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American Bar Association

US Supreme Court

First Failing to Come to their Census in January Jail Month 2005

Senator Arlen Specter Presiding

Deputy Attorney General (DAG) James B. Comey

For Attorney General

Al Gonzales Abolishing the Office of Federal Attorney General (FAG)

Rendering a 5 year Maximum Sentence for US Supreme Court Justices

Replacing at least 5 US Justices in 2005


Appointing an Under Secretary of Internet Security to the Secretary of State to replace the Department of Homeland Security Office of Cyber Security with unnamed AOL Executives, current executives and other free market candidates with consideration for the Abolition of the Post of Homeland Security Secretary, Department of Homeland Security and repealing the Homeland Security Act of 2002 that would involve much amendment but is not an insurmountable task as the result of the meticulous work of the President.


Hospitals & Asylums National Director Anthony J. Sanders v. AOL  HA-15-12-04

Gonzales Conviction: Treason, Homicide, Slavery and Torture


A. USA Prison Population

B. Application of Art. 118 of the Third Geneva Convention

C. Partial Nomination Hearing

D. Three Cabinet Controversies

E. Medical Director (MD) Michael Leavitt

F. King Blackwell (Ohio)

G. Secretary of Sleaze Condolleeza Rice

H. Chertoff Conviction

I. Fame, Famine & Fascism

J. Friendship, Amity and Co-operation Treaty (FACT)


The problems that needs to be immediately addressed to the US Deputy Attorney General James B. Comey is that both of my email accounts are now disabled at AOL and is totally inaccessible.  It must also be reported that a telemarketing bond between AOL and Cincinnati Bill was aborted in a public disavowal of cable telephone in a television advertisement in February and March 2005.  The same criminal organization that managed to steal my email list and poison me with a common cold as reported in Arlen Specter v. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma HA-17-2-05 returned on the Spring Equinox 2005 to perpetrate a theft of the work in progress while sending a pretty girl to the door with a red suitcase within half an hour of the crime.  The midnight visitor was sent away with a warning not to trust her friend who is identified as the Republican Party by the evidence on the television news of hoards of pretty girls as pretty as the backstabbing bankers of Presidential election year.  I offered her a cup of coffee that she wisely refused and she was not permitted to spend the night.  It is nearly certain that these are the same perpetrators as the “political assassination” reported by Job & Family Services as “retirement” of my social worker for the Winter Solstice in the Hamilton County Food Stamp Fraud Case No. 5058689257.      


Superior criminal responsibility for these frauds clearly belongs to Joe Deters (R) the Hamilton County Prosecutor who has failed to prosecute 3 major frauds of the political institution, a bank fraud and 2 computer crimes against Hospitals & Asylums.  Joe Deters (R) was felled by the HAND from the post of Ohio Secretary of Treasury after a disastrous bank fraud spree in the US District Court Southern District of Ohio titled USA v. Erpenbeck US 6th No. 04-3456&7 that has not been satisfactorily resolved by the Hospitals & Asylums ND of the alleged sentencing Judge Susan J. Dlotte who wrote Hospitals & Asylums to reverse the decision with one hand that wrote while the Clark County Prosecutors joined her US Bank statement stealing unit to perpetrate the crime of the century- the destruction of $5 trillion of files that were subsequently returned in one of two break ins reported in Vincent Doan HA-25-7-04 that forged her one page letter for psychiatric discrimination as the result of penetrating the Department of Job and Family Services.  Joe Deters (R) rise to supremacy as a Secretary of Treasury was a mistake because he was previously the Hamilton County Prosecutor – one the worst criminal organizations in the world that has seized control of nearly all the state offices and is very influential in Texas DC – the chemical reaction that occurred by admitting a prosecutor, or any armed and/or slaving officer, to the Treasury is the common career of assassin due to the mixture of greed, arms and slavery (gas).  Deters is clearly continuing this careen with the defrauding of the political institutions in Hamilton County (1) Department of Job & Family Services, (2) 9-11 Dispatcher (3) Cincinnati Police. 


