Hospitals & Asylums    







In the State of Ohio


Apology for the Sloppy Email Service HA-26-3-05


Hospitals & Asylums, Hamilton County Department of Job & Family Services, 9-11 Dispatcher & Cincinnati Police v.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters (R)


$1,000 Final Fraud Fine due the author: Joe Deters

$100 fine for negligence due the author April 11, 2005: Colonel Thomas H. Streicher Jr

Extreme Negligence in Contract Killing requiring the termination of Cincinnati City Council salaries by the Ohio Treasurer Jeannette Bradley beginning at the arbitrary date of April 1, 2005 until they have updated the Cincinnati Police Labor Contract HA-11-3-05 3:30pm served the same day and possibly same minute as the Atlanta Courthouse Killing


Senator Arlen Specter and Deputy Attorney General James B. Comey


Witness 1: Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell and her detainee


Protected Witness 2: US District Judge Susan J. Dlotte



The problems that needs to be immediately addressed to the US Deputy Attorney General James B. Comey is that both of my email accounts are now disabled at AOL and is totally inaccessible.  It must also be reported that a telemarketing bond between AOL and Cincinnati Bill was aborted in a public disavowal of cable telephone in a television advertisement in February and March 2005.  The same criminal organization that managed to steal my email list and poison me with a common cold as reported in Arlen Specter v. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma HA-17-2-05 returned on the Spring Equinox 2005 to perpetrate a theft of the work in progress while sending a pretty girl to the door with a red suitcase within half an hour of the crime.  The midnight visitor was sent away with a warning not to trust her friend who is identified as the Republican Party by the evidence on the television news of hoards of pretty girls as pretty as the backstabbing bankers of Presidential election year.  I offered her a cup of coffee that she wisely refused and she was not permitted to spend the night.  It is nearly certain that these are the same perpetrators as the “political assassination” reported by Job & Family Services as “retirement” of my social worker for the Winter Solstice in the Hamilton County Food Stamp Fraud Case No. 5058689257.      


Superior criminal responsibility for these frauds clearly belongs to Joe Deters (R) the Hamilton County Prosecutor who has failed to prosecute 3 major frauds of the political institution, a bank fraud and 2 computer crimes against Hospitals & Asylums.  Joe Deters (R) was felled by the HAND from the post of Ohio Secretary of Treasury after a disastrous bank fraud spree in the US District Court Southern District of Ohio titled USA v. Erpenbeck US 6th No. 04-3456&7 that has not been satisfactorily resolved by the Hospitals & Asylums ND of the alleged sentencing Judge Susan J. Dlotte who wrote Hospitals & Asylums to reverse the decision with one hand that wrote while the Clark County Prosecutors joined her US Bank statement stealing unit to perpetrate the crime of the century- the destruction of $5 trillion of files that were subsequently returned in one of two break ins reported in Vincent Doan HA-25-7-04 that forged her one page letter for psychiatric discrimination as the result of penetrating the Department of Job and Family Services.  Joe Deters (R) rise to supremacy as a Secretary of Treasury was a mistake because he was previously the Hamilton County Prosecutor – one the worst criminal organizations in the world that has seized control of nearly all the state offices and is very influential in Texas DC – the chemical reaction that occurred by admitting a prosecutor, or any armed and/or slaving officer, to the Treasury is the common career of assassin due to the mixture of greed, arms and slavery (gas).  Deters is clearly continuing this careen with the defrauding of the political institutions in Hamilton County (1) Department of Job & Family Services, (2) 9-11 Dispatcher (3) Cincinnati Police. 


To bring the crime of assassination to rest in affirmation of Courthouse Security publicized by Senator Arlen Specter from whence the debunked arduous concept of find a “good judge” to replace the criminal comes from however the choose your judge concept is very important because judicial lotteries are clearly rigged to obstruct the lengthy process of making friends required to find compatible investigators by the same people who perpetrate the election frauds.  Judges must cease to wear the rob-e in the dangerous fraud of a thieving courthouse that trusts armed officers more than citizens.  Judges, particularly federal judges, must desist in writing the USA as plaintiff to restrain criminal proceedings to the state courts, all of whom must respect their robe and rob evil in written proceedings for the plaintiff, that means the individual, rather than in secret bank frauds, unlawful searches and seizures and computer crimes for the terrorist plots that abound in the Bush government.


