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Summer Solstice Issue Vol. 7 Is. 2


By Tony J. Sanders


The free ACLU bus trip to restore Law and Justice arrives on the 26th of June in Washington DC. The objective of the day of action is to improve respect for habeas corpus whereby detainees have the right to challenge their detention.  There will be numerous speakers and an organized lobby on Congress.  The writ of habeas corpus began in England's Runnymede meadow on June 15, 1215, when dissident English nobles forced King John to sign the Magna Carta, at sword point, limiting the power of the king in exchange for his right to rule. The writ of habeas corpus was among the rights articulated that day, and it has since evolved into the principal safeguard against arbitrary executive detention, torture and maltreatment of prisoners.  Habeas corpus is particularly important for the 2.1 million detainees, 740 per 100,000 citizens, behind bars in the US.  The most and densest concentration in any nation in the world today.  War powers have suspended considerable habeas corpus rights for people alleged to be enemy combatants and the judiciary continues to grow.  As a revolution this day of action to restore law and justice will be as equitable but more peaceful than the seizure of Gaza by Hamas or the status quo.  On July 7, 7-7-07, Live Earth concerts around the world will demonstrate to our leaders that the time has come to solve the climate crisis. NBC will be televising Live Earth and even more extensive coverage will be available live on MSN.


5th Plenary Perseid Party HA-21-6-07    


The 5th Plenary Perseid Party encourages people to watch the meteor shower.  This is the first draft to be done as a treaty to simplify the task of selling the 10 Chapter HA manuscript to publishers in August.  Pluto has similarly been reclassified from the smallest planet to the second largest of 50 dwarf planets of which Eris is the largest.  With no moon, 2007 should be a good year for observing the Perseids, The 120 meteors an hour of the Quadrantids 1 Jan. – 5 Jan however pose a challenge for the Perseids 23 Jul. – 20 Aug whose maximum will be on the early morning of the 13th. During the mid-90s, after the passage of the comet in Nov. and Dec. of 1992 reported rates were as high as 400 per hour.  The best strategy for viewing the Perseid shower would be to observe as late as possible during the early morning hours of August 13 in a place with little light pollution.  Observers should report to the International Meteor Organization and/or American Meteor Society.  Perseid meteors will appear in every portion of the sky but most of the activity will appear in the northeast quadrant, some thirty degrees away from the radiant.  You should be able to observe an average of 80 meteors per hour.


Environmental Agenda for the 21st Century HA-26-4-07


The three major environmental treaties ratified by Agenda 21 at the “Earth Summit” that took place 3 through 14 June 1992 in Rio de Janeiro are the Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Convention on Biological Diversity, and the Statement on Forest Principles.  As the result of industrialization concentrations of green house gasses are raising global temperatures.  The average temperature of the earth's surface has risen by 0.6 degrees C since the late 1800s. It is expected to increase by another 1.4 to 5.8 degrees C by the year 2100 -- a rapid and profound change.  The average sea-ice extent for the entire month of September was 5.9 million km_, the second lowest on record missing the 2005 record by 340 000 km_. Including 2006, the September rate of sea ice decline is now approximately -8.59% per decade, or 60 421 km_ per year. The sea level rose on average by 10 to 20 cm during the 20th century, and an additional increase of 9 to 88 cm is expected by the year 2100.  Every year between 17,000 to 100,000 species become extinct, it can be estimated that fifty per cent of the Earth's 10 to 100 million species will have vanished inside the next 100 years.  The annual net loss of forests was 7.3 million hectares - an area the size of Panama or Ireland - from 2000-2005, slightly less than 8.9 million hectares a year from 1990-2000.  The fundamental prerequisite for the achievement of sustainable development is broad public participation in decision-making informed of environmental issues and data.


