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In the State of Ohio

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory in Hamilton County for the General Assembly

Hamilton County Director of Elections John M. Williams

Hamilton County Deputy Director of Elections Pamela W. Swafford

Ohio Treasurer Jennette Bradley 

Ohio Supreme Court CLE Administration

Federal Magistrate Judge Michael Merz (S. Ohio)


Cincinnati War Crime Tribunal


Prosecutor v. Joseph T. Deters: Concluding Case done this Day of HA-30-12-05


Cincinnati Community Corrections  v. Cincinnati Police Chief Colonel Thomas H. Streicher and Hamilton County Sheriff Simon Leis HA-8-8-04


This Tribunal was Established Regarding the 7 Month Expiration of the Labor Management Agreement between August 8, 2004 and the drafting of the C.O.D.E. March 27, 2005, by Laketa Cole, that the news media did not report until mid September 2005 in response to electoral police violence that erupted at the time of the September 13 Primaries.


This is a $3,000 request for unencumbered legal fees for HA from the Ohio Treasury for this work of the author, Anthony J. Sanders, in support of the separate but now $5 million negotiable Global Settlement Agreement for the victims of police violence in Cincinnati or their families, if they died. 


Since 1990 5.9% of the population has fled Hamilton County and there must be greater concern for human rights and just compensation by all branches of the government in acceptance of Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 23 March 1976


Homicide season is over!!! Easter 2004 rendition of the Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights aiming at the abolition of the death penalty of 15 December 1989



Rules of the Cincinnati War Crime Tribunal


Press Release HA-29-3-05


Erpenbeck v. S. Ohio District Court HA-1-4-04


Prosecutor v. Mike Allen HA-25-8-04


Rucker v. Deter HA-2-11-04


Commissioner Todd Portune v. Medical Director Michael Leavitt No. 5058689257


King Blackwell: State of Ohio v County Clerk Gregory Harman HA-17-1-05


Letter to Chief Streicher of the Cincinnati Police HA-14-3-05-44BC


Hamilton County v. Joe Deters HA-26-3-05


Accident Report of Tony J. Sanders of HA-31-3-05


Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez v. Director Domingo S. Herraiz HA-8-4-05


Health Inspector v. Meridian Bioscience HA-15-4-05


Cincinnati Mayoral Candidates HA-27-8-05


Styrene Leak HA-29-8-05


Islamic Association of Cincinnati v. Republican Party HA-21-12-05

Prosecutor v. Joseph T. Deters HA-30-12-05


Butler County v. Hamilton County (Ohio) HA-19-4-06


ACLU Study of Cincinnati Police Practices


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1. Former regime of the City of Cincinnati Mayor Charlie Luken, Council members, Alicia Reece, Y. Laketa Cole, John Cranley, David Crowley, Chris Monzel, Pat Dewine, Sam Malone, David Pepper, Christopher Smitherman, James R. Tarbell, applicant legislator Jane Anderson

Disciplinary Advocate Lt. A. Carter