The State of Ohio is directed to make a check for $1,100 payable to Anthony J. Sanders at the address above before the federal government discontinues the last remaining income in retaliation for balancing the budget.  Judge Dlotte and Secretary Blackwell must be served together as they seem to have gotten into a fraudulent dispute with Prosecutor Deters on how best to terrorize Hospitals & Asylums National Director (HAND).  The American Bar Association and Mediator Rosalyn Flores are also welcome to intercede while the International Court of Justice judges compliance with the updating of the police contract and elimination of public security fraud from Hamilton County.   Senator Arlen Specter and Deputy Attorney General James B. Comey are to take responsibility for making Judge Dlotte feel safe while cleaning up the Cincinnati Bell and AOL fraud.


Arlen Specter v. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma HA-17-2-05


After writing this impassioned brief for your life I realized that the public report of your illness was actually made to permit me the opportunity to petition for the return of my EMAIL list that was stolen after the removal of the Ave. A Instant Access program from my computer in a strange procedure that required Internet Access.  It must be revenge for the time I asked John Aschroft for money to settle a scandalous lawsuit and he went for gallstone surgery and I didn’t want to tell him how stupid he was for getting the surgery instead of using homeopathic remedy.  He wasn’t heard of for several weeks until he was caught at the 9-11 Commission confessing to covert kidnappings in contravention to the VI Amendment.  Whereas the Department of Justice was founded to renege on the settlement of the freed slaves and the petitioners in general this sort of fraudulent behavior regarding monetary claims against the Federal Government for written work clearly needs to be better understood and dedicated petitioners rewarded at the reasonable rate of $12,000 a year under 28 U.S.C. 515(b).  This is the recommended bottom line for American income that requires enforcement by SSA whose email addresses are lost.  I have omitted the intricacies of Stolen Goods and Computer Crime out of deference for your jurisprudence.  The spy program continues to plague my computer and I could really use the money to purchase a new computer.  If you have my email list please return it to  If it was a coincidence please make a report so that it might be returned and that there is no identity theft or abuse of the list.  Thank you.


I was saddened to hear on the radio last night that Senator Specter had been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  For your pleasure and recommendation I hope that you will take the time to read the Friendship, Amity and Co-operation Treaty (FACT) HA-14-2-05 between the Secretary of State and Secretary General Koffi Annan.  I was concerned with the safety of my nominees in the first draft of the Homeland Security Conviction HA-31-1-05 however took out my doubts.  I first began representing you as presiding in the Senate shortly after Deputy Attorney General James B. Comey settled a verdict of not guilty for AOL in HA-15-12-04 it is however not totally updated and for $1,000 a month I’ll make it look nice. Your illness in no way changes my recommendation for you to run for Vice President as it is indeed open to all Republicans who uphold human rights in their actions, with you being the only Senator or Congressman for that matter of either party I have ever heard speaking up for a prisoner’s rights I hope that you can help select candidates who can keep the peace. 


The local police and Ukraine Security Service HA-26-12-04 have driven home the fact that poisoning by the secret police is always a possibility that one cannot reasonably protect oneself from without forsaking prisoners completely.  However in a positive note Yuschenko proved that a person could be stricken seriously ill and still win the election.  In fact I was stricken with a common cold myself after receiving the new Medicaid cancellation notice and mentioned to my father that it might have been a “germ warrior” as suggested by the cartoon nuclear power plant operator Mr. Burns (associating with USAID Administrator Natsios), to the social security administration I called my cold an, “advertisement for Medicaid”.  Pop singer and child molestation defendant Michael Jackson who was rudely abused by the local police also reported that he was suddenly and mysteriously stricken with flu like symptoms while on his way to court yesterday.  It is interesting to note that the Homeland Security Deputy appointee is also named Michael Jackson. 


