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Spring Equinox Edition


Vol. 6 Is. 1


Regions of the United Nations (RUN)


The first complete draft of the Official Development Atlas (ODA) of the States of the United Nations (SUN) reports that there are an estimated 6.4 billion human inhabitants on plant earth with a GDP of $54.170 trillion and per capita income of $8,360 this 2006.  In 2003 UNDP estimated that $64.130 billion were administrated in ODA plus $33 billion from the Madrid Conference on the Iraq Reconstruction Fund - $97.13 billion annual total.  In 2004 we reaffirmed our commitment in a $1 trillion decade to afford the UN Millennium Development Goals for 2015.  In 2005 ODA could be estimated at approximately $89.13 billion plus remittances of migrants to their families, also known as direct investment of $167 billion, a total of $256.  It is important that goals are set by the UN General Assembly this 2006 so that Say’s law will apply whereas actual aggregate demand always equals actual aggregate expenditures and supply creates its won demand; hence it follows that desired expenditures will equal actual expenditures.  In the Summer HA shall more fully review the organizational structure of the United Nations and Europe and America shall be updated for 2006.  In future years, when the uncompensated international affairs work is not so burdensome on the author, it is hoped to balance the Official Development Atlas of the State of the United Nations (SUN) annually in March for a margin of error less than 10%.


Middle East and Central Asia (MECA)

North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia have been conglomerated into a single region called the Middle East and Central Asia (MECA) to pay homage to Mecca in this predominantly Muslim region that includes eight states from the former Soviet Union.   In the beginning of 2006 the CIA World Fact Book reported a total of 713.1 million people living in the region  In 2006 the total GDP of the region was estimated at $ 3,673 billion with a per capita of $5,150 and increase of $941 billion over the $2,732 billion GDP of 2003 an 8.6% annual growth rate.  In 2003 the region received $12,137 million in ODA, not including the $33 billion of the Madrid Conference for the Iraq Reconstruction Fund.  In 2006 it is hoped to increase ODA revenues for the region to $22,200 million including the $10.2 billion settlement at the London Conference on Afghanistan, with at least $2,500 million ODA administrated through the national budget in 2006.  This 2006 we hope to account for the collection of $1 billion ODA from Middle Eastern nations with a per capita GDP of greater than $20,000: Bahrain, Israel, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. 

African International Development (AID)


Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper written to administrate African Social Security.  In 2005 Africa had a population of 886,245,857, 158,603,970 in North Africa and 727,641,887 in Sub Saharan Africa where the most severe poverty and human suffering, on the planet, occurs.  Continental Africa had a GDP of $2,272.5 billion and per capita of $2,500.  In North Africa the GDP was $839.5 billion and per capita $5,300.  In Sub Saharan African the GDP is $1,433 and per capita $2,000. It can be estimated that Sub Saharan Africa requires international investment of at least $100 billion annually to afford to achieve the UN Development Goals.  In 2003 ODA to Africa was estimated by UNDP at $26,545 million administrated $2,340 million to North Africa and $24,225 million to Sub Saharan Africa.  In 2005 the G-8 reaffirmed commitment to the international development of the world’s poorest continent.  Africa is a wonderful, diverse continent with an extraordinary, energetic and resilient people. But it is also plagued with problems so serious that no continent could tackle them on its own. The African Union has achieved the a full fledged political union with the purpose of forming an African Common Market.


Pacific Asian International Development (PAID)


South East Asia (SEA) is the most populous region in the world estimates of 3,416,455,647 people, 53% of the world population, 10 January 2006.  The purchasing power parity of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the region was estimated at $21,459 trillion and per capita at $6,311 in 2006.  The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in the Human Development Report of 2005 stated that the SEA received $14.616 billion in ODA and contributed $10.773 billion in 2003.  This 2006, as part of global increase in spending projected at $25 billion, from 2003, to continue the progress made in 2004 and 2005 it is hoped to increase international development spending to the SEA by administrating as much as $10 billion in new aid for the benefit of the 2/3 of the world’s population living on less than $2 a day in the region, increasing ODA contributed to $15.651 billion and ODA received to $25.500 billion.  It is hoped that this Atlas will help establish a new Golden Age of international cooperation even more peaceful and enduring than the Chinese Song Dynasty (960-1279AD) that established a civil administration in a 500 article rule of law to pension off generals, replace military governors with civil officials, built up the bureaucracy from examination graduates and centralize revenues.


