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December 2005


New Yearís Resolution Regarding the Application of the Summary Rule to all News Articles


1. 35th Session of the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights HA-1-12-05


At this session, the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights issued its concluding observations on the reports of the participating States parties to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. General comments were on the right of everyone to benefit from the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author and on the right to work.


2. 35th Session of the UN Committee against Torture HA-1-12-05


At this session, the Committee against Torture issued its concluding observations on the reports of the participating States parties to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.


3. The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2005 HA-2-12-05


Reaffirming our pledge to achieving food security for all and to an ongoing effort to eradicate hunger in all countries, with an immediate view to reducing the number of undernourished people to half their present level no later than 2015.Achieving the WFS goal of reducing the absolute number of hungry people from about 800 million to 400 million will be challenging.The agricultural subsidies so maligned by the WTO in first world nations are probably the most effective method for third world countries to provide affordable and free food to the hungry.


4. Facts Regarding the Pending 1,000th Execution HA-2-12-05


Kenneth Boyd from North Carolina was executed in the early morning of Dec. 2 and was the 1,000th prisoner to be executed in the United States since the death penalty was legalized in 1976.This followed a controversial case where John Hicks was the 999th person to be executed and the people were given only 24 hours to contest the case and were given the same false name by the press.Establishes penalties for the cold blooded murder of the death penalty.


5. Prison Population HA-7-12-05


A resource putting state prison populations on a table ranked from most reasonable to most excessive with link to international statistics, state laws, inmate locators and state continuing legal education programs.It is hoped that this will serve as a guide for action in human rights to reduce the US prison population in half.


6. Agenda of the 60th Session of the UN General Assembly HA-10-12-05


Jan Eliasson from Sweden is the President of the 60th General Assembly.†† The theme is Disarmament; Maintenance of international peace and security; Promotion of human rights.Major reforms are anticipated to make the first amendment to the UN Charter.


7. 20th Century Genocide HA-11-12-05


A chart of the 20th Centuries mega murderers, not including Iraq, that remains in dispute, by a university in Hawaii that has conducted exhaustive research upon these massacres.


8. Stanley Tookie Williams v. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger HA-12-12-05


Petition for clemency in the case of Stanley Tookie Williams a model prisoner who published childrenís books decrying violence, was nominated for a Nobel Peace prize and establishes penalties for taking the life of another against the Governor.Williamís death was announced at 13 December 2005 12:35 a.m


9. Afghanistan & Iraq v. United States of America HA-19-12-05


Establishing procedure for a controversial case before the International Court of Justice for State Parties to negotiate the withdrawal of troops and repatriation of PoW from the armed conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.To support these proceedings and establish international security the UN General Assembly is requested to provide counsel in the form of an Application for an Advisory Opinion.This case will assist Congress and the BRAC Commission to negotiate their withdrawal plans with the State of Iraq. To keep the peace the President of the United States is being prosecuted by the Senate in regards to his hate speeches, violence, espionage and sabotage.


10. UN Chronicle: The Inequality Predicament HA-20-12-05


During the 2005 World Summit, world leaders devoted a special session to financing for development,   emphasizing the urgent need to go beyond words to lift hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. Secretary-General Kofi Annan warned that "an enormous backlog of deprivation" remained, requiring more and better aid, trade policies that give a fair chance to developing countries, more investment in the world's poorest countries, and opening up institutions to allow the developing world to have a greater voice.     


11. 3nd Draft CHANGE HA-20-12-05


Hospitals & Asylums (HA) traces its history to the Naval Hospital Act of Feb. 26, 1811. The codification of the law that created HA Title 24, from whence the spirit of the new law is derived, was the work of Hon. Edward C. Little who died on June 24, 1924, shortly before the permanent laws of the United States of America entered into force on Dec. 7, 1925: Believing that the codification and progressive development of the law of treaties will promote the maintenance of international peace and security, the development of friendly relations and the achievement of co-operation among people the following Constitution is drafted for the second time within 30 days of notification by the ABA Center for Continuing Legal Education for the answer(s) of the Organization of Administrators of Continuing Legal Education (ORACLE)


12. SEC Job Opportunities HA-21-12-05


U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's Northeast Regional Office has job openings for both lawyers and non lawyers.


13. FEMA HA-21-12-05

FEMA is seeking to have all evacuees presently in hotels relocated to longer-term housing by January 7, 2006, and in any event by February 7, 2006.  Eligible applicants will be receiving rental assistance to pay their rent.  Rental assistance can be renewed if program requirements are satisfied, and may be subject to an adjustment in amount depending on local market conditions.

14. Conyers Introduces Bills to Censure Bush and Cheney HA-21-12-05
Congressman John Conyers has introduced three new pieces of legislation aimed at censuring President Bush and Vice President Cheney, 
and at creating a fact-finding committee that could be a first step toward impeachment.
15. Islamic Association of Cincinnati v. Republican Party HA-21-12-05††††† 
An explosion rocked a Mosque on the Winter Solstice causing damage to two doors.The parishioners of the Mosque have set forth a 
$5,000 bounty that has been matched with $15,000 from the FBI.That same night an African American named Jermaine Jones died 
while in police custody, poisoning aggravated by a history of hypertension and drug use is suspected.†††††††††††††††††††††††† 
16. SMART Grant HA-24-12-05
Senator Bill Frist has created a new SMART Grant program that will provide $4000 per year to Pell Grant-eligible students who 
maintain a 3.0 GPA and major in math, science, engineering, technology, or foreign languages critical to national security during their 
third and fourth years of college. 
17. Prosecutor v. Joe Deters HA-30-12-05


Arrives at a 101 year sentence for the Establishment of a fact finding commission at the Hamilton County Board of Elections to censure and determine grounds for the impeachment of Prosecutor Joe Deters to justify new elections with two honest candidates. For free and fair elections the removal of the Chairman of the Republican Party to an office outside of the armed forces or judiciary is required to preserve the neutrality and independence of the judiciary and to protect the people from wiretappings, poisonings, slavery and murder by a politically motivated secret police force involved nationally in the Laundering of Monetary Instruments.Dissolution of the Wiretap Party.Pacifying Predatory Lending.Guiding the County to reduce their prison population and abolish the death penalty.


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