Please, please have Michael Chertoff and Michael Jackson removed from office, they seem to mock Secretary of Health and Human Services Michael Leavitt and threaten the public health as even Tommy G. Thompson couldn’t steal.  While Mr. Leavitt seems to be a skilled epidemiologist Mr. Chertoff and Jackson are clearly armed with biological toxins and they are such criminal characters that it is likely that the secret police view their appointment as an authorization to use biological and chemical toxins in all their covert political actions.  They bring to mind Herge’s idiotic detective Thompson twins in the Tintin comic books and seem to be the realization of Tommy G.  Thompson’s chaotic prophesy in Title III of the Homeland Security Act of 2002 of Nuclear, Chemical, Biological and Radioactive Countermeasures.  The International Court of Justice would be very interested to hear your story.  In fact I would recommend that you seek medical treatment in Europe unless you completely trust your specialist.  The ICJ can be reached by phone at + 31 70 302 23 23


Mr. Specter is reported to have been suffering from swollen lymph nodes for several weeks and has been successfully treated for a brain tumor and heart problems in the past.  To do him justice I have researched Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in Web MD;

Adult Hodgkin's lymphoma is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the lymph system, part of the immune system.

 The lymph system is made up of the following:

After adult Hodgkin's lymphoma has been diagnosed, tests are done to find out if cancer cells have spread within the lymph system or to other parts of the body.

The process used to find out if cancer has spread within the lymph system or to other parts of the body is called staging. The information gathered from the staging process determines the stage of the disease. It is important to know the stage in order to plan treatment. The following tests and procedures may be used in the staging process:

Recurrent adult Hodgkin's lymphoma is cancer that has recurred (come back) after it has been treated. The cancer may come back in the lymph system or in other parts of the body.

Treatment of stage I depends on whether the patient has stage IA (without symptoms) or stage IB (with symptoms) and where the cancer is.

If the cancer is above the diaphragm and does not involve a large part of the chest, treatment may include the following:

If the cancer is above the diaphragm and does involve a large part of the chest, treatment may include the following:

If the cancer is below the diaphragm, treatment may include the following:

Treatment of recurrent adult Hodgkin's lymphoma may include the following:

This summary section refers to specific treatments under study in clinical trials, but it may not mention every new treatment being studied. Information about ongoing clinical trials is available from the NCI Web site.

At roughly the time of Chertoff’s Conviction 31 January 2005 the relationship between AOL and web host was disabled apparently to disguise his Presidential sponsored grab for nuclear weapons that costs him his job as a Circuit Judge. The Conviction was however published in time to save the State of the Union Address.  The US remains in imminent danger of Nuclear Holocaust under Dick Cheney’s incitement offense at Auschwitz that outdid Hitler in neutrality.  We need to stop permitting the President from being brainwashed by treasonous judicial officers to represent them as nominees for confirmation rather than indictments for convictions. 

Anthony J. Sanders was falsely convicted by the Supreme Court under Blakely in Chapter 8 Drug Administration Yield (DAY) and as the result of this breech in intelligence quotient the document has ostensibly been out of commission since roughly the time of Supreme Court decision in USA v. Freddie J. Booker & Fanfan No. 04-104-105 (2005) of January 12 through January 15, 2005.  Art. 317a Federal Prohibition under 21USC(13)841(b)1Ai has been Amended to make it simple for the Legislature to take into consideration that Justice Breyer only recommends up to 10 yrs for the armed crime of bank robbery and sets a limit of 5 years for drug related offenses that cause serious bodily injury, including involuntary manslaughter with 0-1 being the norm for third time bulk drug offenders and 1 day being the maximum for simple possession offenders 21USC(13)I-D§844(a).  The DAY document has been Amended and all efforts made to ensure that the Internet record is verifiably updated. Deputy Attorney General (DAG) James B. Comey is requested to pay AOL the $6.95 that they requested at the stressful moment when they reported that there was evidence of hacking at my account.  Even the state of Ohio under Art. 317b of Chapter 8 will benefit from the new sentencing guidelines that eliminates mandatory minimum sentencing and reduces the maximum sentence for a 4th degree felony to one year and Ohio King Blackwell was nominated HA-17-1-05.