European Union and Russia Option (EURO)


Equality is within the reach of the European Union in decades if only the wealthy states would devote 33% of their ODA to Eastern European Developing Nations. The European Union has a population of 456,953,258; its population is the world's third largest after China and India, and accounts for some 6% of the total world population.  Continental Europe has a total estimated population of 737,567,222 in 2005.  Europe had a GNI of US $14,283 billion, €11,848 billion, and per capita of US $19,379, €16,061.  The European Union had a GNI of $11,650 billion, €9,655 billion, and a per capita of $26,900, €22,295.  In 2004 European ODA was estimated at $46,499 million, €38,542; 60% of all ODA estimated at $76,272 million, €63,220 in 2004.  In 2004 $13,824 million, €11,458 was received by developing Eastern European nations, 18% of the global administration of ODA.  ODA for Eastern Europe is projected to increase $5 billion, €4 billion, in 2006.  New spending must prioritize projects, such as international social security, that provide for relief from unemployment, extreme poverty, illness and retirement. 


United Nations of America (UNA)


The Organization of American States is the primary regional organization administrating the Free Trade Area of the America with self determinate sub regions under the North American Free Trade Agreement, Central American Free Trade Agreement, Andean Community, Mercosur and Caribbean Community.  The Andean Community should have finished with their common market in 2005. Mercosur intends to embark upon a common market this 2006.  America has a population of 885,909,600.  A GDP of $13,324 billion and per capita of $15,038.  It is the second most economically successful continent after Europe.  America is a net provider of Official Development Assistance and the continent donated an estimated $21 billion and received an estimated $15 billion, $10 billion for Argentina, only $5.3 billion were administrated as ODA in 2004.  Canada contributed $2 billion and the USA, $19 billion.  Free trade with emerging common markets is likely to benefit only wealthy merchants. America must awaken to double the administration of ODA to benefit the poorest people in the least developed countries by increasing spending from $5.3 billion to $10 billion this 2006 that will be supplemented with the accounting of remittances.  US Congress is expected to donate $33 billion to ODA this 2006 by accounting for private international development spending.


Bureau of Economic Analysis Resolution for Fiscal Year HA-1-1-06


Will FY 2006 be a bull or bear market?  Having balanced the budget in 2005 HA resolves to entertain the dispute regarding the overestimated $12.2 trillion US GDP in 2006 by reconciling the advanced economic study of the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) with the $6.4 trillion income estimates of the US Census in 2000 overshadowed by the $9 trillion public debt of the federal government so we can make progress under the 1993 System of National Accounts (SNA) or overthrow the vague regime of UN Statistics regarding the calculation of the GDP in table 2.4 by harmonizing international accounting in terms of Gross National Income (GNI) as Europe seems to.


The Constitution in Crisis: Deception, Manipulation, Torture, Retribution, and Coverups in the Iraq War HA-3-3-06


65 year Sentence for the President, Vice President, and other high ranking members of the Bush Administration misled Congress and the American people regarding the decision to go to war in Iraq; misstated and manipulated intelligence information regarding the justification for such war; countenanced torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment in Iraq; permitted inappropriate retaliation against critics of their Administration, (retained convicted felons and punished the merit worthy).  Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee  Conyers introduced three House Resolutions concerning the serious allegations contained in this Report.  These charges appear to be more serious than the articles of impeachment approved by the House Judiciary Committee in 1974 against then President Nixon for, among other things, misusing the CIA and making false statements to the public to deceive them into believing a thorough investigation had been conducted regarding their wrongdoing.  In the past, the House also has created select committees to investigate serious breaches of public trust, issues of national security, or other matters of national concern. These have included potentially illegal or unethical conduct by Presidents, such as the Reagan Administration’s sale of weapons to Iran in the 1980's and U.S. military activity in Southeast Asia during the 1970's.  More generally, the type of offenses described herein which is central to Congress and the American people’s ability to trust its Commander in Chief regarding the use of military force can certainly be considered to be offenses resulting from the abuse or violation of some public trust, as explained by Alexander Hamilton in the Federalist Papers.  Congress must investigate the exact extent of the abuses of power and who was responsible, discipline responsible officials, and enact reforms that could deter such abuses in the future.  Whereas this was done with a Staff HA grants 3 CLE credits.