Health and Welfare HA-17-6-07    


The fifth draft was written for Father’s day to insure Americans an income of $1,000 a month pursuant to the fine in §154.  162 million workers, 54% of the 300 million population, had earnings covered by a 13.85% in social security taxation. SSA administrated $546 billion in benefits to 49 million people, 34 million retired workers, 7 million survivors and 9 million disabled workers for $5.3 billion in administrative costs and collected $745 billion in revenues, a $193.7 billion profit.  As of 31 December 2006 SSA had $2,048.1 billion in savings, $1,844.4 billion in OASI and $203.9 billion in DI.  CMS serves 87 million people with health insurance.  Medicare covered 43.2 million people 36.3 million aged 65 and older, and 7 million disabled.  Medicare expenditures were $408 billion, 3.1% of the GDP in 2006, and revenues $437 billion, a profit of $29 billion bringing Medicare assets to $339 billion.  Medicaid served 52 million beneficiaries at an annual cost of $305 billion.  Issues are; restrain inflation in all health care costs to 3% annually; bring the new $65 and one half all further SSI income exemption into use to resolve the disability backlog; balancing the federal budget while protecting SSA trust fund growth; increasing official development assistance contributions until there is a 1% international social security tax on every pay-stub; passing a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution.


Adjustable Rate Mortgage Ban HA-10-5-07


At the end of 2006 there were $13.3 trillion in US mortgage loans.  The number of home sales is expected to dip from 6.48 million in 2006 to 6.29 million in 2007, a drop of 2.7 percent, after of high of 7.2 million in 2005.  The number of foreclosure filings rose from about 885,000 in 2005 to 1,259,118 in 2006, up 42 percent, one foreclosure filing for every 92 U.S. households.  An estimate 15.6% of all sub-prime loans originated since 1998 either have ended or will end in foreclosure and the loss of homeownership.  The median home price fell to $217,000, a drop of 0.3 percent from a year ago.  To stimulate the economy the federal government will need to invest in residential real estate.  It can be estimated that 3,000-5,000 emergency homeless shelters with 20 to 50 beds are needed to make up for the loss of 115,000 beds between 1996 and 2005.  To make progress towards the goal of closing all state mental institutions and private psychiatric hospitals it is recommended to push for around 500-1,000 new community mental health shelters annually for 10 years to absorb the homeless inpatient population. There are 2.5 million admission to residential drug treatment annually it seems reasonable to try to double the number of drug treatment facilities at a rate of 1,000 facilities a year for 10 years.  The majority of the burden is on community corrections to purchase no less than 25,000 houses a year towards a ten year goal of 2.5 million beds, and 24 hour staff to resident ratio of 3-8 per prisoner, 500,000 employees.  The Federal Government cannot through its direct action alone provide for the housing of every American citizen wherefore it is proposed to uphold economic principles in the Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) ban and pass the bills on housing before the House.


Tax Return Estimate: $300 billion HA-19-4-07


US taxpayers pay between 8% and 44% of their income in taxation, 34% on average.  Gross receipts by federal, state and local governments totaled $4,024.1 billion and expenditures $4,173.7 billion in 2006.  The federal government had gross receipts of $2,581.5 billion and expenditures of $2,712.7 billion. Whereas gross federal tax revenues have increased 11% it can be expected that tax returns will increase from $270 billion to $300 billion.  State and local governments had receipts of $1,800.8 billion and expenditures of $1,819.2 billion.  State tax receipts totaled $1,243.7 billion.  It is estimated that direct and indirect taxation by states consumes 10.4% of personal income. The Tax Foundation estimates for Tax Freedom Day that Americans work longer to pay for government, 120 days, than they do for food, clothing and housing combined, 105 days.  Americans work an estimated 79 days to afford federal taxes and 41 days for state and local taxes.  Tax Freedom Day is calculated as the day by which time the average American has worked enough to pay their tax obligations to the government.  According to the 2007 calculations of the Tax Foundation this day falls on April 31. 


