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Pardon Ohio HA-17-9-05

Dear Ohio Governor:

I pray this Petition to the Ohio Governor under Art. III §11 of the Ohio Constitution that states, “after conviction the Governor shall have the power to grant reprieves, commutations and pardons” will be granted in appreciation of the acquittal titled Memorandum to Balance the Ohio Budget HA-12-8-05 as I cannot afford the stressful Parole Process, myself.  It would be a good deed in these dark legislative times and might improve your popularity with the legislature.  Perhaps a Pardon Attorney can be appointed to do the work for, 

(a)  Vincent Doan v. Clinton County  HA-25-6-04, A 351671 pardon, commute to parole, Vincent.doc  

(b) Luebbe v. University of Cincinnati  HA-19-12-03-04, A 459444 $100,000 compensation for wrongful termination of employment, defamation and pardon

(c) Johnson v. One Love HA-1-4-03-04, A 455932 time served, commute to Volunteers of America Sexual Offender Program in Cincinnati. $2,600, $1,000 for prisoner when finished with sexual offender program, $1,000 for victim, $600 for author.

(d) Alonzo Johnson  A 366671 time served, commute to Sexual offender program.

(e) Campbell v. Moyer HA-18-6-03-04, A 211228 pardon Penalty.doc

The Author reiterates the request for $600 for himself in, that has been repaired after much computer hacking.  $50,000, less the forgiveness of a little more than $30,000 in student loans, would be acceptable compensation to attempt to balance the Ohio Budget this 2005 in 50 to 100 pages, as has been done more succinctly for the federal government without any reward, or further legislative adjustments in  The State of Ohio, particularly the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, is highly encouraged to do the job themselves.  The confusing statement regarding my unwillingness to work has been removed from the Blackwell document, there is absolutely no prohibition on balancing the budget this 2005 for anyone but my unpaid, self.  I pray that you continue to abolish the death penalty, this year, and in the future, as you did in 2000.  I see you have entered your vote for 17 days in state prison as precedence for the Chief Justice Moyer whom the Governor once granted a day off that was not listed amongst the 16 corpses at .  Let Taft keep the office until 2006 if he abolishes the death penalty.  It is the Attorney General who is institutionally corrupt and lost his appetite for instant power; the Receivers of the Debt Collection Service could balance their budgets more literately for the Treasury.  Please inform me when the inmates are released.


Thank you very much,


Checks may be mailed to,


Anthony J. Sanders

451 Ludlow Ave. #212

Cincinnati, Ohio 45220



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