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A Review of the Sixth Committee (Legal)
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World Summit 14-15 September 2005 HA-3-8-05


High Level Segment of the Substantive Session of ECOSOC HA-29-6-05


Hearing AID Act of 2005


Every year, Member States' representatives in the Sixth Committee (Legal) of the United Nations General Assembly discuss and vote on resolutions dealing with issues in international law, such as cloning, terrorism and commercial disputes, as well as the International Criminal Court.                      

Below are links to the UN Chronicle's coverage of the Sixth Committee proceedings during the current and previous sessions of the General Assembly, as well as useful links to other relevant websites.

This issue of the UN Chronicle E-Alert is a continuation of a series on the work and proceedings of the General Assembly. It is intended to give an insight to the reader on how global issues have been approached over the years by the main deliberative organ of the United Nations.                 
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59th Session of the General Assembly                                                                 
Sixth Committee (Legal) of the General Assembly                                                
UN Action Against Terrorism                                                                                
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime                                                   
International Criminal Court ( ICC)                                                                 
Oceans and the Law of the Sea                                                                        
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