National Cemeteries HA-12-4-07


Second draft of National Cemeteries was written to bridge the division between National and Private and Commercial Cemeteries in the federal law so that funeral rights would be under thelaw..  The Secretary of Defense is required to submit a report in January to Congress regarding the construction of memorials under Arlington Memorial Amphitheatre §295a.  Federal regulation of the funeral industry is currently limited to the National Cemeteries under the supervision of the Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs and a prohibition of unfair and deceptive advertising by the FTC of the funeral industry who must provide a general price list to consumers. The vast majority of regulation of the funeral and cemetery industry is done by state license boards under state statute.  It can be estimated that 56,597,030 people died around the world in 2004 an average of 863 deaths per 100,000, 0.86% of the population.  The preliminary number of deaths in the United States for 2004 was estimated at 2,398,343, representing a decrease of 49,945 from the 2003 total.  To process the 0.83% of the population that dies every year 0.05% of the population is employed in the death care industry.  In 2004 it is estimated that there were 23,015 death care service establishments with 164,823 employees, generating revenues of $12.6 billion, with a payroll of $3.5 billion, not including the manufacturers of caskets and funeral supplies. Per death receipts for funeral services are estimated at $4,166 for a burial and $1,080 for a cremation on an average.


Public Health Department HA-7-4-07


The second annual draft of the PHD makes meaningful reform the health administration in several ways.  First, to change the name of the DHHS to the PHD in order to graduate from the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW).  Second, to transfer authority for the DEA and CSA to the health department.  Third, for the WHO to take responsibility for the INCB.  Fourth, to pass a universal single payer health care system in the National Health Insurance Act H.R. 676 that would make health care free.  Health is a state mental and physical well-being that should be affordable for everyone.  In 2006 the world population grew 1.15% with an average  birth rate of 30.53 and 13.32 deaths per 1,000. The longest average life expectancy is in Andorra where people live 83.51 years, in Singapore people live 81.71 years, in Hong Kong 81.5 years and in Japan 81.25 years.  The US has an average life expectancy of 77.85 years, 40th amongst 222 nations, and 14th amongst nations with populations over a million.  The shortest life expectancies can be found in Sub Saharan Africa.  In Swaziland, where 38.8% of the population is infected with HIV/AIDS, the life expectancy is only 32.62 years, in Lesotho, with an HIV/AIDS infection rate of 28.9%, the life expectancy is 34.4 years.  There is an international obligation to provide for the treatment and eradication of epidemics.  There is also an obligation to treat the sick regardless of their ability to pay.  The public health service assures societies ability to treat and prevent illness.  Private medical practitioners must decide whether to adopt public policies on the basis of the best interest of the patient. 


Military Democracy HA-28-5-07


The sixth draft is done this Memorial Day to honor the soldiers who gave their lives in defense of our nation.  Petitions Mr. Principi to honor the Federal Register with a request for the services of the Copyright Arbitration Royalty Tribunal to grant royalties for Hospitals & Asylums.  Sets to win the Global War on Terror through an agenda under the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World, 2001-2010 by changing the name of the Department of Defense (DoD) to the Military Department (MD), dividing the USAID ANE Asylum into Bureau for MECA and SEA, renaming Title 22 US Code Foreign Relations and Intercourse (a-FRaI-d) to just Foreign Relations (FR-ee), changing the name of COITUS to either the US International Tribunal or International Court, transferring the DEA to DHHS, changing the name of DHHS to PHD, setting down the Generals of the United Nations (GUN) and electing a Secretary of the United Nations (SUN), setting a spending limit of $400 billion for the military until 2011 to balance the budget, complying with the NPT and other disarmament treaties saving an estimated $60 billion annually, withdrawing from Iraq saving an estimated $50 billion annually.  It is resolved to give democratic peace theory, that democratic nations are more peaceful, a fair try, by eliminating all forms of psychological warfare from government, pushing for an international government that is democratically elected and teaching the four Ds – Development, Disarmament, Diplomacy and Democracy.