Paul Wolfowitz’s first visit to the Netherlands

President Wolfowitz visited The Hague at the invitation of the Dutch government on February 26-27, 2006. He met with the Prime Minister, Mr. Jan Peter Balkenende; with the Minister of Finance, Mr. Gerrit Zalm; and with the Minister for Development Cooperation, Ms. Agnes van Ardenne.  The topics they discussed included cooperation between the Netherlands and the World Bank, coordination of aid programs, supporting Sub-Saharan Africa, post-conflict situations, the role of the World Bank in middle income countries, and fostering private sector growth in developing countries. All of the meetings reflected the interest of the Dutch government and the World Bank in further strengthening their partnership in development.  Mr. Wolfowitz’s priority focus on Africa was widely welcomed and his emphasis on poverty reduction, transparency and measurable results were fully supported. 

Obituary of Milan Babic HA-5-3-06

At 18:30 hours on Sunday 5 March, Milan Babic, a detained witness, was found dead in his cell at the United Nations Detention Unit in Scheveningen.  The Detention Unit Medical Officer confirmed Milan Babic’s death shortly after his body was found. The Dutch authorities were called immediately. After conducting an investigation, they confirmed that the cause of death was suicide. Milan Babic’s family has been informed. Pursuant to his authority under the Tribunal’s Statute and Rules of Detention, the Tribunal President, Judge Fausto Pocar, has ordered an internal inquiry.  The Tribunal sentenced Milan Babic to 13 years imprisonment for crimes committed against non-Serb civilians in the self-proclaimed Serb political entity in eastern Croatia (the Serbian Autonomous Region of Krajina, which later became the Republic of Serbian Krajina).  Slavko Dokmanovic, committed suicide while at the Detention Unit 29 June 1998. Milan Kovacevic died of natural causes at the Detention Unit, 1 August 1998. Dordje Djukic provisionally released for health reasons, 24 April 1996; died, 18 May 1996 Mehmed Alagic died while on provisional release, 9 March 2003.  Momir Talic died while on provisional release, 28 May 2003.  The suicide rate is alarmingly high for a (condemned) detention center of less than 100 prisoners and Babic’s death is suspected of being a politically motivated homicide and is certainly a wrongful death.  It is sad that the most literate prison also be the worst in my experience. 

Obituary of Slobodan Milosevic HA-11-3-06

On Saturday morning, 11 March 2006, a prison guard found the former Yugoslav leader, Slobodan Milosevic, lifeless in bed. It was an abrupt end to his four-year U.N. war crimes tribunal for orchestrating a decade of conflict that ended with 250,000 dead and the Yugoslav federation torn asunder.  There was no comment from Milosevic's wife, Mirjana, who was often characterized as a power behind the scenes during her husband's autocratic rule and has been in self-imposed exile in Russia since 2003. Their son, Marko, also lives in Russia, and their daughter, Marija, lives in Montenegro.  Just 10 days ago, Milosevic complained in court of a "thundering noise" in his head. The next day he cut short an examination of a witness because of another headache. The following day, Feb. 24, he protested the refusal of presiding Judge Patrick Robinson to let him go to Moscow for treatment, but Robinson cut him off. "I'm not going to consider this".   Milosevic was born in Pozarevac, a factory town in central Serbia best known as the home of one of the country's most notorious prisons. His father was a defrocked Orthodox priest and sometime teacher of Russian. His mother was also a teacher. Both parents eventually committed suicide.  In high school, he met his future wife, the daughter of a wartime communist partisan hero. She also was the niece of Davorjanka Paunovic, private secretary and mistress of Josip Broz Tito, the communist guerrilla leader who seized power in Yugoslavia at the end of World War II.  The International Criminal Tribunal was misconceived from the opening of its prison and needs to be shut down immediately.  Milosevic graduated from law school in 1964 and joined the Communist Party.  It is recommended to continue the transfer of presidential judgeship of the Tribunal to a Serbian & Montenegrin Judge with the Mandate to remove the “Criminal” from the International Tribunal from the Former Yugoslavia.

