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Second Anniversary of the Attack on the United Nations in
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On 19 August 2003, the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad was brutally attacked by terrorists, leaving 22 UN staff members dead and hundreds injured. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, in his message in observance of the second anniversary of the bombing of the UN headquarters there, said that "the question of justice lingers, too, as no one has been held to account for this crime, offering yet another appalling example of the impunity that so often follows assaults on United Nations personnel around the world, be they peacekeepers, humanitarian workers or others".                         
Below are links to UN Chronicle articles about that fateful day and other security issues, as well as useful links to relevant websites.              
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The Secretary-General: 'The Service of the United Nations is a Calling' (Issue 3, 2003)                 
'Un Homme de Terrain': Sergio Vieira de Mello (Issue 3, 2003)                 
A First-hand Account of 19 August 2003 (Issue 3, 2003)               
Staff Security 59th General Assembly - Fifth Committee: Towards a Unified Security System (Issue 1, 2005)                                                                                            

Strengthening Staff Security: Priorities and Challenges (Issue 2, 2003)                          
'Honouring Those in Whom the Humanitarian Urge Overtook Personal Security Concerns' (March 2003)                                                                     
Threats to Peace and Security ‘In Larger Freedom’: Towards Development, Security and Human Rights For All  (Issue 1, 2005)                                                                                                 

The United Nations in an Age of Globalization: Adapting to a Widening Spectrum of Threats (Issue 4, 2004)                                                                                  
Building a Collective Response to Terrorism (Issue 2, 2004)                             
Expectations of the United Nations in a Post-September 11 World (Issue 2, 2002)                         
Links to Related Resources at the United Nations                                    

Observance of the Second Anniversary of the Baghdad Tragedy                     
Message of the Secretary-General            
A More Secure World: Our Shared Responsibility                                                 
19 August 2003—One Month Later  [ UN Chronicle E-Alert ]            
A Tribute to the Colleagues   [ Video ]                        
Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Message on the International Day of Solidarity with Detained and Missing Staff Members, 25 March                                            
UN Action Against Terrorism                                                   
Yearbook of the United Nations 2003                                   
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