Prospectus for Peace of the 110th Congress HA-15-5-07


The United States has the best-trained, most effective military in the world.  The military is an all-volunteer force.  Since 2001, approximately 1,500,000 members of the Armed Forces have been deployed in support of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. At this time more than 137,000 United States military personnel are bravely and honorably serving in Iraq.  Over 3,100 members of the Armed Forces have died, and over 22,500 members of the Armed Forces have been wounded.  The Congressional Research Service estimates that $379 billion have already been appropriated by Congress to finance ongoing combat operations in Iraq.  The civil war in Iraq is a product of ongoing sectarian violence in which the United States Armed Forces have been asked to take sides.  Sending more United States troops to Iraq was a mistake for which Congress has the right to impeach the President.  The insurgency in Iraq has been fueled by the United States occupation.  A United States declaration of an intention to withdraw United States troops and close military bases will help dampen the insurgency which has been inspired to resist colonization.  The cost of withdrawing United States troops from Iraq could be as low as $10 billion.  Two bills, not including the emergency supplemental have already failed.  This Memorial Day the collective judgment of both Congress and the President regarding the use of military force by the United States in Iraq is urged to bring the people of both nations peace.  Several bills that have been introduced to redeploy troops from Iraq are listed with a caption and letter grade signifying their merit in the opinion of this author.  Congress should enroll these bills for passage on a daily basis for a vote on redeployment not less than once a week to be effective.


Military Economics HA-27-5-07


The United States has the largest, best-trained and most effective military in the world.  The Department employs an estimated 2.8 million people, 1.1 million active duty troops, 700,000 civilian employees and 1.1 million in the Reserve and National Guard.  In FY 2007 they received a 2.7% pay raise in appreciation for their good work reducing military spending from $505 billion to $470 billion that helped to reduce the deficit from $325 billion to $250 billion.  The Department’s financial management environment includes $1.4 trillion in assets and nearly $2 trillion in liabilities that remain on the Government Accountability Office’s high-risk list.  The Department will need to continue to show fiscal discipline.  China has a large military valued at $82 billion.  The European Union has combined military expenditures of $550 billion with prospective members not including Russia. Throughout the 1990s military spending was kept below $300 billion to show a federal budget surplus 1999-2000.  Concerns for the balance of power should not dissuade the Congress from setting a spending limit of $400 billion after 2008 when US troops have withdrawn from Iraq and the Department has complied with the nuclear nonproliferation treaty to reduce their nuclear arsenal and other Cold war weapons.  To affirmatively balance the budget Congress must restrain military spending to less than $400 billion until 2011 after which time the budget could creep into the $400-$500 billion range, if a smaller military is not then considered a more secure military.  Everyone, including the soldiers who would not be deceived and betrayed by the treasonous finance of terrorism, would be better off if the government would keep to the $400 billion military spending limit until 2011. 


Virginia Tech Shootings HA-20-4-07


The massacre of 30 students, 2 professors and suicide by the gunman Cho Seung-Hiu was the deadliest mass shooting of civilians in recent US history.  Previously the largest school massacre was the Columbine massacre that took 15 lives including the two gunmen.  Between 1994 and 1999 there were 220 school-related shootings resulting in 253 deaths.  Recent evidence indicates that there is a connection between these school shooting and education reforms.  Recommendation for several reforms are made to improve school security. First, have an armed person on every school campus.  Second, student loans corporations must prohibit the exchange of information with other debt collectors and investigators other than the Secretary of Treasury.  Third, FERPA should be amended to inform the family of mental health treatment decisions.  Fourth, the issue of banning gun sales to people with mental health backgrounds seems like a good.  Fifth, the Secretary of Education should usurp the role of the Attorney General as the arbitrator of civil and civil rights disputes on campus and in education financing.  For better security the Secretary should interpret the Constitution to indicate a parliamentary democracy form of government that fosters lively debate regarding the law without infringing upon the confidentiality of student records.


