Hospitals & Asylums    









Jerome Campbell

Ohio A 211228

Jerome Campbell v. Chief Justice Moyer HA-18-6-03, innocent, death row pardon granted, full pardon required, release, compensate

Vincent Doan

Ohio A 351671

Vincent Doan v. Clinton County  HA-25-6-04, clemency granted, innocent, release, compensate

Bill & Tony Erpenbeck


Federal Interstate Prisoners

Bill Erpenbeck No. 04-3456&7 inappropriate sentence for fraud of State Treasurer a former prosecutor, interstate trafficking without registration of Federal Bureau of Prisons, acquit and release on OASI

Alonzo Johnson

Ohio A 366671

Rape and Kidnapping. 6 year sentence served. Commute to Sexual Offender Program, overstayed on indefinite sentence, release SSI

Alonzo J. Johnson

Ohio A 455932

State v. Johnson HA-25-2-03, Alonzo Johnson v. One Love HA-1-4-03, Sentenced to 10 year sentence for rape complicated by domestic violence prior of the victim, although repeat offenders get 3, commute to Volunteers of America Sexual Offender Program, SSI

Bradley Manning

U.S. Military Prison

Wikileaks: Release Assange and Manning HA-31-1-12 Affirmative Defense under Rule 916(h) of Manual for Courts-Martial to Compensate victims of Collateral Murder honorable discharge


Free and Un-expunged


Predrad Banovic


Time Served Provisional Release

Tihomir Blaskic 


Sentenced to 45 years, appeal reduced it to 9 years and he was released August 2, 2004

John Finnan


 Released 4/20/09

Manuel Noriega


US v. Noriega HA-28-8-07

Harry Whittington v. Dick Cheney HA-20-2-06

Release 9/09/2007, illegally trafficked to France to serve time for the money laundering of prosecutors acting without regard for just compensation.

Andrew Wiederhorn


Free Insider Trader Settlement (FITS)




Michael Luebbe

A 459444

Michael Luebbe v. University of Cincinnati  HA-19-12-03-04, innocent, compensate at $1 million per year for wrongful termination of employment, imprisonment, defamation and ultimately death. Ohio State Debt Collection, Student Loan and Detention Case HA-14-3-06, released, prosecutor jailed. Reported to have died in 2010. Dr. Luebbe is Dead, Long Live Antioch College HA-8-2-11

Milan Babic


Innocent, Obituary 5 March 2006

Saddam Hussein


Community housing near tribunal 3 HA-13-12-03

Executed 30 December 2006

Slobodan Milosevic


Community housing near tribunal HA-25-12-04

Obituary HA-11-3-06