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The Constitution of Korea: Draft Treaty Establishing the Korean Union and Advisory Opinion HA-17-6-05


We, the people of Korea, proud of a resplendent history and traditions dating from time immemorial, have assumed the mission of democratic reform and peaceful unification of our homeland under; 


Art. 4 of the Constitution of the Republic of Korea (1988) that, “carries out a policy of peaceful unification based on the principles of freedom and democracy” and;


Art. 19 of the DPRK Socialist Constitution (1998) that, “strives to reunify the country on the principle of independence, peaceful reunification and great national unity”; 


This Constitution condenses 302 Articles of North South Korean constitutional law into one Constitution that is exactly one hundred Articles long and neatly divided into ten Chapters.  It is written in the spirit of justice, welfare, human rights, equality and love, wherefore;


It is time to forgive North Korea for making war upon the South, after 50 years. 


It is time to take down the wall that separates Korea from its destiny as a single nation. 


It is time for North Korea to give up their nuclear weapons and large military force and live in peace with the South Korea and their neighbors so that they can begin to prosper.


It is time to begin a 35 year period of international social development after which time North and South Koreans are expected to enjoy equal economic rights.


It is time to;


Integrate socialist culture into a market economy; 


Publish the treaties of the Korean Union as a bicameral legislature;


Guarantee freedom from hunger and an income of at least 1,000 won a day;


Seek monetary union at the soonest possible time;


Pay equal wages in time;


The Presidents are hereunder required to appoint the Joint Legislative Committee of North and South Korean legislators and scholars to write the Constitution for the critique, amendment and ratification of the bicameral legislatures in 2006 before it is submitted to a popular referendum of both North and South Koreans in 2007.  


The Constitutional documents shall be deposited with the Constitutional Court of Korea for the posterity of the Korean people.


40 pg. Text of Constitution:


44 pg. Text of Advisory Opinion regarding the Single Korean Yearbook:


Sanders, Tony J. Hospitals & Asylums. Constitution of Korea: Draft Treaty Establishing the Korean Union. HA-17-6-05.