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Recommendation for Justice of the US Supreme Court HA-11-6-05

Dear Judge Pat Robinson:


A. I am writing you this letter because my email list in the original draft of "Decriminalizing Corrections and Poverty in DC" omitted now Chairman of the Judiciary Committee Senator Arlen Specter who we shall address as "President" (pro-tempore) of the Senate under Rule 1(1) of the Standing Rules of the Senate at  


B. President Senator Specter is really the only person you really need to talk to if you want to become a Justice of the US Supreme Court as I think would be in the best interest of the USA, although you might have a difference of opinion and his email suddenly and falsely rejects these recommendation two times out of three.  The omission was hypothetically considered so grievous by the US Department of Justice that they seem to have subjected the old email address at to the mailer daemon rejection requiring a quick thinking objection or research that I did not have the energy, being such a rude draft of your honor, to supply.  The day was HA-5-5-5, the Cinco de Mayo, it is possible that your email addresses had already been changed but I suspect that the change was caused by the atrocious state of the laws that I could not represent to your honor out of shame of my inappropriate reference to contempt of the tribunal that has also been erased. 


C. I believe that you will find page 32 of the text of "Decriminalizing Corrections and Poverty in Washington DC" a recommendation for you to serve as Justice of the US Supreme Court as long as you uphold the moral and material interests of the author for his $1,980 fee for his defense in Milosevic v. International Tribunal HA-25-12-04. The recommendation states, in its entirety,


Ex-president Judge Patrick Robinson (USA) of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, judgment is modified under Art 100 of the Rules of the ICJ this day in light of the status quo of the democracy and the pleasant surprise that he had earned eligibility for office with the grant of asylum from Iceland for Bobby Fischer to read, “recommended for the office of Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States”, pursuant to the electoral apparatus constructed in dissent of King Blackwell HA-17-2-05 that is now delayed only due to the $1,920 fee for Milosevic v. International Tribunal HA-25-12-04 33% of the $1,980 settlement, $653.40 would go to Yugoslavian health and welfare, leaving me, the author, with.$1,326.60 net income.,, For governmental organizations only:


D. I hope that the reference in your tolerably involuntary email subscription service to "coincidence" is in fact a reference to our deal to impeach the Vice President that is now sweetened in Chapter One: Humanitarian Missions of the Military Departments (MD) to cover the Secretary of Defense and even has a htm summary and a back door HA-9-6-05 in this month's News Desk, for the hasty judge without the time to download a Microsoft Word document. 


E. To understand what I am trying to sell "your honor".  If you even call yourselves that? In the saner judicial environment of the Netherlands, is;


1. Sanders, Tony J. Hospitals & Asylums. "Decriminalizing Corrections and Poverty in Washington DC". Supplement to Title 24 US Code. Cinco de Mayo HA-5-5-5. President pro-tempore Senator Arlen Specter 11-6-05.


2. Sanders, Tony J. Hospitals & Asylums. Title 24 US Code Chapter One: Humanitarian Missions of the Military Departments (MD). 1st Draft 20-8-04, 2nd Draft 11-11-04, 3rd (extended) Memorial Day Draft. President Pro-tempore Senator Arlen Specter.


3. Sanders, Tony J. Hospitals & Asylums (HA). "Application to ECOSOC". HA-24-5-05.


4. Sanders, Tony J. Hospitals & Asylums. "Slobodan Milosevic v. International Tribunal" HA-25-12-04.


5. Sanders, Tony J. Hospitals & Asylums. "Cincinnati War Crime Tribunal". HA-8-8-04.


F. I hope that you can start the renewal of the US Supreme Court that currently relies on email addresslessness to ensure contempt convictions against those, like the author, too poor to buy another printer because printed letters are, in general, more dangerous than beneficial in the USA in this day and age, at least for the self educated lawyer.  I think you would be good for the job because you have sorely needed experience with war crimes and your pen is more civil than President Judge Meron's and ICTY has email addresses albeit a little subject to suggestion from the US.  I am furthermore personally obligated, as the persecutorial environment in the Hague empowered my recommendation that a US judge not be President of the Tribunal over the moral and material interest of the author to be paid $1,980, and I must now apologize for costing my countryman his job as President.  The decision to run for Justice is of course yours.  The decision to elect you belongs to the Senate and President of the US under Art. 2 Sec. 2 of the US Constitution.  The opinions of the current justices of the US Supreme Court and US Department of Justice are of course very important as is that of the United Nations who we hope you will continue to serve publicly as Justice of the Supreme Court as your relationship with the Secretary General under Art. 101 of the UN Charter is too precious to sacrifice for all the justice in the world


Good Luck,


Anthony J. Sanders

Hospitals & Asylums

National Director,


PS If you pay me or make me so motivated I will write an htm summary of Milosevic v. International Tribunal HA-25-12-04 to uphold the Summary Rule of ECOSOC HA-24-5-05.


PPS I would like to become a tax payer this year with your help.  I would like to become such a good tax payer, in fact, that I pay taxes to both the US and Yugoslavia this year, despite the possible erasing of the prior offer by a third party who shouldn't be granted unauthorized access to my computer even with the direct authorization of the US President.  33% of the $1,980 settlement, $653.40 would go to Yugoslavian health and welfare, leaving me, the author, with.$1,326.60 net income.  This sentence was reinserted for the social security employment tax settlement of the Tribunal to Yugoslavia.


PPS King Blackwell mitigates the life sentence in DC to a 5 year maximum HA-17-2-05.