Hospitals & Asylums    


In the State of Ohio

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Malloy in Hamilton County for the General Assembly

Hamilton County Director of Elections John M. Williams

Deputy Director of Elections Pamela W. Swafford  

Ohio Supreme Court CLE Administration

Federal Magistrate Judge Michael Merz (S. Ohio)

Anthony Joe Sanders Legal Fees: $3,000


Prosecutor v. Joseph T. Deters done this Day of HANNUKAH-30-12-05


Concluding Case of the 7 Mo. Cincinnati War Crime Tribunal


Political Procedure: Establishment of a fact finding commission at the Hamilton County Board of Elections to censure and determine grounds for the impeachment of Prosecutor Joe Deters to justify new elections with two honest candidates under RC§2733.16.  For free and fair elections the removal of the Chairman of the Republican Party to an office outside of the armed forces or judiciary is required to preserve the neutrality and independence of the judiciary and to protect the people from wiretappings, poisonings, slavery and murder by a politically motivated secret police force involved nationally in the Laundering of Monetary Instruments 18USCI(95)§1956


Trial by Freedom c/o Hamilton County Board of Elections:

Alonzo Johnson A 455932 v. Judge Dennis Helmick HA-1-4-03

Michael Luebbe A 459444 v. Judge Ethna Cooper HA-19-12-03

Bill and Tony Erpenbeck v. Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters US 6th No. 04-3456&7

Jerome Campbell A 211228 v. Chief Justice Moyer HA-18-6-03


Social Problems:

1. Dissolution of the Hamilton County Republican Party to separate the corruption of armed forces and judiciary from the leadership of a political party or public corporation

2. An estimated 51,617 people have left Hamilton County since 1990 5.9% of total

3. The homicide rate, not counting all custody death in 2005 is >102, a record.

4. 25% of Ohio death row comes from Hamilton County that is only 6% of the population

5. Hamilton County has a detention rate of 868 prisoners per 100,000 citizens

6. Ohio has a detention rate of 565 prisoners per 100,000 citizens (norm is <250)

7. 19 executions since 1976 18 or 19 by Gov. Bob Taft, former Ham Co. Commissioner

8. Increase in the frequency and rudeness of spying since Joe Deters’ return

9. Poisoning, custody and honor killings by the secret Republican police force

10. Arsons and Bombings (increasingly frequent) by the secret Republican police force

11. Predatory lending of the State Debt Collection Service that needs transfer from the AG to Secretary of Treasury to eliminate criminal association.

12. Impending impeachment of the Ohio Governor and Lt. In 2006

13. Need for the establishment of a community based corrections program


Sentencing: We shall now summarize the 101 Year Sentence of the Prosecutor:


a. Laundering of Monetary Instruments 18USCI(95)§1956 20 years

b. Concealment of assetts, false oaths and claims, bribery under 18USC§152 5 years

c. Bank Fraud 18USC(63)§1344 30 years

d. Ohio RC § 2903.041 Reckless homicide 5 years

e. Ohio RC§2905.02 Abduction 5 years

f. Prohibition with respect to biological weapons under 18USC(10)I§175 10 years

g. Theft of public money, property, or records under 18USC(31)§ 641 10 years

h. Unlawful access to stored communication 18USC(121)§2701(1)(A) 5 years

i. Fraud and related activity in connection with computers 18USC(47)§1030  10 years

j. Intrusion of reserves or violations of rules and regulation 24USC(3)V§154  12 months


Joe Deters is facing 101 years in prison unless he reforms so that the County might have the liberty to ponder the philosophical questions of:


a. Changing the job title to Hamilton County Attorney to make peace with the public defender.

b. Writing Prosecutor v. Name rather than the State of Ohio v. Name in criminal cases.

c. Abolishing the title in similar circumstances for which they will account for themselves.


Joe Deters must do the specific good deeds listed below to bring his spiritual age, as accounted for by HA, below the 50 years of Probation 18USC(227)§3563 to merit his continued trial as government official.


a. If Joe Deters dissolves the Hamilton County Republican Party by reappointing an unarmed and non-judicial Republican Chairman with the consent of the legislature and desists in support for predatory lending he could be spared the 20 year sentence for money laundry.

b. If Joe Deters executes the supervised release of Erpenbeck Co. v.US District Court No. 04-3456&7 he might deduct 30 years for bank fraud and 5 years for concealment of assets, from his sentence. 

c. If Joe Deters abolished the death penalty for Hamilton County and paid the $4.5 million wrongful death a police brutality Global Settlement Agreement he might deduct the 5 years for reckless homicide.

d. If Joe Deters desisted in the authorization of wire taps and the interception and disclosure of communications he might deduct another 10 years.

e. If Joe Deters managed to reduce the prisoner population of Hamilton County from 7,021 (2003 est.) to 2000 he might deduct another 5 years for abduction, but this is more likely to take up to 10 years but might be done in as little in one year investing in community based corrections steady progress of 500 prisoner general prison population reduction annually might also be accepted to deduct the 5 years for abduction. 

f. If Joe Deters prohibited the practice of poisoning by the secret police and psychiatric hospitals by paying the author the $75,000 civil tort for psychiatric torture in Sanders v. Kravetz C-98-466 (Weber) he might deduct another 10 years off his sentence.

g. If Joe Deters paid the $3,000 fine for damages to intellectual property and promised to respect the privacy of the HA executive the 12 HA months could be forgiven as called for in the Accident Report of Tony J. Sanders of HA-31-3-05 (Weber) and 5 years for unlawfully accessing stored information.


Compensation: The State of Ohio should respect the principle of free, prior and informed consent of the indigenous authors which when appropriate provide for the collective administration by indigenous peoples’ of the benefits derived from their protections.   The State of Ohio should feel free to make these payments by the self determination of the Department of Treasury.  Without demanding any reliance upon the judgment of the court for State payment, the District Court is sought to enforce the payment of legal fees incurred after the cessation of work by the Court on the Cincinnati Collaborative Agreement by the Ohio Treasury under Martin v. Franklin Capital Corp. 04-1140 (2005) for a progressive realization of the rights hereunder listed to facilitate a line item veto.


Anthony J. Sanders v. State of Ohio


1. $3,000 for work and damages incurred by the Cincinnati War Crime Tribunal as foretold in the Accident Report of Tony J. Sanders of HA-31-3-05?


2. $75,000 civil tort against poisoning adjudicated in Sanders v. Kravetz C-98-466 (Weber)?


Cincinnati Policing Damage Claims Qualified Settlement Fund v. State of Ohio


1. $4.5 million for the settlement of plaintiffs under the Cincinnati Policing Damage Claims Qualified Settlement Fund No. 75-3115602?


2. Mandate to extend this compensation to similar victims in the general populace through the retainer of the administrator?


Note: This judicial case was too naughty to be done for Christmas as promised, after some cajoling with justice, in Islamic Association of Cincinnati v. Republican Party HA-21-12-05, and shall instead serve as a New Year’s Resolution for all aggrieved parties


42 Page Text:


Sanders, Tony J. Hospitals & Asylums. Prosecutor v. Joseph T. Deters: Concluding Case of the Cincinnati War Crime Tribunal. HA-30-12-05.