1. Confirmation of Alberto Gonzales for the critical homeland security office of Attorney General is unconstitutional under Art. II Section 4 of the US Constitution that states,

"officers of the United States shall be removed from office on Conviction of Treason, Bribery and other High Crimes and Misdemeanors"

2. Mr. Gonzales comes from Texas, both the most homicidal and penal of the judiciaries of the USA that is considered the worst in the world by statisticians and artists. The only district more corrupt than Texas is the District of Columbia where homicide has been officially isolated to the killing fields of Afghanistan and Iraq.  The Senate must take precautionary measures and refuse to appoint Al Gonzales. Perversion amongst the residents of Washington DC must not permit another unconstitutional appointment of an Attorney General by George W. Bush who is obviously judicially (and fiscally) incompetent.  The President must not be permitted to allow yet another appointment on the basis of support for serious violations of human rights and a better spoken candidate must be discovered than the current Attorney General John Ashcroft.

3. Ashcroft was elected to his office although he is clearly suspected of the assasination of the other candidate for Governor from whatever state he hails from.  Ashcroft was furthermore renowned for condoning covert criminal actions in flagrant violation to the 6th Amendment before the 9-11 Commission.  Ashcrofts involvement in the suicide attacks upon the world trade center and Pentagon is also highly suspect because he clearly doctored documents to convict Osama bin Laden and make war with Afghanistan.  The conviction has been overturned and evidence against Osama bin Laden and his Deputy must be interpreted as indictments subsequent to the Application of Art. 118 of Third Geneva Convention with prejudice against the covert operatives of the USA.

4. The former Solicitor General  Theodore B. Olson's birthday is 11 September 1940 and his wife, Barbara, died in the suicide attack hijacking Flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon.  This relationship was suppressed by the Supreme Court and Department of Justice casting grave suspicion on their competence.  These two facts create too high of a probability to believe that the death was coincidence.  It seems more likely that a few judicial psycho paths, such as Olson, Ashcroft and Gonzales, in the Bush Administration felt compelled to plan the attacks themselves to justify war and continue robbing the American people with their War on Terrorism scam than the act of war by Muslim peoples as it was portrayed.  In Hamdi v. Rumsfield the US Supreme Court confesses that the war with Afghanistan was a "just war".

5. Gonzales, while at the White House, wrote a memo to President Bush on January 25, 2002, arguing that the war on terrorism ''renders obsolete Geneva's strict limitations on questioning of enemy prisoners and renders quaint some of its provisions.'' It is behavior such as this that bring the preponderence of suspicion against the Bush Administration for all acts of terrorism occuring around the globe.

6. The trial of Alberto Gonzales for Attorney General must therefore be considered concluded and Mr. Gonzales barred from the Office for life.  He is however recommended to try running for the US Supreme Court where they have been looking for a Latino for several years.  The Court must of course be consulted as to whether Mr. Gonzales can even uphold the low standards of the high court as he clearly has not upheld either Constitutional law or human rights in his professional career.  The Supreme Court at least offers the security that Mr. Gonzales would not act without supervision. 

