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 $6.4 Trillion US GDP HA-7-8-05


(A) Although the CIA World Fact Book declares for the USA a per capita income of $40,100 the US Census Bureau declares a per capita income of only $21,587.  This yields a GDP of only $6.4 trillion rather than $11.75 trillion reported by the CIA World Fact Book and Office of Management and Budget.  The World Health Organization has attempted to arbitrate this dispute and has arrived at the per capita income for the USA of $36,056.  WHO however uses an undisclosed international dollar.  The failure to levy the optimistic tax revenues of $2 trillion despite unprecedented pillaging of corporations further reinforces the fact that the US economy is not only being mismanaged by a fool, but is being overestimated.


(B) The 40% devaluation of the dollar against the Euro since 2003 further reinforces the importance of the revised GDP of the US.  The Federal Government must recognize their actual GDP in the CIA World Fact Book and Tables of the Office of Management and Budget so that they and economic analysts can plan their taxation and expenditures accordingly. Whereas there is obviously some fraudulent sort of accounting of securities it is acceptable to continue accounting using the old fashion method that is misleading our planners however a new column tabulating the actual, taxable, GDP, of US citizens must be devised.  The fraudulent accounting harms the administration as well as the taxation because a lot of money is being invested in ways that do not improve the quality of life in the same way the GDP is being accounted for.


(C) The issue of the US GDP obviously requires study because it is so important to governance and the economy as a whole and it is the largest financial dispute in the world.  We need to know the facts for planning the national economy.  The motivating factor for this discovery is in order to declare that the US will contribute 0.7% of their GDP to international development by 2007 - $45 billion.  According to this revised GDP the US government shall contribute 0.5% this 2005 with their $35 billion contribution.  


(D) The US Census Bureau, Department of Treasury, Finance and Foreign Relations Committees, CIA World Fact Book, Security Exchange Commission, Federal Reserve, economists of all sorts, and the UN Economic and Social Council are called upon to answer the question, “What is the real US GDP?”


(1) CIA World Fact Book.  USA. GDP $11.75 trillion. Per capita $40,100

(2) US Census Bureau. Quick Facts. Per Capita Money Income 1999. $21,587.

(3) WHO. USA. Per capita GDP. $36,056.  

(4) CIA World Fact Book. European Union. GDP $11.65 trillion. Per capita $26,900.