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35th Session of the UN Committee Against Torture HA-1-12-05


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The present email conveys the results of the 35th session of the UN Committee against Torture (7-25 November 2005) and recent elections for members.

1. State party reporting
At this session, the Committee against Torture issued its concluding observations on the reports of the following States parties to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment:

Austria (English):
Bosnia and Herzegovina (English):
Democratic Republic of Congo (French):
Ecuador (Spanish):
France (French):
Nepal (English):
Sri Lanka (English):

The Committee also postponed its planned examination of Guyana, as a long-standing non-reporting State party, to November 2006. The decision was taken pursuant to a letter received from the Government of Guyana indicating that a report was under preparation and would be submitted to the Committee in March 2006.

2. Individual communications
In addition, the Committee considered 18 individual communications under article 22 of the Convention.

The Committee found one or more violations of the Convention in the following cases:
CAT/C/35/D/172/2000 Dimitrijevic  v. Serbia & Montenegro
CAT/C/35/D/174/2000 Nikolic v. Serbia and Montenegro
CAT/C/35/D/258/2004 Dadar v. Canada

The Committee found no violation of the Convention in the following cases:
CAT/C/35/D/231/2003 Athureliya Wickremage et al. v. Switzerland
CAT/C/35/D/235/2003 Shahadat Hossain  v. Sweden
CAT/C/35/D/237/2003 Moreno Valladares de Flores et al. v. Sweden
CAT/C/35/D/238/2003 Tessema v. Norway
CAT/C/35/D/245/2004 Singh  v. Canada
CAT/C/35/D/254/2004 Hussain v. Switzerland

The Committee declared the following cases to be inadmissible:
CAT/C/35/D/242/2003 Tharumarajah v. Switzerland
CAT/C/35/D/247/2004 Hadjiyev v. Azerbaijan
CAT/C/35/D/250/2004 Heidari v. Sweden

In addition, 2 cases were determined to be admissible. The above decisions on individual communications will be publicly accessible in the weeks to come, following final editing and translation.

3. Elections

At the Tenth Meeting of the States Parties to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, which was convened on 30 November 2005, the 114 (of the 140) States Parties to the Convention that were present and voting elected by secret ballot the following members of the Committee against Torture for a term of four years beginning January 2006:  Ms. BELMIR, Essadia (Morocco), Mr. KOVALEV, Alexander (Russian Federation), Mr. MARIŅO MENENDEZ, Fernando (Spain), Ms SVEAASS, Nora (Norway), Mr. WANG,  Xuexian (China). These newly or re-elected members will assume the duties of the five members of the Committee whose terms will expire on 31 December 2005.

4. Next session
At its 36th session (May 2006), the Committee will consider the reports of the following States parties:
Georgia, Guatemala, Peru, Qatar, Republic of Korea, Togo and the United States of America. It will also review Guineau in the absence of a report, as a long overdue State party.

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