7. Due to the omission of in the initial filing of this brief I again became a victim of a computer crime.   On 21 December after sending my quarterly journal to the new involuntary subscribers, the American Correctional Association, American Jail Association and some random state correctional offices when my email address ceased to function and every attempt to log into the account returns an
invalid username/password and the Support screen after being completed and submitted returns an error page.  Investigation of the website reveals that has a email address for Law Enforcement inquiries at and I assume this was abused by Law Enforcement Officers for the second or third time on my account.  The first time a virulent program from an email from the domain that numerically and temporally associated with the US District Court in conspiracy for the false imprisonment of homebuilder Erpenback HA-1-4-04  for bank fraud that was clearly caused by the FBI in co-operation with the county prosecutor.   A warning label appeared, or at least I became aware of it, shortly thereafter warning people of fraudulent emails and websites using addresses that should not be responded to as they might jeopardize the account.  The second time an investigator from the Clinton County Prosecutors office traveled across two counties to put a business card in the mail box on the day that a virulent program embedded in an email from the destroyed all of Hospitals & Asylums files valued at between $5 trillion in statute and $45 trillion GDP of 2004.  After indicting and then dismissing the currency exchange website from the International Criminal Court the presumption of innocence of Vincent Doan took on a new suspicion that the killing of girlfriend was committed by a police officer unlawfully searching and seizing who was disturbed by Vinent Doans girlfriend who he raped and killed before sentencing the boyfriend to death.  In one of several break ins the files were returned placed in another disk that reached maximum capacity and the disk that was blanked out evades detection but has a tendency to disable the computer and needs to be thrown away HA-25-6-04.   This third time it is quite probable that a newly contacted Corrections Officer publicly corrupted the email address before even reading the first page of Vol.4Is.4 2004 or the Correction Conviction that counts the global prison population however the US Corrections Census shall not be completed until January, jail month.  The Office of Cyber Security in the Department of Homeland Security should order the Law Enforcement inquiries email address to change their introduction to Public Trial. is a provider of free independent email addresses with such a large selection of domain names that one can nearly say what you want in your email address.  It is recommended that the AOL settlement trustees investigate to educate the officer in the importance of a public trial  to uphold confidentiality of account holders under investigation by the worlds most corrupt police force.  Out of respect for the non-profit nature of it would be reasonable to afford the officer a salary under (28 U.S.C. 515(b) to publish month long trials between law enforcement officers and account holders with the authority to discontinue accounts after a month long trial and the support of the Department of Justice to prosecute major fraud against the United States by government contractors under 18USC(47)§1031 for fines up to $10 million and consideration for civil and human rights embodied in the writ of habeas corpus that are usually the unjust cause of this persecution of communication by the armed forces.  The support screen now works and returned the answer, Thank you for contacting Member Services. We have assigned Ticket ID [#650518] to this inquiry. In the event that you need to contact us regarding your original message, please include this Ticket ID in the subject line of your email. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. The messages may be monitored for quality control purposes. Thanks again for writing. Member Services


8. On December, 18 2004 I received an dismissible interrogatory from AOL, stating;


Dear title24uscode,

We were unable to process your most recent payment. Did you recently change your bank, phone number or credit card?

Answer: No.  This 9 December I was forced to walk to Payroll Advance to deposit enough money on my debit card to afford the $23.80 bill that I had place in escrow due to prior billing problems because I was informed that my access to the Internet was denied and my monthly bill for $28.30 was declined and AOL reported that I had an insufficiency of funds although I had deposited $120.00 and another $60.00 on two separate occasions 11/29/04 in order to pay a poorly advertised agreement with that stated, after paying $19.99 domain name, I must pay $149.00 in advance for 12 months of web hosting.  In retrospect the $149 is less than the yearly cost of the $19.99 monthly fee and I therefore expect to be depositing an estimated $19.99 a month for the Web Hosting for and paying another $23.80 to AOL unless the Federal Government, AOL and Time Warner would consent to pick up the tab on more transparent  salesmanship free of charge by dipping into the Security Fraud Settlement. This seems more like a case of false advertisement on behalf of , one of the oldest and most reputable web hosting companies in the business than security fraud on the part of AOL.  I am however so pleased with the web hosting service that is responsive and helpful and claims to not be corruptible by federal or private investigators without a fair hearing where the Hospitals & Asylums National Director and Web designer, Anthony J. Sanders, is verifiably present that I am willing to pay the unforeseen monthly cost and ask only that the Deputy General Attorney General James B. Comey protect the contents of this website, from unauthorized access, defrauding, interruption, corruption, damage or destruction by any federal government or private investigators under 18USCI(47)1030(e)(2)(A)        