Civil Rights Act of 2006 HA-27-1-06


A civil right is an enforceable right or privilege for an individual, which if interfered with by another gives rise to an action for injury. Examples of civil rights are freedom of speech, press, assembly, the right to vote, freedom from slavery and involuntary servitude, and the right to equality in public places.  Discrimination occurs when the civil rights of an individual are denied or interfered with because of their membership in a particular group or class. Statutes have been enacted to prevent discrimination based on a persons race, sex, religion, age, previous condition of servitude, physical limitation, national origin and in some instances sexual preference.  This Act reviews Civil Rights in the US and makes two amendments to the Statute first, to ratify the Optional Protocols to the International Bill of Rights, Torture Convention and Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women to confer right to the individual and second, to set forth a 10 Year Community Based Corrections Equality Plan.  


Model Rules of Community Corrections HA-31-1-06


The US prison population strangely quadrupled from 503,586 in 1981 to 2,135,901 in 2004 and we must focus upon geographically reducing the prison population to international acceptably levels <1 million, to <0.4% from >0.7% of the population. To manage a steady decline of the penal system for ten years without jeopardizing the peace the US will need to ensure that there are adequate community based corrections beds in every county or parish to accommodate all pre-trial defendants who do not present a serious risk of violence of flight or are on probation, parole or otherwise homeless.  The most innocent and reformed prisoners will be released first. 


Preserving Democracy: What went wrong in Ohio? House Judiciary Committee Staff HA-3-3-06


Representative John Conyers, Jr., the Ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, asked the Democratic staff to conduct an investigation into irregularities reported in the Ohio presidential election and to prepare a Status Report concerning the same prior to the Joint Meeting of Congress scheduled for January 6, 2005, to receive and consider the votes of the electoral college for president. They found numerous, serious election irregularities in the Ohio presidential election, which resulted in a significant disenfranchisement of hundreds of thousands of voters raising grave doubts regarding whether it can be said the Ohio electors selected on December 13, 2004, were chosen in a manner that conforms to Ohio law, let alone federal requirements and constitutional standards. This report, therefore, makes three recommendations: (1) consistent with the requirements of the United States Constitution concerning the counting of electoral votes by Congress and Federal law implementing these requirements, there are ample grounds for challenging the electors from the State of Ohio; (2) Congress should engage in further hearings into the widespread irregularities reported in Ohio; we believe the problems are serious enough to warrant the appointment of a joint select Committee of the House and Senate to investigate and report back to the Members; and (3) Congress needs to enact election reform to restore our people’s trust in our democracy. These changes should include putting in place more specific federal protections for federal elections, particularly in the areas of audit capability for electronic voting machines and casting and counting of provisional ballots, as well as other needed changes to federal and state election laws.  Whereas this was done with Staff HA grants 1 CLE Credit.


