Hospitals & Asylums 








August 2011


By Anthony J. Sanders


August was a month to catch-up on the annual amendments of the books that had been delayed as the result of extensive new medical research.  The Perseid Meteor shower was a full moon party, on my 37th birthday, with peach, blackberry and chocolate cream pie, and drumming on the mountaintop, watching 20-30 particularly large and explosive bolides an hour.  I am going camping until November to save money and escape the homeland security of rude Ray LaHood the Secretary of Transportation, a Republican saboteur, with a conflict of interest regarding the impeachment of the Illinois Governor for taking bribes from candidates aiming to fill Obama’s Senate seat, named sole beneficiary of the $100 billion in offshored tax receipts.  In return my driver’s license expired and I became an undocumented alien whereas U.S.C.I.S. is on strike and hasn’t sent my naturalization papers which are needed as proof of legal presence at the DMV and SSA offices who don’t procure the documents themselves.  The DoT budget must be limited to $75 billion, plus clearly distinguishable one-time contracts already in progress not to exceed $100 billion, less $10 billion for the Hurricane Irene styrene cleanup, total FY 2012 spending, not to exceed $77.5 billion in FY 2013 and to recuse all lawyers from position of traffic judge and replace them with licensed social workers as punishment for this greed.  Medicare and Medicaid spending also needs to be reduced by $100 billion to eliminate distortion of the Recovery Act.  With the military asking only $517 billion DoT and DHHS are the only obstacles to cancelling the accounting errors of the OMB and CBO and balancing the FY2012 budget.  This Labor Day I am going to amend the HA bicentennial day Act of February 26, 2011 to appoint a Customs Commissioner, to employ 230,000 with more dignity, fining the National Protection Program Directorate (NPPD) for computer fraud and transferring the agency to double the Department of Justice budget, liberating F.E.M.A. to the White House where they get their disaster declarations from, leaving only a small office in Custom’s St. Elizabeth’s Hospital headquarters shared with U.S.A.I.D.  


Drought and East African Famine HA-8-8-11


More than 11 million people across the Horn of Africa are in urgent need of food assistance.  The World Food Programme (WFP) is feeding 3.2 million people and hopes to increase to 3.5 million for the duration of the famine, that is not expected to improve until December.  The UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) provides pots, pans and other support for the relief effort.  The WFP is asking for $800 million and UNHCR $145 million, a minimum of $945 million is needed.  The US has committed $145 million to the relief effort.  To fulfill the primary purpose of all developed economies at this time the official closure of the Deepwater Horizon overpayment is the most convenient forum for a combined American-European settlement to meet the $1 billion needs of WFP/UNHCR  as well as replenish FEMA +/- $10 billion and liberate BP assets from an excessive fine +/- $10 billion, move FEMA financing to a more reasonable fine against the styrene industry whose diversion may be the primary cause of global warming and natural disaster and to begin financing $250 million annual USAID programs in Somalia with $1 billion over four years.  Therefore the President is expected to procure $2 billion from the Deepwater Horizon Fund for international assistance to Somalia and let FEMA and BP account for expenditures therefrom and split the remainder, closing the fund, feeding the hungry at home and abroad while liberating the market economy, that is struggling to provide for charities, from a wrongfully abusive and excessive justice, no one otherwise disputes.  Africa Command (AFRICOM) has disappointingly been appointed a white man General Carter F. Ham, Commander, although the law with which I created it requires that Commander be African-American, but with the permission of the Secretary of State and Somali Ambassador to the UN AFRICOM can be at last deployed to provide security for the humanitarian mission of the WFP and UNHCR.  The plan is for AFRICOM to create a permanent base on the African continent beginning in Somalia that has definitively been the least developed country in the world since the suicide attack on a medical school graduation in 2010 that took the lives of several civilian minister was punished by God with a prolonged drought.  AFRICOM deployment costs are estimated at $50-$250 million of which $10-100 million of their non-social security payroll and corporate taxes would be paid as Customs duties to Somalia Customs.  Ultimately we must make the rains come to the Horn of Africa and scientific cloud seeding greatly increases the chance of rain.           


