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Islamic Association of Cincinnati v. Republican Party HA-21-12-05

Local Armed Conflict on the Winter Solstice: Pipe Bombs and Cardiac Arrest

Dear Neighbor:

1. I am writing to apologize for the reaction of the Presidentís spies after the completion of the email service of the second draft 
of the Afghanistan & Iraq v. USA HA-19-12-05 in the Winter Solstice 2005 Issue of Hospitals & Asylums Vol. 5 Is. 4.†† I am 
proud to say that at my behest Congressman John Conyers has introduced three new pieces of legislation aimed at censuring 
President Bush and Vice President Cheney, and at creating a fact-finding committee that could be a first step toward impeachment.
The President was obviously frustrated with his restraint to the geographic United States for trial.The law of treaties was however 
not adequate, when he gives a hate speech he needs something more akin to house arrest until his perverse emotions have subsided or 
he is removed from office.

2. Local religious, political and law enforcement leaders held a press conference Wednesday morning concerning Tuesday night's pipe bombing at a Clifton mosque. The FBI says the incident has not been classified as a hate crime, but it will be looked at as such. "No group has claimed responsibility for this act," said Stanley Borgia of the FBI, adding that law enforcement will not stop until the suspect or suspects are identified and brought to justice. Karen Dabdoub from the Council on American Islamic Relations says the crime had one clear goal. "This kind of hate crime is intended to divide our community along lines of religion," Dabdoub said. Mayor Mark Mallory added that it's important the community stand up against this type of act. "This community must come together. This kind of criminal activity cannot be tolerated in this community. That must be made clear," Mallory said during the press conference.

3. Witnesses called police after an explosion at 3668 Clifton Avenue just after 10 p.m. Tuesday. Police said there was "light to moderate damage" to a door and a window of a house adjacent to the mosque owned by the Islamic Association of Cincinnati. "One of the explosions blasted a hole through the ceiling and the roof of the porch and then struck the soffit then blew out the glass," Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher said. "If people had been there...there was the potential for people to be injured. Or the way the glass was shattered, it could have resulted in death," he added. The second pipe bomb went off a few minutes after the first, but did not cause any damage. No one was inside at the time and no one was hurt. The mosque closed for the night at 8 p.m.Along with analyzing physical evidence, investigators will spend time Wednesday talking to members of the mosque to see if any individual members might have received threatening mail or phone calls recently.

4. Police are still trying to find out who is responsible for the crime. "[We want to] put as much pressure on the people responsible for this so we can find them as soon as possible," Streicher said. That section of Clifton Avenue was closed off to traffic for five hours overnight while firefighters, police and even the FBI investigated the area. Investigators swept the area looking for other devices but found none. However, they have been collecting physical evidence, primarily fragments from the door and the explosive device. "We have every organization on the scene, the FBI, every fire department unit --their bomb unit -- our bomb dog, top investigators, criminal investigations, several other state and federal organizations will be here," said Captain Gene Hamann, of the Cincinnati Police. "It's a very serious incident." "We've been working in a cooperative fashion overnight," said Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher.

5. Police said they initially received two to three calls around 10:10 p.m. from the Clifton and Ludlow area about hearing an explosion. Police say then they got a call around 10:20 p.m. from someone that claimed they saw an explosion. Capt. Hamann told 9News that Cincinnati Police have not received any notice of bomb threats, nor have there been any directed towards a place of worship such as the mosque.

6. The Clifton neighborhood of Cincinnati is well known for its diversity and includes several churches, schools, residences and child care facilities nearby. A mosque leader also told 9News that he was unaware of any threats to the mosque or its congregation. "We always get the support of the community here," said Majed Dbdoub, a mosque committee member. "We have not received any threats or any of that. This is why we're shocked, actually, that someone is thinking about harming our community here." Besides the mosque, several other places of worship have co-existed for years along this culturally diverse stretch of Clifton Avenue -- including churches of both Catholic and Protestant denominations, a synagogue on the campus of Hebrew Union College -- and at one time, a Hindu temple on a side street not far from that campus or the University of Cincinnati.

7. That same evening a suspect died in police custody.He was reported to have had high blood pressure, blocked arteries and was on cocaine at the time, Hamilton County Coroner Dr. O'dell Owens said Wednesday afternoon. "The combination of using cocaine if you have a heart condition is a problem," said Dr. Owens. Two of Jermaine Jones' three coronary arteries were blocked, one 80 percent and the other 50 percent. Dr. Owens says the 27-year-old was on cocaine, which constricts the blood vessels even more. The 230 pound, 6'6" man also had marijuana and some alcohol in his system. Jones also suffered from hypertension. Police stopped Jones early Wednesday morning on Erline Drive in the Aspen Village Apartment Complex in Westwood. Investigators say Jones took off running but was later captured after he tossed a bag of crack-cocaine. Jones was taken to a holding cell at the jail and later found to be unresponsive. Jones was taken to the hospital but did not survive.

8. Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher said police did not have to use physical force to subdue Jones. "The officer was chasing the person. [The officer] said if he didn't stop, he'd use the taser. But the person went to the ground voluntarily and that's the whole contact the officer had with him," Streicher said. Streicher said any preliminary assumption that the Jones overdosed on drugs is likely wrong. "I've heard that, but there's no hard evidence to suggest that," he said.The officers involved were interviewed as a routine procedure.Poisoning by the secret police must be prohibited.

9. The legal question presented is whether these crimes of the President were committed by the Cincinnati Police or the Hamilton County Courthouse?Character evidence lends most suspicion to the Hamilton County Prosecutor who obviously issues poison permits and is the only money launderer I ever impeached. Not having a heart condition I didnít die although they poisoned me several times with this same tincture they honor Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist MD, a former cardiac surgeon, with.They seem to want a case as good as that against Prosecutor v. Mike Allen.It is completely prohibited to lead a political party from the armed forces.I am sorry that I could not take his case before the Winter Solstice, as I never promised the District Court, but I hope to have him impeached by Christmas.

10. There shall be three prohibitions

a. The prohibition of issuance of permits for poisoning under threat of 20 years in jail and,

b. The prohibition of wire tapping a 6-12 month sentence,

c. The prohibition of leading a political party from office in the armed forces or judiciary, the proverbial terror cell, punishable in account for the homicides and bombings.

11. To do the Clifton Mosque justice I would like to recommend the $1,000 fine due for the unlawful intrusion upon the sacred grounds of the Clifton mosque against the Republican party for the hate speech of the President under the Battle Mountain Sanitarium Reserve statute regarding unlawful intrusion and the violation of rules and regulations caused by spying in 24USC(3)Vß154.I request of Senator Bill Frist MD that he pay this fine in apology for his leak to the President that precipitated the most recent hate speech, in preparation for the prohibition of leading the Republican party from the armed forces and judiciary.I myself, like Stanley Tookie Williams, do not eat of the hand that kills but millions of Muslims have at my recommendation and no one at the mosque was harmed and my observation indicated that the damage was limited to two doors, so maybe the Clifton Mosque will be the only self determinant people to avail of this bounty in the history of the USA.We shall include Mr. Jones in the $5 million we pray Mayor Mallory will pay in settlement the Cincinnati War Crime Tribunal (Luken) HA-8-8-04.

Tony Sanders, a fair weather friend of the Unitarian Church on Resor††