9. Failing in the appointment as a special attorney to the Attorney General (28 U.S.C. 515(b)) for $12,000 yearly; the Hospitals & Asylums National Director (HAND), also named I, requests $5,000 for time worked and damages suffered resulting from the author’s service to justice as a special assistant to Attorney General in 2004 as mentioned in the Assistant Attorney General for the Anti-Trust Division v. James B. Comey HA-27-2-04 (.doc) in the heading of Erpenbeck FamilyCo.  and Executives of the former Peoples Bank of Northern Kentucky v. FBI et al Certiorari for the US 6th Circuit Court of Appeals No. 04-3456&7 that also treats upon Martha Stewart, Peter Bacanovic & Samuel Waksel v. Security Exchange Commission Certiorari for the US 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals No. 04-0220-cr among other cases. 
10. I ask only that the Deputy Attorney General, James B. Comey, consider paying Hospitals & Asylums National Director, Anthony J. Sanders, $1,000 a month under 28 U.S.C. 515(b).  Chapter 2 Attorney General Education (AGE) was amended this day and I am honored to take this opportunity to present it the Attorney General for his reward from the $215 million security fraud settlement as mentioned by Curt Anderson, of AP News who wrote that Time Warner had Settled AOL Fraud Charges and the Parent Company Proposed Paying $300 Million to End SEC Probe. WASHINGTON (Dec. 15), should the AOL trustee consent.  

11. My experience with AOL in August was mentioned without the identification of the company of in §77(E)2(i) of Chapter 3 where it was noted that Rule 66 of the Rules of the Court of International Trade permits the Federal Court to appoint un-dismissable receiverships and needs to be repealed and replaced with a full quote of Rule 29 Fed. Crim R., Motion for a Judgment of Acquittal, that permits (a) the dismissal of criminal actions for an insufficiency of evidence or (c) acquittal in cases where the conviction is insufficient to warrant further criminal proceedings.  The un-dismissable receivership of the federal court has been discovered to be a fraud utilized by AOL, hypothetically with the counsel of the Department of Justice who I had just finished communicating with when the billing fraud occurred.  The evidence indicates that AOL was entrapped by the federal judiciary, to perpetrate billing frauds, by passing fraudulently summary declaratory judgment via billing accounts that couldnt be dismissed by the consultant (without Senatorial help) and an escrow account HA-8-9-04.  Although AOL may have fallen for this legal scam the alleged security fraud appears to have been the invention of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice and any criminal cases must be dismissed with a verdict of not guilty.  It was also recommended in that section to change the name of the Court of International Trade United States (CoITUS) to another more lucrative, government oriented, name such as US International Tribunal (USIT) [final judgment] so as not to appear as hookers (J).  I myself have only goodwill towards AOL thanks to their price stability and excellent news service and hope that I will be able to keep the AOL email address even after I move to another location.  The AOL settlement is however a good bond between AOL, Time Warner and the Department of Justice that should be used exclusively for reasonably compensating victims of computer crimes explained under 18USCI(47)1030(e)(2)(A) and to employ attorneys and consultants to counsel the Internet industry on fair billing programs, ie., free of charge.       

12. I myself have been adjusting to my new life as a Web designer and after reading and rereading certain publications discover that in pursuit of a judgment under the Sixth Amendment to the US Constitution that demands publicity in criminal trials I took certain liberties by publishing single news releases explicitly prohibited for reproduction in the copyright that states,

Copyright 2004 The Associated Press. The information contained in the AP news report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or otherwise distributed without the prior written authority of The Associated Press. All active hyperlinks have been inserted by AOL”

In my defense I would like to contest that I gave the cases a registration number before publishing them and did so only because of the urgent nature of the information that I intend to address with further writing of my own as I have done in this case.  I would like to plead immunity under the freedom of expression clause of Section 12 of the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the UN 1 UNTS 15 (1946) and 17USC(8)§107 that grants private publishers fair use although I respect the legitimacy of personal security claims by the members of the press who I honor in these publications that are not intended to detract or endanger AP news, as reported by AOL in any way. 

13. It would be nice for the Attorney General to rule that this copyright attributed to AP news by the AOL news service is unconstitutional and should be amended to permit private publishers fair use.  I am resolved to come to a legal verdict before publishing any more News Desk articles although I will continue to credit journalists who do the majority of the work.

Call AOL Member Services toll-free at 1-877-773-4462. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

14. On 15 December 2004 Curt Anderson, of AP News wrote that Time Warner to Settle AOL Fraud Charges Parent Company Proposes Paying $300 Million to End SEC Probe.  WASHINGTON (Dec. 15) -- Time Warner Inc. moved Wednesday to resolve two federal investigations into its America Online unit, agreeing to pay $210 million to settle criminal securities fraud charges and disclosing it would pay $300 million to end an accounting probe.

