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I, Anthony Joseph Sanders, or Tony as most people call me, was born on 11 August 1974, in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. My sister, Sharon M. Sanders, was born exactly two years later, on the same day, August 11, in 1976, in the United States of America. Our birthday occurs at the height of the largest meteor shower of the year, the Perseid Shower 20 July 24 August with >76 meteors an hour, one of the largest of the year. I have lived in the USA since before I was one year old. In second and third grade I attended a special class in the University, with one of top ranked elementary educators in the State, after which time I took my accelerated status for granted, and, after failing to adapt to a private high school, graduated a year early from a public high school, in 1991. I worked as a medical office manager for my mom from 1991-1992. I graduated with a BA in International Affairs in 2000. After I graduated from high school, before I went to college, I studied Dutch in the Netherlands, while on a family visit visa. I studied a semester in the Facultad de Anthropologia in a Mexican University in 1993 and became interested in the international trade in indigenous handicrafts at the time NAFTA was ratified. I earned a Certificate in Mental Health from the consumer group BRIDGES in 2001. Since the Spring of 2001 I have written Hospitals & Asylums Title 24US Code yearly equinox and solstice and have published a website at, and monthly newsletter since December 2004, to archive the documents. The second draft of the primary manuscript with bibliography was not done until August 2007 and the textbook with questions, is not expected to be completed until 2010. Please Donate


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