Hospitals & Asylums    


Ohio Debt Debate HA-1-10-05


Dear Javitch, Block, Eisen & Rathbone,


Att: Mike Wyler and Robert N. Lurie


(A) On 15 July 2002 I received notice that I owe your law firm $1,439.69 in behalf of Platinum Financial Services Corp.  I agree to this Debt but do not grant informed consent to any Receivership from any accounts but paragraph (C)(2) of this brief.


(B) To Join the HA, non governmental organization, a financial contribution greater than $1 is required, $24 is recommended, $2,400 is extremely appreciated.  Members are served with the monthly email subscription and unsolicited quarterly, however this is in fact a petition for the unilateral relief of poverty as a possibly tax deductible expense under 26USC§501(c). 


(1) The Table at is intended to lend transparency to HA legal finance, and provide Members with a HA Society. 

(2) Should this be published?  The answer is yes, it seems like an honest petition. 

(3) The NGO Section of ECOSOC and ONE might be interested to hear HA suddenly became an “international” organization, but wait for the Dutch to land safely. 

(4) HA can hear you, in writing at, if you should wish to request a modification of judgment, or have an essay to submit. 

(5) Otherwise send a one time or annual, quarterly or monthly check or money order, with your name, address, telephone and most importantly email address, to: Tony Sanders: 451 Ludlow Ave. #212 Clifton, Ohio 45220


(C) Your notice is copyright protected with the rest of the college era debt, by the outstanding obligation of the Secretary of State under E.O. 12293, and was kind enough to leave a web site address.  I took the time to search for your email address, this evening, while I was waiting for my Oma and Om to safely return to the Netherlands before informing anyone of the brand new opportunity to donate to HA. 


(1) The Governor desperately needs to transfer the Ohio Debt Collection Service from AG, to the Secretary of Treasury and IRS as explained at .  The student loan corporation who is asking $30,632.75 simply didn’t take to the email and were associated with 3 bombs, one of them local and 15 annoying calls this Summer that were made upon the request of any Ohio official.  Those officials with outstanding legal fees were of course the most abusive.  To alleviate the need for more rational finance the State of Ohio needs to transfer the Debt Collection Service from the AG, represented by, to Secretary of Treasury for a more secure relationship with the IRS, and with reality. 


(2) Having read the 16th Receivership Status Report of William T. Wuliger, JBER might find $33,333.33 of relief from the 5 prisoner settlement, for your legal services, in furtherance of you exciting careers as Pardon Attorneys for the Hospitals & Asylums Governor (HAG) this pre Halloween season (hold the electoral violence).   The principle of equal rights was very respectably represented in the aforementioned report.  Should JBER land this “free” money, or a satisfactory portion thereof, the credit card debt of the author with JBER would be absolved.  JBER has my most recent amendments at and these words of recommendation.    


(3) On the other hand the bank receivership petitions were not popular with the Judge.   Nor is it legally presented under Art. 66 of the Rules of COITUS, US Court of International Trade, that cannot be considered anything but an injurious bank fraud seemingly begun in a fight with freedom explained hereafter, to add to two decades of insults regarding American marriage.  Your essays would be highly respected by Information Officers,, in regards to the need for repealing the much maligned Court Appointed Receivership in favor of a Motion for a Judgment of Acquittal as presented in Art. 29 (a,b?,c) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. 


(a) I do not know if you belong to that specific Bar of COITUS, it seems very classy, they are accessible by email and harmless unless the FBI happens to be deprived of entrapment.

(b) A receivership however must involve informed consent to uphold both the lawyer/client consnet, and depositor/ bank privacy, to be considered legal under confidentiality standards.  In any case business transactions with financial institutions require much better security than Art. 66 of COITUS has to provide. 

(c) I myself haven’t written the “hookers” since we acquitted, the day my cat broke the printer in August 2004, they however just passed scrutiny at the BOP. 

(d) The non bankrupt able and wrongful AOL bill thereafter demonstrated the abuse of Receivership rights to the Judiciary Committee, who were so pleased with the result they seized AOL and then corrupted the Bankruptcy Bill. 

(e) COITUS could use a well reasoned letter from Receivership Attorneys, like yourselves, to write the Motion for Judgment of Acquittal at Art. 66 and promote the amended Receivership to a Luckier number under the Rules of COITUS. 

(f) It is true they need to wizen up and begin calling themselves the US International Tribunal (IT), maybe then the Judges and Law Reviews would not be afraid to ask their friends, or just publish?

(g) There is no reason COITUS should disrespect the Right of Receivership with such unlucky numbers, or involuntary Rule.


(D) Maybe the Bar, at, would consent to give CLE credit for publications, treating upon Hospitals & Asylums Statute (HAS) displayed at Hospitals & Asylums Website (HAW)? 


(1) I myself have desisted to serve the Judiciary with the unsolicited quarterly because of its unpleasant association with the number of Ohio death penalty victims, even the ICJ has lost its charm, 

(2) To answer your question, neither the State nor Bar, shall be served with the Monthly unless they pay or subscribe today. 

(3) I hope there is someone at the ABA, or elsewhere, who would be interested in subscribing to the monthly e-magazine.  You get to be a member, for free, without recognition, or for a fee and accompanied public registration? 

(4) I realize it may be degrading for a lawyer to be treated as a client by a non lawyer but there comes a day when even the poorest organization exercises power of attorney in regards to the full disclosure of financial transactions to their clients of such lofty social status. 

(5) This gift of inclusion in the list is exclusively for Liberte Capital / Alpha Capital Group, LLC. Info to do with as conforms with their legal opinions regarding profitability and criminal copyright infringement.


(D) That is all the time that I have for you, now.  You can catch the quarter by the Fall Equinox Edition at I hope that you enjoy the Quarterly Hospitals & Asylums e-Magazine, you are always welcome to submit essays, subscribe to the monthly or withdraw from the service.   Although you are included in the Member list out of appreciation for the money of last decade, the idea of membership is intended to promote the informed consent required for lawyer client relations wherefore you are advised to not consider yourselves HA members or lawyers, unless you subscribe to the monthly by sending your email address with request for subscription, as you are encouraged to do, to:


Anthony J. Sanders

Hospitals & Asylums

451 Ludlow Ave. #212

Clifton, Ohio 45220