Chiquita Brands International v. District of Columbia Community Corrections HA-23-3-07


Chiquita Brands International is a leading international marketer, producer and distributor of quality fresh fruit, processed fruit and vegetable products with revenues of approximately $4.5 billion  Chiquita is a multinational corporation incorporated in New Jersey and headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The Chiquita Statement on Agreement with US Department of Justice in Cincinnati, Ohio of 14 March 2007 by Fernando Aguirre, chairman and chief executive officer that under the terms of the agreement, the company will pay a fine of $25 million, payable in five annual installments. As previously disclosed, the company recorded a reserve in 2006 for the full amount of the fine in anticipation of reaching an agreement.  To ensure that the District Court of the District of Columbia does not launder the monetary instrument the plan is for every penny to be used to start the District of Columbia Community Corrections program as the Mental Health System was a decade and a half ago.  Other conflicts between legislation are also addressed such as how Chiquita and counsel should have protected their business in Colombia under the Political Constitution, why the US does not accede to the Rome Statue on the International Criminal Court, the politically correct method for impeaching chief law enforcement officers and the applicable criminal rule of law for not being considered a bleeding heart liberal or rat in the eyes of right wing extremists who are not exclusively found in the Republic of Colombia and the elimination of US financing for the Columbian anti-drug initiative.


Menu Foods Recall HA-26-3-07


Menu Foods, an Ontario Corporation, is the leading North American private-label/contract manufacturer of wet pet food products sold by supermarket retailers, mass merchandisers, pet specialty retailers and other retail and wholesale outlets. In 2006, the Fund produced more than one billion containers. On 16 March 2007 Menu Foods announced the precautionary recall of the “cuts and gravy” style pet food in cans and pouches manufactured between 3 December 2006 and 6 March 2007.  As of the 21st 14dogs and cats had died. The toxin has been identified Aminopterin, formerly used to induce abortions and as a rodenticide,  The recall has been largely satisfactory.  The company promises to pay for damages that we hope to triple.  There however remains the problem of unauthorized practice of law in regards to the disclaimer on all of the corporation’s press releases that states, “Not for release on US Newswire Services”, that must be deleted from future press releases.  The Province of Ontario and the US Food and Drug Administration is sought to enforce this finding in their investigation.


Anthony J. Sanders v. Michael J. Astrue, Commissioner of Social Security HA-3-6-07


Second draft of a brief seeking $358 more from SSI to bring my income up to $1,000 a month.  I have been a beneficiary since January of 2002.   SSA is for the most part very secure and open to being sued for not being more supportive of the creative pursuits of their beneficiaries.  SSA is however prone to all the curses of bureaucracy, in 2003 I was charged $66.60 for Medicare Part B premiums that I didn’t want, in 2004 I was reimbursed $666 from the state for the Medicare premium resulting in the complete loss of my food card and Medicaid from bio-terrorist corruption that later took my job from my father, then my freedom, then my $200 a month contribution from my father.  I fought to have Medicare premiums removed and whereas my income was below $603 became eligible for minimal SSI payments of $65.  I currently receive an estimated $643 from SSA but have absolutely not other income.  Currently, while the Social Security Bulletin is in Vol. 66, a situation that SSA should remedy for religious reasons, SSA is suffering an enormous backlog of disability petitions of 700,000 with the Administrative Law Judges and 1.6 million with the administrative staff.  To overcome this great backlog I am proposing that SSA establish the reasonable amount of $1,000 a month as the poverty line for eligibility and am offering my services as a clerk.  It has subsequently been discovered that SSA raised the income exemption another $65 and one half income thereafter, on top of the original $20 exemption, making any disabled person with an income less than $1,300 a month eligible for the difference between their adjusted income and the maximum benefit amount $623 (2007) I am entitled to nearly $350 a month SSI.


I will be moving to a new mailing address on the 24th of June.  My email, telephone and domain name will stay the same.  Those wishing to send a housewarming gift should make check or money order to Anthony J. Sanders