Hospitals & Asylums    


Memorandum to Balance the Ohio Budget HA-12-8-05



Dear Attorney General


On 26 September 2005 it was written the reason for this letter is because the Attorney General must be very careful, in fact, not get involved in commerce and debt, as a business because he or she must be engaged in the upholding the rule of law that is different than business.  By its very nature this behavior is corrupt.  What occurs is Telemarketing Fraud, Terrorism and Torture 18USC113ABC.  The responsibility of the Attorney General is to institute a rule of law to limit the damages of the armed forces and judiciary and not prostitute the force for money. 


This corruption led to a coup attempt at Governor Bob Taft, if it was not the AG acting as a mad man.  Furthermore I have been pestered by a student loan collection agency that was instrinsically tied with a spate of terrorist attacks beginning with the London bombings, killing of Ohio soldiers in Iraq, and then a Styrene Leak in Cincinnati.  Your fraudulent service is largely responsible for these disasters and is for hire by malpracticing petty government officials.  Debt collection needs to be correlated with the IRS that makes a rational determination regarding a person's income.  You have opened venue for robber barons and totally desisted in your support for the rule of law. 


To understand the crime please read of the coup d'etat against the Governor at that also explains the responsibility of the AG to scientifically reduce the prison population to realistic levels.  You are obviously in a fight with Art. 11 of the Ohio Constitution as well as Title 11 of the US Code.  The behavior of the miscontrued Debt Collection system is totally irrational and tied with serious crimes of terrorism, ie not lucative but Lucifer 18USC(113ABC).  This message has been forwarded to the Ohio Legislature to explain why they suddenly became concerned about corruption.


The AG must desist infringing in the affairs of the Department of Commerce and State and Corporate Finance.  In lieu of this corrupting commerical influence upon the judiciary and armed forces the Attorney General must be available to settle litigation, discipline the judiciary and most important strive to decrease the egregious prison overpopulation through community corrections and education of the judiciary and armed forces and people in regards to the treatment of marginal offenders and voluntary homeless residents who are corrupted by prisons as well as probationers and parolees. 


Once again please take the time to read that will refer you to your one useful study by the Department of Corrections that needs only a telemarketing of local facilities to complete the equation to discover which counties are above the legal limit of 250 prisoners per 100,000 citizens and start making progress again.


For a real criminal investigation by citizens rather than the perpetrators please see  That is in fact the source of corruption and the policy law enforcement exclusive practice must be changed.  You are not welcome to engage in the wars of the petty officers against the citizens and against the government and must focus upon the common responsibility to the public to avoid serious legal problems you must now redress.


Dear Ohio Governor 


Thank you for your steadfastness in the face of persecution, in behalf of my father who is a veterinarian and all the other veterinarians who enjoy the attention of the Ohio and California Governors more than any other legislators in their literature.  I hope this will be a lesson to all of us in regards to the need to combat the corruption of corrections before its inhumanity and genocide are our downfall. 


Make sure that the castration of sexual offenders is fully debated because it is a crime of genocide to prevent births within the populace and while it might be a way to release repeat rapists from prison it should not be used on one time offenders who are often the victims of female sexual predators who delight in the slavery and torture of foolish men who might be tempted to sacrifice their testacles for their freedom from extraordinarily long prison sentences that need to be overturned.  One time rapists should not require such drastic remedies for early release from prison, if it is deemed ethical for human use, as it might be.


Dear Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell:


I am writing to you this 23rd day of August because I did not do so earlier and was reliant upon Jennette Bradely the Secretary of Treasury to uphold civil rights in our Governor's moment of need.  However the hooliganism of the Lieutenant Governor who threatened hiring our Gregory Hartman should the Governor be impeached has compelled me to seek your counsel as the unfulfilled obligation to write to you has kept me up all night.  There was really no reason not to write you, I am in fact planning on writing all the Secretaries of State this Fall Equinox with the Summary of Required Reforms HA-7-4-05 and a Public Health Department (PHD), so that I shouldn't incur any more need for apologies.  It is only fitting that I should write you first.