15. Deputy U.S. Attorney General James B. Comey (left) speaks during a news conference at the Justice Department announcing the agreement.  The settlements will free the media giant to move forward on proposed acquisitions in 2005 - possibly including Adelphia Communications Corp. - and raise money for other deals by issuing new shares of stock. That had been prevented by the Securities and Exchange Commission while the investigations continued.

''It starts to free the company to get on with business,'' said Tom Wolzien, media analyst for Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. ''It's been a huge distraction for management.''

16. The $210 million agreement with the Justice Department, filed in federal court in Alexandria, Va., defers for two years prosecution of AOL or Time Warner on charges of aiding and abetting securities fraud stemming from a partnership deal with now-defunct If the company cooperates in possible prosecutions of individual AOL executives and adheres to other parts of the deal, the charges would be dismissed.

''If AOL fails to comply with the agreement, the deal is off, and they are in a world of trouble,'' said Deputy Attorney General James Comey, head of President Bush's corporate fraud task force.

17. An independent monitor will be chosen to oversee AOL's compliance with the settlement, and the company must agree to a number of changes in its internal practices. It will pay a $60 million fine and must set aside $150 million to pay civil settlements or judgments arising from investor lawsuits. AOL entered into a partnership with Purchasepro in 2000. When revenues from the deal failed to materialize, ''instead of confronting that harsh reality, AOL and PurchasePro cooked up a scheme to inflate Purchasepro's revenues,'' Comey said.  Four Purchasepro executives, including the co-founder, have agreed to plead guilty to securities violations, Comey said. Two others have previously pleaded guilty.  As many as six unidentified AOL executives were involved in the Purchasepro deal, according to the court papers. Comey declined to comment on when any charges might be brought, but said: ''Watch this space.''

18. On the SEC matter, Time Warner said the SEC staff has agreed to recommend approval of its proposed settlement and $300 million payment. SEC spokesman John Nester declined to comment.  The SEC has been investigating accounting irregularities at Dulles, Va.-based AOL. The probe is focused on the manner that Time Warner accounted for a $400 million payment from the German media company Bertelsmann AG and whether that was used to inflate America Online profits, and on accounting moves related to AOL Europe.  Under the proposal, Time Warner's $300 million penalty would be used to compensate investors for losses stemming from those accounting moves. Accounting adjustments would be made for the Bertelsmann payment and for its investment in AOL Europe, and an independent examiner would be named to review several advertising deals made between 1999 and 2002.  Time Warner set aside $500 million to cover the cost of settling the SEC and Justice Department investigations. Reflecting Wall Street expectations that the two settlements were imminent, Time Warner stock closed unchanged Wednesday on the New York Stock Exchange at $19.38 a share.  New York-based Time Warner's operations include magazines, books, cable TV systems, the WB television network and the Warner Bros. film studios, as well as cable networks HBO and CNN.

19. In conclusion let us take this opportunity to avoid appointing a Texan to the Office of Attorney.  Texas has the worst incarceration rates in the world and this problem shared with the President should be studied to the satisfaction of the US Supreme Court that has expressed for several years interest in a Latin justice to be fair to the 20% of the population that is Hispanic.  The Supreme Court is definitely the way to do Al Gonzalez justice.  The current Deputy Attorney James B. Comey, who makes numerous press releases on criminal justice issues that are fair and just would be a much more secure candidate for replacing Attorney General Ashcroft on 1 January 2005.  Whereas there is evidence that the Department of Justice was intrinsically involved in entrapping the AOL executives by counseling them and passing judicial orders during the investigation to create a situation of Security Fraud the guilty verdicts are hereby overturned and the verdict of NOT GUILTY by reason of entrapment must be entered and democratic consideration given for the AOL executives who fell for the scams of the investigating officers.  AOL is clearly very large and the Anti-trust proceedings have been successful in creating numerous new Internet service companies that require a steady news service that they could ostensibly purchase from AOL.


Make $1,000 a month payable to Anthony J. Sanders under 28 U.S.C. 515(b)