Hospitals & Asylums    







Accident Report of Tony J. Sanders to


US Deputy Attorney General James B. Comey

Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro

US District Judge Herman J. Weber


Stolen: 1. A Microsoft Word Document titled, SupplementalBudgetAppropriations.doc stolen March 31, 2005

2. Email list Stolen February 17, 2005

3.  Work in Progress March 20, 2005


Suspects: 1. Cincinnati Bell Telephone Company 2. Joe Deters Hamilton County Prosecutor 3. Cincinnati FBI 4. Cincinnati City Council and Police


Fine: $1,000 for each of three damaging unlawful intrusions 24USC(3)§154 - $3,000 payable to Tony J. Sanders


At around 10 pm I was violated with the 3rd theft of computer files this 2005 after only 1 total theft that was returned in 2004.  Typical of these hacking episodes the article was of particular value because it guided the Justices of the US Supreme Court, who were actually named, in only 10 pages, to balance the budget as the OMB was directed to do by Hospitals & Asylums in 2004 this 2005.  The updated brief, that was supposed to be published this March 31, 2005 also impeached the Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield by replacing him with former Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs Anthony J. Principi.  It is a great shame to our nation that the Secretary of Defense was not impeached twice by Hospitals & Asylums this March.  Cincinnati Bell Telephone Company has claimed criminal responsibility in these thefts in a television advertisement regarding frighteningly defective cable phone service and by telemarketing call reporting a conspiracy to sell such defective products in co-operation with AOL.  Cincinnati Bell was reported to and should already be under investigation by the Deputy Attorney General James B. Comey who we hope will be joined by the Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro to;


  1. return these documents to their owner by email to
  2. compensate the victim(s) $1,000 for each of these unlawful intrusions under 24USC(3)§154.