I believe that this consolidation of letters sums up the situation we are facing in Ohio quite well however being inexperienced in matters of corruption and rather hurried because I am not pleased with the legal/political situation in Ohio that I would prefer to totally avoid and made arrangement with the Governor to this effect by eliciting his promise to balance the Ohio Budget this August, that he seems to have failed to perforned.  I however ommitted that the Clerk of Courts is also not to be trusted from a town which exceed the "legal limit" of prisoner ratio of 250 per 100,000.  I understand this might be difficult for you to comprehend being a politician from Cincinnati, like myself, but its the truth, these people speak nothing but lies.  On matters of corruption, such as politics, they mobilize as hitmen against human rights, the law, and reason in general in order to win against the preponderence of the law.  On the other hand this might be a good experience for a politician to know what they are “really” up against. I fear this appointment of Mr. Hartman is unethical because it seeks to emulate President Bush's invulnerability from impeachment because the Vice President is arguably the most homicidal official in the world and in any case more so than the President, and Hamilton County is two county jails, 2,000 state prison beds and 50 death row inmates away from being sane.


Not wishing to interfere with your political decisionmaking I don't have any directions for you, I merely wish to ensure that you feel included in the Democratic process that I have drafted pursuant to the Inter-American Democratic Charter Adopted by the General Assembly at its special session held in Lima, Peru, on September 11, 2001 and The Inter-American Convention Against Corruption Adopted at the third plenary session, held on March 29, 1996.  While there are certainly legislative remedies for the removal of a Governor from office there is also a judicial remedy titled the quo warranto proceeding whereby a public official may be brought to election on the public ballot that would be far more amusing by far.  It is however my hope that the Governor and the legislature can work together for the common good by balancing the budget and that this brush with justice will compel them to combat the Corruption of Corrections.  Forgive me for ending on a bias but it would be unfair, even unjust, to impeach our Governor for a misdemeanor when he is scheduled to face the gravest of all corruptions in the State of Ohio- our Department of Corrections. 




Anthony J. Sanders


On 12 August 2005 it was written:


Dear Mr. President:


I wrote a number of letters and Acts for Congress during the months of July and August most of which were either addressed or sent to Senator Arlen Specter whom I was instrumental in appointing to the Chair of the Judiciary Committee.  The reason that I am writing this letter is because through the process of judgment I have deduced that he is responsible for contracting with a student loan agency in Ohio, where the Constitution supports such agencies over the rights of the people causing the government financial collapse due to a lack of democratic principle, to harrass me with a Telemarketing Fraud, at my expense, ultimately in order to jeopardize my safety, because he was, held liable for paying for my work writing Hospitals & Asylums Statute under 1USC(3)§213


The harassing creditors of course refuse to read or write by email and therefore are too illiterate to ever have any hopes of collecting their debt from the outstanding claims of the author from the Federal Government.  This does not seem to be their intention either.  After nearly 10 calls where they are told to contact me by email me if they ever want to collect, they are clearly only trying to persecute me because they are put up to it by Mr. Specter, whom they do not refer but is temporally and officially the mastermind behind this Bankruptcy Fraud.  The problem is that when fraud manifests in the government it typically occurs in the pattern of 113ABC Telemarketing Fraud, Terrorism and Torture.  I therefore must put my suspicion on paper so that the President may ensure that the Senate and Congress are prohibited from engaging in such attacks as the terrorist bombings in London or attacks in Iraq with the brainwashed POW they claim to be representing and have not repatriated.  In any case it does no good for the US Government to fight with Hospitals & Asylums, or any of their other friends, for that matter, because it only serves to anger God.


The Government is responsible for hearing the petitions for redress of grievances of citizens and must not assault the petitioners.  Mr. Specter seems to be deluded by a new false sense of power from his new appointment as Chairman and the Bankruptcy Bill that took him into office into thinking that it is permissible to defend against the outstanding obligations of the US to Hospitals & Asylums by hiring a hit man to squeeze blood from the turnips of his drought stricken sharecropper.  The BRAC Commission seems to have been similarly assaulted for writing a letter of support in my behalf and they were threatened with the revocation of the substantive provisions of their work and were forced to seek assurances that the President would veto any such misbehavior by the Congress. 


I suppose as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee Mr. Specter believes that he can force me through these harassing telemarketing frauds to either waste my time litigating my claim for remuneration for statute or cause me serious harm as the result of a corrupt collections process.  This is however not permissible.  I cannot force the US to pay although they have a billion times more money than I and I certainly can't convince a madman to do so, I can however remove a tyrant from office of stimulation. 