Ohio Israeli Bond Sale HA-24-2-06


US Israeli relations are friendly but as the result of an Israeli Military Financing agreement in the Annual US Foreign Relations Act, is complicated with treason that finances both sides of the Arab Israeli conflict.  Although this treason has come under control by the Arab States that have placed their funds in escrow, this illegal financing has not been eliminated despite three years of advocacy.  The Foreign Military Financing provision of the $4,442,300,000 for Foreign Military Financing Program with $2,280,000,000 for Israel not less than $595,000,000 of which for advanced weapons systems including research and development, $1,300,000,000 for Egypt transferred to interest bearing account in New York, $206,000,000 for Jordan, $41,600,000 for expenses of the USA, $373,000,000 for Department of Defense.  This program is the most expensive of all categories of foreign assistance expenditures as the result of the arms race to achieve the number 0 in the balance of power between the Arab league and Israel and should be totally discontinued to eliminate this arms race amongst friends of the USA. Shortly before an illegal assault on Palestine by the US and Israeli militaries without the authority of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon the former Secretary of Treasury of the State of Ohio purchased Israeli Bonds that now need to be sold for the benefit of the State of Ohio.  With this leverage we pray that the US will repeal the treason for a $4 billion deficit reduction and prosecute the war criminals responsible for illegal military actions.

Ohio State Debt Collection, Student Loan and Detention Case HA-14-3-06

The right to a free education is basic to all human rights treaties upon education and the primary objective of higher education is for it to be progressively free.  It is the concept of freedom that is being tried in this case.  Not only is the student loan collection agency acting irrationally in that they are trying to collect from someone living below the poverty line but they have conspired with prisons to persecute the advocate of freedom who the state does not pay, although they are obligated to.  It is the ideal of free higher education that we seek to enforce in this case.   First we shall liberate the student loan corporation and state debt collection service from the corrupt influence of the Attorney General and he can again write his page, that we shall call basic literacy.  Second we shall enforce the basic philosophic principle of debt collection in regards to inviolability of the poverty line.  Third the student loan corporation shall cancel all debts to Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation at their own expense in apology for the harassing calls terrorist attacks and criminal corruption that they are reliant upon myself to resolve.  Fourth we shall free Michael Luebbe from his years of false imprisonment and ensure that he is settled, from whence the student loan corporation could satisfy my bankrupt student loan. 

Islamic Association of Cincinnati v. Republican Party HA-21-12-05           


An explosion rocked a Mosque on the Winter Solstice causing damage to two doors.  The parishioners of the Mosque have set forth a $5,000 bounty that has been matched with $15,000 from the FBI.  That same night an African American named Jermaine Jones died while in police custody, poisoning aggravated by a history of hypertension and drug use is suspected.


Prosecutor v. Joe Deters HA-30-12-05


Arrives at a 101 year sentence for the Establishment of a fact finding commission at the Hamilton County Board of Elections to censure and determine grounds for the impeachment of Prosecutor Joe Deters to justify new elections with two honest candidates.  For free and fair elections the removal of the Chairman of the Republican Party to an office outside of the armed forces or judiciary is required to preserve the neutrality and independence of the judiciary and to protect the people from wiretappings, poisonings, slavery and murder by a politically motivated secret police force involved nationally in the Laundering of Monetary Instruments.  Dissolution of the Wiretap Party.  Pacifying Predatory Lending.  Guiding the County to reduce their prison population and abolish the death penalty.


Gonzalez v. Oregon HA-17-1-06


The US Supreme Court decided that the CSA does not allow the Attorney General to prohibit doctors from prescribing regulated drugs for use in physician-assisted suicide under state law permitting the procedure.  The Oregon Death With Dignity Act exempts from civil or criminal liability state-licensed physicians who, dispense or prescribe a lethal dose of drugs upon the request of a terminally ill patient. 9 November 2001, the Attorney General issued an Interpretive Rule to address the implementation and enforcement of the CSA with respect to ODWDA, declaring that using controlled substances to assist suicide is not a legitimate medical practice and that dispensing or prescribing them for this purpose is unlawful under the CSA.  The Hippocratic Oath states, “I will give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked, nor suggest any such counsel…to protect the pure and holy way I will guard my life and teaching”.


Anthony J. Sanders v. Anita J. Douglas HA-14-2-06


This case regarding the fair use of public information arose as a routine civil dispute under the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works of September 9, 1886 when Anita J. Douglas wrote me, Anthony J. Sanders, on Valentine’s Day 14 February 2006.  The Berne Convention makes it clear that authors of literary works shall enjoy the exclusive right of authorizing the public recitation of their works, including such public recitation by any means or process however it also makes it clear that it shall be permissible to make quotations from a work which has already been lawfully made available to the public under the doctrine of fair use.  The question that arises is whether a public international organization, APEC, has the right to plead private ownership of the work of Ministers and Leaders of many Asian nations at the expense of the quality of the life of the individual researcher? 