The separate but equal proceedings now before Senator Arlen Specter (R) and the scared Judge Susan J. Dlotte who has jailed an African American informant after the slaying of the family of Judge Lefcow because she was apparently smitten with fear after receiving some information, that was not published, regarding the assassination of judges further studied by the author who finally recognized his nickname Anthrax Sender by the treaty breaking Department of Defense after the processing of the Atlanta, Georgia Secretary of State Cathy Cox Sucks Dick HA-11-1-05.  Judge “Sucks Dick A lot” Susan J. Dlotte failed to hold a trial and is suspected of attempting to lure the author to his doom as bad or worse than occurred the last time she declared herself a friend in apology for being the worst white collar criminal in the nation during 2004.  The reason that she is not separated from this case as the clerk and/or telemarketing fraud with the same voice as the impersonator of a 9-11 operator and seller of houses without down payment at her phone number suggested is because we must make peace between her and the Secretary of State by releasing the detainee.  If Ms. Susan J. Dlotte really received the telephone call she must be very careful with the submission of her essay to Hospitals & Asylums and should probably consider paying a filing fee to alleviate the fear of her friend and victim Mr. Anthony J. Sanders who doesn’t want to be played for a pea in the pod again.  Ms. Susan J. Dlotte is the only person other than Mr. Anthony J. Sanders who ever recognized Hospitals & Asylums in writing and is therefore considered a friend even if she is a fraud who needs a job for a good law firm that keeps her from lying slaving, unlawfully enforcing and investigating her judgment that was good to me although her fiends were not.  Ms. Dlotte in conspiracy with Joe Deters, the Cincinnati Police does fit the profile of the white slaving leader of mass murdering white supremacists sought in the homicide of the husband and mother of Judge Lefcow if pictures of over a dozen black men murdered in Cincinnati posted on the telephone poles in Clifton after the forced closure of the author’s Anthony J. Sanders’ bank account at US Bank HA-3-5-04 by the FDIC are to be believed.  Ms Cathy Cox’s biography also fit this description before the federal lobby managed to censure the report that should be preserved by the International Court of Justice.  I no longer have any bank accounts at all because the master-thief is now the County Prosecutor and with the District Court has robbed me left and write.  The Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell on the other hand seems to be a representative sample of the Secretaries of State and US Ambassadors from whence the police perpetrated homicides seem to emanate from.  The problem seems to be the false belief of the police that the State represents prosecution, ie murder, and the judge softens the prosecution.  The International Criminal Court has addressed this issue of false association by writing all their prosecutions as Prosecutor v. ie. Mike Allen HA-8-25-04 so as not tie the UN with the crime of slavery in the mind.  The UN is not really justified to slave at all and should rely upon national prosecutors to detain criminals but at least they don’t make slavery the most common use of their government’s name.  Timing however creates a serious dispute between the Protected Witness 2: Judge Dlotte and the Witness 1: Secretary of State.  Suspicion is that the Secretary of State joined the conspiracy to assassinate all the friends of Hospital & Asylums of the US President and joined the murder spree somewhat halfheartedly after King Blackwell HA-17-1-05.  Not only are the Ides of March over but Easter will be over tomorrow and there is no reason for any more fear as there are no more known assassination days in 2005.  To fill the vacancy of responsibility of the keepers of the peace of the County Prosecutor Joe Deters and US President Lick Bush Jr. see… Queen E-Lezzie Breath II -  The homicide season is now officially over.  This part is very confusing and lacking in conviction but Susan and Kenneth must make peace to liberate an African American women who after review of her case and trial is not a threat.  The public should be apologized to.  Whereas Dlotte is not served Blackwell is not served.


The Hamilton County Prosecutor is fined $1,000 under Battle Mountain Sanitarium Reserve Statute 24USC(3)§154 for the unlawful intrusion into Hospitals & Asylums and all the political institutions that he has failed to prosecute and is the lead suspect therefore.  There is no need to convict the elusive criminal of anything.  All that needs to be done is to replace him the next time he fails to represent a financial crime in Hamilton County.  His negligence, ie. Failure to prosecute, is all the confession we need to justify the payment of this fine to Hospitals & Asylums and Mediator Rosalyn Flores.  Mr. Deters is a disgrace to both the legal and banking professions.  The fundamental flaw in his cult is the adherence to the philosophy of deterrence that is a fraud in that is founded in the idea that we must make people afraid to commit crimes although other wisdom dictates that fear is the mind killer and our experience teaches us that confusion, ignorance and insanity are the only cause of crimes.  Nowhere is the failure of the policy of deterrence more clear than in the death penalty where alleged murderers are executed by people whom we have no doubt are killers and then lead the state to failure.  The conversation with a local police officer that led to following article determined among other things that the supreme policy regarding the enforcement of criminal law is not found in the word “deterrence” but in the word, “restraint”.  Criminals must be restrained from committing more crimes. 