A conspiracy to defraud cannot be considered good faith nor does such a conspiracy lend one to continue respecting the office from whence it emanates.  It can however be considered grounds for the removal from office although it does not constitute a crime against humanity.  Therefore I shall undertake, under duress, to remove Arlen Specter from his appointment of President Pro tempore of the Senate and as recipient of the Justice of the Peace Act from Hospitals & Asylums Statute and from the email list. 


In his place as President Pro tempore of the Senate I shall substitute Senator Joseph Biden (D) whom is actually hoping to run for President in 2008. 


A more respectable Republican candidate will need to be selected to serve as Vice President of the US for the rest of this term as the incumbent has been ineligible for office since the Noriega fiasco.


Ultimately the enforced process of debt collection defeats its purpose because the use of force, fraud, misrepresentation and threats of force, destroy the peace needed for a market economy to thrive.  This case is particularly gross because the debtor (Arlen Specter) is prosecuting the creditor (the writer) for his student loans on the grounds that the law is inferior to cold hard cash of yesteryear.  Worse, its true, without the money or desire to afford a hit man of my own to engage in the warlike practices the Senate enjoys so much in "financial" matters, I have no chance of collecting a debt from a psychopathically insolvent government, therefore I am content to wait for someone willing to uphold the law.


On 18 August 2005 it was continued:

Dear Ohio:


Condolences to the families of the deceased.  Now that it’s the 18th and Hospitals & Asylums no longer stimulates the Judiciary Committee they seem to have turned the focus of their persecution to the Governor of the State of Ohio.  Walking down the street a friend said, “did you hear about Bob Taft being arrested?  Its just not fair, he freed too many prisoners for such a petty charge.”  Bob Tafts’ criminal trial for not reporting the donation of free games of golf seems to be a continuation of the aforementioned persecution of Ohio.  First they hired, at my expense, the student loan collectors to annoy me, next they must have commissioned a hit against Ohio soldiers in Iraq, and now they are going after the Governor.  While this might be an attempt to nominate Governor Bob Taft to the Supreme Court for his work marginally reducing the prison population as occurred with the Mayor of Mexico City, Taft’s aggravated murders of prisoners, seemingly for hire, preclude him from such an office…Dissolving and Impeaching Every time Smith HA-20-2-05.  The motive for this criminal trial regarding financial obligations is simply persecution and accordingly needs to be thrown out of court.  The attorney needs to be reprimanded for bringing such a frivolous claim to a criminal trial.  Mr Taft did not harm anyone by playing golf.  If he must register such small, non financial contributions then it is the obligation of the investigator to inform him of this responsibility before taking criminal action.  There is no option but to acquit Mr. Taft for an insufficiency of evidence to sustain a conviction. 


If the Prosecutor wishes to sustain a conviction under the Inter-American Convention Against Corruption Adopted at the third plenary session, held on March 29, 1996 the Prosecutor would much better directed to focus their criticism regarding corruption on the Courts that think the petitioners must pay money for their persecution.  The practice of the filing fee and court costs really needs to be discontinued in order to prohibit corruption of the court that is obviously, although it has not yet been mentioned as a leading cause of subversion in Chapter 2 Attorney General Education.  It is my opinion that government ethics in the USA is totally devoid of any gravity and is accordingly the toy of criminals against humanity much like the war on drugs itself.  In conclusion, let this be a lesson to the Governor to record the contributions of his friends and furthermore let me add that he must desist in hiring hit men and serving as one for whatever federal government official wishes to corrupt the State of Ohio, such criminal societies will only backfire on the person who thinks to politicize persecution.  Let the venue of this case regarding not filing reports of small non monetary donations be changed to either the Ohio Treasurer or Ohio Ethics Committee for official reprimand and direction in regards to the reporting requirements the Governor will need to comply with in the future.


Good Luck,


Anthony J. Sanders


PS Let me also remind the State of Ohio to add the prisoners in every county and their prisoners in state prison to determine which counties are above the legal limit of 250 per 100,000 for planning in regards to the condemnation of jails, prisons, courts, prosecutors and judges and the repatriation of prisoners to the Community Correction programs we must found.  For direction see the summary of Chapter 6 Correction Conviction  

PPS Several hours after this brief was submitted it was recalled that Ohio Governor Bob Taft had indeed promised to Balance the Ohio Budget this August but has so far not been reported as having done so.   Special thanks to Amy Hollingsworth Administrative Assistant of the Ohio Department of Corrections for sending the 2003 Institution Census Report (by Committing County).  Community Corrections could save Ohio up to $1 billion a year if the legal limit can applied.