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Cincinnati Mayoral Candidates HA-27-8-05

Sylvan Grisco,

Justin Jeffre,

Mark Mallory,

Sandra Queen Noble,

David Pepper,

Alicia Reece,

Charlie Winburn.


The trial of Alicia Reece, the most outstanding representative of democracy in Cincinnati as Vice Mayor, an African American and a woman who doesn’t run with the judicial mafia, regarding her residency in Bond Hill, in which she was unanimously acquitted without prejudice, has inspired me to once again write the political criminals who have been censored from Hospitals & Asylums for felonious failure to uphold the law or pay the writer. The voter registration deadline is September 13th.   On May 4, 1999, the voters of the City of Cincinnati approved an Amendment to the City’s Charter providing for the direct election of Cincinnati’s Mayor with the first election to be held November 6, 2001 and every four years thereafter. The Amendment also provides for a nonpartisan Mayoral Primary to be held on the first Tuesday after the second Monday in September prior to the November election…Hamilton County Board of Elections Community Outreach Newsletter 2005


There are however little guidelines on what is permissible in election campaigns and when campaign contributions constitute corruption.  This is particularly stressful in Cincinnati, ie Hamilton County, where the law is so disreputable that it can be quoted as such from US Supreme Court in Teresa L. Cunningham v. Hamilton County, Ohio 6th Cir. No. 98-727 (1999). The City of Cincinnati is politically problematic because they are not only delinquent in updating or repealing the Police Labor Management Agreement but corrupted the Internet server issuing such order that has now been repaired and politicians are invited to settle the Cincinnati War Crime Tribunal HA-8-8-04 by amending the Labor Management Agreement and settling the victims (including the writer who was poisoned from two to four times this year, defrauded of public assistance, burgled, harassed and computer hacked) or their families where death resulted.


The mayoral campaign, to date, has only served to continue this bad reputation that is reinforced by the appointment of our political thugs to the highest state and federal offices as mentioned in passing in the Memorandum to Balance the Ohio Budget that acquits Bob Taft HA-12-8-05.  Hamilton County needs to be politically quarantined from higher offices until they can uphold the legal limit of 250,000 prisoners per 100,000 including state and federal prisoners and acquit their death row prisoners, this will require the foundation of Community Corrections for from 2,500 to 10,000, they are simply too politically criminal to lead a state.  


The crime campaign of David Pepper and Charlie Winburn is highly unprofessional and dangerous, ie. Unethical.  They have received a lot of press, particularly David Pepper, and their campaign finances need to be investigated for judicial and armed forces corruption that is nearly the pure corruption of corrections but might be worse as these slaving organizations are inclined to escalate to treason when involved in politics.  The problem is that by making crime the only political issue and by promising to hire more police officers they are clearly hiring an army to win the elections through violent and criminal means as occurs in nearly every election in our town, or Texas DC for that matter, as has come to terrorize our nation.  This is prohibited political behavior and war and slavery have been condemned as undemocratic since the Athenian Constitution that explains how political violence, or we must add threats to that effect, causes society to decay and risk total collapse, and is not a political issue to a one jail county.


In conclusion of the letter let me indict for the Board of Elections the following candidates for conviction,


David Pepper, solicitation for slavery, intimidation, campaign finance corruption, prescription of law, terrorist finance

Charlie Winburn, intimidation, terrorist finance


These crimes require some qualification and in fact in some cases conviction is a foregone conclusion.  