Amending Art. 44 for 3% Annual General Wage Increase HA-11-3-05


Dear Colonel Thomas H. Streicher Jr:


The Labor Management Agreement by and between the City of Cincinnati and Ohio Council 8 and Locals 190, 223, 240, 250, 1543 and 3119 American Federation of Municipal Employees AFL-CIO was contracted on August 5, 2001 and expired on August 4, 2004.  Without a current labor contract the Cincinnati Police have suffered their 3% annual general wage increase guaranteed under Art. 44 of the Agreement for 2001-2003 to enter dispute.  The disputed wage freeze does not seem motivated by any shortage of funds but in a premeditated attack anticipated in Art. 4 (B) that states, “There shall be no discrimination or retaliation toward employees by virtue of participation or nonparticipation in Union affairs”.  Whereas there no legitimate financial reason for the wage freeze the Police Union and City of Cincinnati are reprimanded for letting their contract fall into disrepute and are ordered to renew the contract before the false belief in Art. 44 leads to damages against the real wages of employees of the police force. To ensure that arbitration is successful written proceedings under the Art. 44 of the Statute International Court of Justice, are all that is required to renew the human resources contract, by;


(1)  Stating on the cover that the labor contract has been renewed;

(2)  Eliminate the time periods set forth in Art. 44 of the Agreement to “guarantee an annual 3% general wage increase”


To earn the permanent 3% wage increase the police force is of course responsible for forfeiting the surplus Queensgate and River City Correctional Facilities and transferring employees and prisoners to community corrections programs where they could participate in work programs.  Community corrections costs as estimated $4,000 a year as opposed to $24,000 per prisoner and the criminal convicts could lead productive lives in the community labor force and escape the criminal societies that corrupt them.  Our county needs to be a “one jail county (with a separate juvenile facility)” to achieve international and civilized national standards of prison population density that should not be more than 300 per 100,000 citizens (county, state and federal detainees). As the most delinquent county in the state of Ohio it is estimated that Hamilton County has a density exceeding 1,000 per 100,000 like only Louisiana, Texas and Washington DC.  Running a slave county of course comes with problems as the tendency to inanity and fraud comes back to haunt the most innocent of the perpetrators, the City Police after ransacking the public securities in January.  The City Police force of course suffers from want of jurisdiction as the jails are the property of the county, forfeit though their prosecution is under all law.  We shall therefore settle for a community correction housing and labor plan in exchange for this faith healing amending Art. 44 of the Agreement to read “there is an annual general wage increase of 3%”.  The Ides of March occurred on the 11 March 44 BC indicating that this failure is a real terror plot that must be remedied immediately by City Council.   


Homicides of the Cincinnati Police are too numerous to count.


That will be $100;

Anthony J. Sanders

451 Ludlow Ave. #212

Cincinnati, Ohio 45220



Certificate of Service Tony Sanders 26 March 2005 is also an apology to the International Criminal Court that shall no longer be served as requested and has been deleted from the list unless they wish to make a statement to the contrary in light of the Turkish military prosecution that successfully stopped the homicide.  The State of Ohio is directed to make a check for $1,100 payable to Anthony J. Sanders at the address above before the federal government discontinues the last remaining income in retaliation for balancing the budget.  Judge Dlotte and Secretary Blackwell must be served together as they seem to have gotten into a fraudulent dispute with Prosecutor Deters on how best to terrorize the Hospitals & Asylums National Director (HAND).  The American Bar Association and Mediator Rosalyn Flores are also welcome to intercede while the International Court of Justice judges compliance with the updating of the police contract and elimination of public security fraud from Hamilton County.   Senator Arlen Specter and Deputy Attorney General James B. Comey are to take responsibility for making Judge Dlotte feel safe while cleaning up the Cincinnati Bell and AOL fraud.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,