planet so that the UN can embark on a new era of Hospitals & Asylums Taxation (HAT) on time this first year of Plan Aid.  In future year I hope to have these charts done by the end of July when the CIA World Fact Book publishes their census so that the General Assembly will have plenty of time to negotiate and I will have the time to submit my new draft of the Hearing Aid Act for the World Summit rather than in December as is now planned. 


These tax estimates will take a month of work every year and I hope that you will enjoy working with the tables and reading the articles so much that each nation, the United Nations itself, and other organizations, will be happy paying me $365 a year so that I could uphold the UN Millennium Development Goals, every day of the year. 


Hospitals & Asylums is not a membership organization, the taxation is done by the United Nations, and would prefer to consider myself everyone's friend, in hopes that one day I wouldn't have to write Hospitals & Asylums (HA) alone, and to avoid the complications and discrimination and corruption that the UN and other non profit organizations and professionals often suffer.  I am always here for you by email and on the web, irregardless of whether or not you employ me in accordance with your wishes, but do not serve violent and/or criminal readers who are censured except in circumstances of extraordinary juridical importance.


I hope that each of you will take the time to peruse the tables and vouch for the truth of these numbers as they relate to your nations and join together before and during the Financing for Development Portions of the World Summit this September to collect private donations and administrate them as Official Development Investment (ODI) to developing nations.  


Welcome to Hospitals & Asylums (HA).  You will be served with the quarterly journal every equinox and solstice and any other work considered of importance to the United Nations of America (UNA) unless you wish to unsubscribe by sending an email message to such effect.  I also accept articles submitted by email for publication.


"ish na wil".  Mayan for "We are ONE".


Respectfully Submitted,


Anthony J. Sanders 

Hospitals & Asylums

National Director

5888 Reilly-Millville Rd.

Oxford, Ohio 45056