Harry Whittington v. Vice President Dick Cheney HA-20-2-06


To ensure the integrity of the US Constitution and UN Charter are fully restored this US President’s Day this case is filed with the US Legislature for the supervision of the United Nations and Organization of American States to ensure neutrality and accountability for the international laws that Dick Cheney and his secretive associates have breeched so that he can be removed from office for President’s Day 20 February 2006 so that the US President might stand a chance of serving out his second elected term.  As the most homicidal official in the world Dick Cheney cannot afford to shoot his friends.  Should Congress fail to impeach the Vice President on President’s Day case shall brought forth in March for the removal of the entire Bush Administration. 


Anthony J. Sanders 8/11/74 v. Social Security Administration HA-5-3-06


Petition to have a replacement check sent after having the first lost in what is most likely a theft of the mail but it turns out is only late.   The right to social security is clearly written in human rights and that of charity in Holy Books.  Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security and is entitled to realization, through national effort and international co-operation and in accordance with the organization and resources of each State, of the economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for his dignity and the free development of his personality.  In this case the Social Security Administration is was merely requested to reissue a new check.  SSA has demanded a three day wait before tracing, canceling or issuing a new check therefore on the 7th SSA will be called again after the mail comes.  A family loan has conveniently prevented any damage resulting from the late payment of the rent.  The check for $471 was received on 7 March 2006 dated 3 March 2006.  Thank you.


SMART Grant HA-24-12-05


Senator Bill Frist has created a new SMART Grant program that will provide $4000 per year to Pell Grant-eligible students who maintain a 3.0 GPA and major in math, science, engineering, technology, or foreign languages critical to national security during their third and fourth years of college. 


Ecosystems and human well-being: Health synthesis HA-5-1-06


Review of the World Health Organization report released in 2005.  Over 1 billion people lack access to safe water supplies; 2.6 billion people lack adequate sanitation. This has led to widespread microbial contamination of drinking water. Water-associated infectious diseases claim 3.2 million lives each year, approximately 6% of all deaths globally.  Aggregate food production currently is sufficient to meet the needs of all, yet of the present world population of over 6 billion, over 800 million consume insufficient protein or calories to meet daily minimum requirements.  Worldwide, under-nutrition accounts for nearly 10% of the burden of disease.  Human activities are responsible for an annual emission of an estimated 7.9 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.


Help Prevent Looming Starvation of Refugees in Zambia HA-8-1-06

Faced with severe shortages of food and funding, the United Nations World Food Programme this week began slashing by half its food rations to refugees in Zambia so it can stretch existing provisions over the next two months.  But the newly measured combination of cereals, beans, vegetable oil and other foods will only last until the beginning of March, creating dire circumstances for the 80,000 Angolan and Congolese refugees now living in camps and settlements in this southern African nation.  The agency needs $8.5 million over the next 12 months but donor response has been poor.

Why MLK, Jr. Would Be Pleased HA-16-1-06


A Mind Freedom Delegation is entering the United Nations for Meetings on Disability and Human Rights that began this Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2006 which could lead to an international binding treaty that includes the human rights of people diagnosed with psychiatric disorders. MLK said, there are certain words in the technical vocabulary of every academic discipline that tend after a while to become stereotype and cliché, there is a word in modern psychology which is now probably more familiar than any other words in psychology. It is the word - maladjusted; it is the ringing cry of the new child, psychology -- maladjusted.  But I want to leave saying to you that there are some things in our social system that I'm proud to be maladjusted to, and I call upon you to be maladjusted to. I never intend to adjust myself to the viciousness of lynch mobs; I never intend to become adjusted to the evils of segregation and discrimination; I never intend to become adjusted to the tragic inequalities of the economic system which will take necessity from the masses to give luxury to the classes; I never intend to become adjusted to the insanity's of militarism, the self-defeating method of physical violence.