Let us first address David Pepper.  As Chair of the Cincinnati Law Committee he is in a highly disreputable office and holds criminal responsibility for the legislative failure of the Cincinnati Police Force, so as to remove the burden from the rest of Council and the Cincinnati Police Chief, in general, that is immensely burdensome.  His primary claim to infamy is the regular solicitation for the slavery of the clients of prostitutes and drug dealers ostensibly because the jailers have called him and informed him that they have yet more vacancies as the result of the two jail surplus.  The crime campaign cannot be construed as anything but a campaign of intimidation against political advocates and writers who are not at all forgiving of the burglaries, hackings, harassments and poisonings that they suffer when a politicians issues a superior order to the police force and are threatened by such a political campaign regarding a judicial issue.  The most serious political problem regarding David Pepper is his large source of financing for television advertisements to intimidate the political consultants and human rights lawyers who are chronically victims of petty crimes for talking to him and never get any satisfaction from the news media as the result of his suppression his campaign finance requires investigation because he seems to have conspired with the police and their jailers.  As a lawyer Mr. Pepper is highly suspect for issuing the prescription of law for war in regards to the expiration of the Cincinnati Police Labor Management Agreement and should not be licensed as such in any jurisdiction being in need of an official disbarment to save the lives of his citizens from his foul temper and brainwashed police force under an expired law he has repeatedly refused to amend although he has indeed fired the black City Manager because the rule of law is totally defective in Cincinnati and all those words mean is slave and prosecute.  The terrorist finance involves making a political campaign regarding crime that promises to hire more police officers thereby receiving credit from the lawless terrorists, of his making, who have so recently been sworn off homicide, it is simply not ethical to include the armed forces as a positive influence in a political campaign, although one can campaign against prison slavery or the forfeiture of surplus jails or the lawlessness of the police force one cannot promise the police large sums of money because they easily become forces of intimidation and assassination when politically mobilized and furthermore are often successful in inciting the populace to genocide when they don’t falsify the election results.  As law committee chairman who is engaging in political crime he is so corrupt as to warrant serious consideration as to his removal from the mayoral race as he has spent so much more campaign money


Now let us address Charles Winburn.   Mr. Winburn was a former council man and a minister.  He however won recognition from the press for engaging in the crime campaign and promised to hire many police officers.  In this regard his situation exactly the same as Mr. Pepper but with less finance for television advertisements.  The concern that we have for him as a black priest who slaves is that he has made crime “believeable” and the courts are engaging in every organized crime they can from running for Lieutenant Governor with the largest number of prisoners of any county on death row to continuing their sexual predator hysteria and the press is trusting them, if they haven’t done so all along in their belief in fraud.


The problem in our town is that the Corruption of Corrections is the largest, and maybe only source of revenues for politicians, now that the former Secretary of Treasury and convicted security fraud of the political variety is Prosecutor again.  Joe Deters has been convicted of failure to prosecute the defrauding of nearly every political institution in our town in the beginning of this year and is in fact the lead suspect in this regard, to such an extent that it is a foregone conclusion.  He should be replaced on the grounds that he has far too much political and financial power to serve as a judicial officer again and too many criminal conviction to engage in politics HA-26-3-05.  The political burglar even left an ACLU political protest card while putting dozens of cookies on my hard drive.  He has intimidated or corrupted the news and telecommunications media and needs to be brought to justice by the Hamilton County Board of Elections for possible impeachment this 2005 or other day before incarceration becomes necessary because he is simply too corrupt to play with the kidnappers.


The laws that we are peddling for the website of the Hamilton County Board of Elections are the Inter-American Democratic Charter Adopted by the General Assembly at its special session held in Lima, Peru, on September 11, 2001 and the Inter-American Convention Against Corruption Adopted at the third plenary session, held on March 29, 1996.  Justice is clearly very important for politicians who require direction, elimination and are very dangerous.  Second corruption in politics is clearly very rampant and is in fact the way our campaign finance system is set up.  It is deep rooted in political philosophy that rich is bad and inevitably leads to a tyranny of the majority but is more likely the result of corruption that reaches the masses.  The Board of Elections and reputable political scientists with public venues should be entirely responsible for the political campaign rather than expensive television advertisements.  We hope that these electoral politics can be publicized in free venues such as the news and special time slots for moderated debates rather than reliant upon the money spared on the food of the prisoners before they are carted off to death row on false charges to cover up for the crimes of the police acting under the superior order of the corrupt politicians who had hoped to win on intimidation.  Let me reiterate, please prohibit television advertisement of electoral candidates on the grounds of its prohibitive cost and organize a campaign schedule for public debates and purchase television time collectively so that we may enjoy our political campaign for mayor of the City of Cincinnati free of fear.     




Anthony J. Sanders


PS This is an attempt to collect on a debt for $1,000 to $2,500 in a manner more civilized than the student loan hit men who brought down Bob Taft but will never snitch on David Pepper who needs to learn the number zero not understanding freedom, that is in closure of the Cincinnati War Crime Tribunal that freed tens of thousands of prisoners in Rwanda, and needs to amend or repeal the Labor Management Agreement to create a safe enough environment for human rights to begin litigating the jails to the American utopia of Community Corrections HA-8-8-04.