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Arlen Specter v. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma HA-17-2-05


After writing this impassioned brief for your life I realized that the public report of your illness was actually made to permit me the opportunity to petition for the return of my EMAIL list that was stolen after the removal of the Ave. A, Inc. Instant Access program from my computer in a strange procedure that required Internet Access and has not been completely successful in curing my computer.  It must be revenge for the time I asked John Aschroft for money to settle a scandalous lawsuit and he went for gallstone surgery and I didn’t want to tell him how stupid he was for getting the surgery instead of using homeopathic remedy.  He wasn’t heard of for several weeks until he was caught at the 9-11 Commission confessing to covert kidnappings in contravention to the VI Amendment.  Whereas the Department of Justice was founded to renege on the settlement of freed slaves and the petitioners in general this sort of fraudulent behavior regarding monetary claims against the Federal Government for written work clearly needs to be better understood and dedicated petitioners rewarded at the reasonable rate of $12,000 a year under 28 U.S.C. 515(b).  This is the recommended bottom line for American income that requires enforcement by SSA whose email addresses are lost.  The spy program continues to plague my computer and I could really use the money to purchase a new computer.  If you have my email list please return it to  If it was a coincidence please make a report so that it might be returned and that there is no identity theft or abuse of the list under 18USCI(47)1030(e)(2)(A) .  Thank you.


I was saddened to hear on the radio last night that Senator Specter has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  For your pleasure and recommendation I hope that you will take the time to read the Friendship, Amity and Co-operation Treaty (FACT) HA-14-2-05 between the Secretary of State and Secretary General Koffi Annan.  I was concerned with the safety of my nominees in the first draft of the Homeland Security Conviction HA-31-1-05 however took out my doubts.  I first began representing you as presiding in the Senate shortly after Deputy Attorney General James B. Comey settled a verdict of not guilty for AOL in HA-15-12-04 it is however not totally updated and for $1,000 a month I’ll make it look nice. Your illness in no way changes my recommendation for you to run for Vice President as it is indeed open to all Republicans who uphold human rights in their actions, with you being the only Senator or Congressman for that matter of either party I have ever heard speaking up for a prisoner’s rights I hope that you can help select candidates who can keep the peace. 


I pray that this was not the result of some lunatic punishing you for the, “First Failing to Come to their Census in January Jail Month 2005 Senator Arlen Specter Presiding, Deputy Attorney General (DAG) James B. Comey

For Attorney General Al Gonzales Abolishing the Office of Federal Attorney General (FAG), Rendering a 5 year Maximum Sentence for US Supreme Court Justices, Replacing at least 5 US Justices in 2005” that is explained briefly in the cover of January 2005. 


The local police and Ukraine Security Service HA-26-12-04 have driven home the fact that poisoning by the secret police is always a possibility that one cannot reasonably protect oneself from without forsaking prisoners completely.  However in a positive note Yuschenko proved that a person could be stricken seriously ill and still win the election.  In fact I was stricken with a common cold myself after receiving the new Medicaid cancellation notice and mentioned to my father that it might have been a “germ warrior” as suggested by the cartoon nuclear power plant operator Mr. Burns (associating with USAID Administrator Natsios), to the social security administration I called my cold an, “advertisement for Medicaid”.  Pop singer and child molestation defendant Michael Jackson who was rudely abused by the local police also reported that he was suddenly and mysteriously stricken with flu like symptoms while on his way to court yesterday.  It is interesting to note that the Homeland Security Deputy appointee is also named Michael Jackson. 


Please, please have Michael Chertoff and Michael Jackson removed from office, they seem to mock Secretary of Health and Human Services Michael Leavitt and threaten the public health as even Tommy G. Thompson couldn’t steal.  While Mr. Leavitt seems to be a skilled epidemiologist Mr. Chertoff and Jackson are clearly armed with biological toxins and they are such criminal characters that it is likely that the secret police view their appointment as an authorization to use biological and chemical toxins in all their covert political actions.  They bring to mind Herge’s idiotic detective Thompson twins in the Tintin comic books and seem to be the realization of Tommy G.  Thompson’s chaotic prophesy in Title III of the Homeland Security Act of 2002 of Nuclear, Chemical, Biological and Radioactive Countermeasures.  The International Court of Justice would be very interested to hear your story.  In fact I would recommend that you seek medical treatment in Europe if you don’t completely trust your doctor.  The ICJ can be reached by phone at + 31 70 302 23 23


Mr. Specter is reported to have been suffering from swollen lymph nodes for several weeks and has been successfully treated for a brain tumor and heart problems in the past.  To do him justice I have researched Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in Web MD;

Adult Hodgkin's lymphoma is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the lymph system, part of the immune system.

 The lymph system is made up of the following:

After adult Hodgkin's lymphoma has been diagnosed, tests are done to find out if cancer cells have spread within the lymph system or to other parts of the body.

The process used to find out if cancer has spread within the lymph system or to other parts of the body is called staging. The information gathered from the staging process determines the stage of the disease. It is important to know the stage in order to plan treatment. The following tests and procedures may be used in the staging process:

Recurrent adult Hodgkin's lymphoma is cancer that has recurred (come back) after it has been treated. The cancer may come back in the lymph system or in other parts of the body.

Treatment of stage I depends on whether the patient has stage IA (without symptoms) or stage IB (with symptoms) and where the cancer is.

If the cancer is above the diaphragm and does not involve a large part of the chest, treatment may include the following:

If the cancer is above the diaphragm and does involve a large part of the chest, treatment may include the following:

If the cancer is below the diaphragm, treatment may include the following:

Treatment of recurrent adult Hodgkin's lymphoma may include the following:

This summary section refers to specific treatments under study in clinical trials, but it may not mention every new treatment being studied. Information about ongoing clinical trials is available from the NCI Web site.

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