Organizational Session of ECOSOC HA-19-1-06


The Substantive Session of ECOSOC and the high level meeting of the Council with the Bretton Woods institutions, WTO and UNCTAD last spring provided an opportunity to discuss the economic, social and environmental agenda of the Summit. We have achieved a significant breakthrough in the outcome document of the World Summit that assigned the ECOCOC with new mandates and functions in order to advance the UN development agenda.  We should see these as ways to life millions of people from the life of deprivation and destitution.  The 2005 World Summit made it resoundingly clear that this, in today’s terms, is the raison d’etre for ECOSOC – to help drive implementation of the internationally agreed development goals.   With the decision to perform the annual ministerial level reviews, we now have a mechanism for a truly unified approach to tracking and evaluating progress towards the goals.  These reviews could provide a meaningful picture of overall implementation, especially if enriched by national presentations and voluntary reviews.


UN Chronicle: Oceans, Coasts and Islands HA-20-1-06                                                                           
The Third Global Conference on Oceans, Coasts, and
Islands is being held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris from 23 to 28 January 2006. Organized by the Global Forum on Oceans, Coasts and Islands, among the meeting's major goals are to raise awareness on these subjects, including Small Island Developing States (SIDS), and to mobilize resources to address these issues. Small island developing States (SIDS) are not just islands; they also include low-lying coastal countries that share similar sustainable development challenges, including small population, lack of resources, remoteness, susceptibility to natural disasters, excessive dependence on international trade and vulnerability to global developments. Highly environmentally and economically vulnerable, SIDS are severely limited in their capacities to respond to the challenges they face and to adequately recover from incessant disasters.


UN Chronicle: The Holocaust: Remembrance and Beyond HA-25-1-06


Headquarters at the United Nations Department of Public Information will hold the first observance of the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust on 27 January 2006, the date in 1945 when the largest Nazi death camp in Auschwitz-Birkenau (Poland) was liberated by Soviet troops.  The tragedy of the Holocaust, which resulted in the annihilation of 6 million European Jews by the Nazis.  To pay tribute to the victims we must never to stop trying to make this a more humane and peaceful world.    


UN Chronicle: Women’s Reproductive Health HA-24-2-06


As International Women's Day, commemorated annually on 8 March, approaches, it is appropriate to remember that more than half a million women die in pregnancy or childbirth each year, especially in the developing world.  Children are the future of society and mothers are guardians of that future. There are an estimated 136 million births every year.  However, each year 3.3 million babies are stillborn, about 4 million die within 28 days of coming into the world and about 6.6 million children die before their fifth birthday. Maternal deaths also continue unabated—the annual total stands at 529,000 deaths—often sudden and unpredicted, which occur during pregnancy, at birth or shortly after - these deaths are largely avoidable.  In the 75 worst-affected countries only 43 per cent of mothers and newborns receive some maternal care, but it is by no means the full range of what they need just to avoid maternal deaths. In the worst-affected countries, scaling-up coverage of programmes will require at least $91 billion over the coming ten years, in addition to current expenditure, compared with around $97 billion per year, which is the total public health expenditure in these countries.

Islamic Fundamentals HA-2-3-06

Islamic law, Shari’a, is the most governmental of all contemporary religious faiths.  There is however great latitude for interpretation of the Qur’an and to ensure that the rule of law is founded in human rights rather than human sacrifice the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam (1990) was drafted as a Muslim 10 Commandments to supplement interpretations of Basic Human Rights in Islam whereby All human beings form one family whose members are united by submission to God and descent from Adam.  All men are equal in terms of basic human dignity and basic obligations and responsibilities, without any discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, language, sex, religious belief, political affiliation, social status or other considerations.  The division of human beings into nations, races, groups and tribes is for the sake of distinction, so that people of one race or tribe may meet and be acquainted with people belonging to another race or tribe and co-operate with one another thereby establishing the principle of equality of the entire human race. True faith is the guarantee for enhancing such dignity along the path to human perfection. 

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