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Cincinnati City Council HA-14-3-05-44BC


Amending Art. 44 for 3% Annual General Wage Increase (Original) HA-11-3-05


Dear Colonel Thomas H. Streicher Jr:


The Labor Management Agreement by and between the City of Cincinnati and Ohio Council 8 and Locals 190, 223, 240, 250, 1543 and 3119 American Federation of Municipal Employees AFL-CIO was contracted on August 5, 2001 and expired on August 4, 2004.  Without a current labor contract the Cincinnati Police have suffered their 3% annual general wage increase guaranteed under Art. 44 of the Agreement for 2001-2003 to enter dispute.  The disputed wage freeze does not seem motivated by any shortage of funds but in a premeditated attack anticipated in Art. 4 (B) that states, “There shall be no discrimination or retaliation toward employees by virtue of participation or nonparticipation in Union affairs”.  Whereas there no legitimate financial reason for the wage freeze the Police Union and City of Cincinnati are reprimanded for letting their contract fall into disrepute and are ordered to renew the contract before the false belief in Art. 44 leads to damages against the real wages of employees of the police force. To ensure that arbitration is successful written proceedings under the Art. 44 of the Statute International Court of Justice, are all that is required to renew the human resources contract, by;


(1)  Stating on the cover that the labor contract has been renewed;

(2)  Eliminate the time periods set forth in Art. 44 of the Agreement to “guarantee an annual 3% general wage increase”


To earn the permanent 3% wage increase the police force is of course responsible for forfeiting the surplus Queensgate and River City Correctional Facilities and transferring employees and prisoners to community corrections programs where they could participate in work programs.  Community corrections costs as estimated $4,000 a year as opposed to $24,000 per prisoner and the criminal convicts could lead productive lives in the community labor force and escape the criminal societies that corrupt them.  Our county needs to be a “one jail county (with a separate juvenile facility)” to achieve international and civilized national standards of prison population density that should not be more than 300 per 100,000 citizens (county, state and federal detainees). As the most delinquent county in the state of Ohio it is estimated that Hamilton County has a density exceeding 1,000 per 100,000 like only Louisiana, Texas and Washington DC.  Running a slave county of course comes with problems as the tendency to inanity and fraud comes back to haunt the most innocent of the perpetrators, the City Police after ransacking the public securities in January.  The City Police force of course suffers from want of jurisdiction as the jails are the property of the county, forfeit though their prosecution is under all law.  We shall therefore settle for a community correction housing and labor plan in exchange for this faith healing amending Art. 44 of the Agreement to read “there is an annual general wage increase of 3%”…see the Ides of March 44 BC and the Cincinnati War Crimes Tribunal Press Release and Proposal HA-29-3-05


That will be $100;

Anthony J. Sanders

451 Ludlow Ave. #212

Cincinnati, Ohio 45220