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Dear Mr. Sanders,

Thank you for your e-mail inquiry.  Per our telephone conversation today, I am forwarding you CLE Accreditation information.  You have reached the MCLE Unit of the ABA Center for Continuing Legal Education.  The ABA is not an accrediting body or regulatory agency but is a provider of Continuing Legal Education to the legal community at large.  CLE accreditation is given on a state-by-state basis.  There is no nationwide accreditation since the MCLE programs are administered by the State Supreme Courts through a special CLE Commission or Board. 

Overall, the process for MCLE (mandatory continuing legal education) accreditation is a lengthy one requiring about two months of advance preparation.  Each state with an MCLE requirement administers its own program with its own distinct set of rules, regulations and sponsor fees.  A CLE provider seeking MCLE accreditation of their programs must apply to each state individually.  Please be aware that individual attorneys may also request accreditation from their particular states after the program has taken place by providing course materials, a special application and possibly a small fee.  Again, each state has its own procedure.

For more information you may visit  This website is maintained by O.R.A.C.L.E. (Organization of Regulatory Administrators of CLE) and contains a link to the individual MCLE state's websites where you may download (or just review) their MCLE Rules and Regulations.  You will also find contact names, addresses, telephone numbers and a Uniform Application for Accreditation (accepted by most states as California, Delaware and Ohio have their own application form).

If you have other questions, or wish to take advantage of the ABA's administrative assistance with the CLE Accreditation Application process that includes custom preparation of required administrative course documents, please feel free to call or write.


Joshua Samuels


MCLE Assistant

321 North Clark Street, Suite 1900

Chicago, ILL 60610

Tel:  312-988-6219  Fax:  312-988-5368


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I am writing to determine whether or not you would like to certify Hospitals & Asylums as an accredited sponsor of a self study program for lawyers as explained in  The course would encourage the participation of lawyers in the subscription to the e Magazine and for credit they would write articles in response to the academic challenges and transitional issues presented in the Statute, news articles, litigation and legislation are so pressing that a lawyer should address them out of a sense of professional responsibility.  All of these essays would be published at the Hospitals & Asylums website with the ethical component of me as editor for grammar and renderer of a short judgment at the end.  The lawyer would be notified by email upon publication, served upon the applicable readership and any forms required by CLE complied with so long as they do not requiring printing as I don't have a printer. 

I am hoping to offer CLE credit for such essays by lawyers that treat upon the Statute in no less than 10 single spaced pages for 1 credit.  Pursuant to your rules should CLE issue a positive determination in regards to the accreditation of Hospitals & Asylums sponsorship I would enter information regarding this program into the second or subsequent draft of the Constitution of Hospitals & Asylums Non Governmental Executive (CHANGE) within 30 days of such positive determination and comply with any forms you supply me with.  This service would be free.

I hope to hear from you.  The entire course of study can be found at the homepage.

Tony Sanders

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