Book 2 Attorney General Ethics (AGE)


To amend Chapter 2 Soldier’s and Airmen’s Home §41-70.  The American Legal System has failed, lawyers are either behind bars or drunk on power. In 2001, the majority of the 93 million judicial cases filed, were processed by 15,555 state trial courts operating under the supervision of the county; 13,515 of limited jurisdiction and 2,040 of general jurisdiction, operated by 29,266 judges.  There were 55.7 million traffic cases filed, 15.8 million cases were filed with the civil division, 14.1 million Criminal cases, Domestic Relations processed 5.3 million cases, 2 million criminal cases were filed in Juvenile Courts and 276,408 cases were filed with the Appellate Courts.  A civil law system must be instituted by lowering law school entrance to high school graduates and the bar exam to BA and terminate the licenses of all lawyers who are elected or appointed to public, commercial or social office, a Civil-law Amendment III to the Annotated United States Constitution calls for 4 year terms for elected federal judges, with a two term limit for justices, and one year term for chief justice, repeal the constitutional right to bear arms and quartering of troops in people’s homes, to change the name of prosecutor to district attorney, elect licensed social workers to adjudicate traffic, divorce, mental illness, substance abuse, tenant-landlord and small claims, and funeral directors to avoid Probate, to abolish the death penalty, to change the name of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to Drug Evaluation Agency (DEA) and transfer to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to change the name of the Court of International Trade of the United States (CoITUS) to Customs Court (CC), to change the name of the Office of Violence Against Women to Office of Women’s Rights and transfer to Social Work Administration (SWA) when established, to ratify Optional Human Rights Protocols, to appoint a new Attorney General, to transfer the Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) and other extra-jurisdictional finance entirely to halfway house programs, primarily financed by up to 7.7% of the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program for poor people on probation and parole, to safely reduce the jail and prison population to less than 250 per 100,000 residents within a decade…219 


Book 3 Health and Welfare (HAW)


To amend Chapter 3 National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers §71-150. to authorize a 5.2% COLA December 2011 and fixed 3% COLA thereafter, to pay for SSI with OASI FY2012, to finance a halfway house system with up to 7.7% of SSI, to legislate DI tax rate to 3.2% and OASI to 9.2% without increasing the 12.4% OASDI tax in the 113th Congress, to pass an acceptable Balanced Budget Amendment in the 112th Congress, to appoint a new Commissioner of Social Security, to limit the term of Commissioner to two years, to replace Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) and representative with licensed social workers and non-lawyer representatives, to authorize SSA to adjudicate legal and medical malpractice liability, to conduct a survey of SSA beneficiaries by race, to change the name of the Centers for Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP (CMS) to National Health Insurance (NHI) that is free for everyone and transfer NHI to SSA, to limit medical cost increases to less than 3%, to allow patients to refuse to pay for unnecessary, harmful and fraudulent medical treatment, to nationalize health insurance assets, to ratify ILO Conventions 132, 156 and 183, to afford a 1% FICA tax for international development, and to eliminate the income cap on Social Security contributions to guarantee all Americans an income of $1,000 a month.  During 2008, an estimated 162 million people had earnings covered by Social Security and paid payroll taxes.  One-in-six Americans received a Social security benefit, 51 million people, 35 million retired workers and dependents of retired workers, 6 million survivors of deceased workers, and 9 million disabled workers and dependent of disabled workers.  Total benefits paid in 2008 were $615 billion, total revenues were $805 billion and assets grew to $2.4 trillion.  Together Medicare and Medicaid served 87 million people at a combined cost of $702 billion.  In 2009 38 million people used food stamps at a cost of $53.6 billion.  In 2000 125 million people were covered by unemployment insurance and in 2010 there are around 42.4 million beneficiaries.  The number of Temporary Assistance for Needy Family beneficiaries has decreased from 14.2 million in 1993 to less than 5 million in 2003 at a cost of roughly $20 billion to the federal government.  In 2001, 6.9 million custodial parents were due an average of $5,000, $34.9 billion was due and $31.9 billion (62.6%) received, averaging $3,200 per custodial family and another $900 million was paid voluntarily.  Ultimately social security will enact a 1% social security payroll tax for international development and eliminate the income cap on SSA contributions to create a welfare system that will complete eliminate poverty…370


Book 6 Judicial Delinquency (JD)


To amend Chapter 6 Freemen’s Hospital §261-270.  Freeman’s Hospital and Asylum cared for freed slaves in the Washington DC area during the civil war era.  In 2005 a record 7 million people, one in every 32 Americans, were in prison or jail, an increase of 2.7% over the previous year.  In 2009 the state prison population declined for the first time since 1973.  Reductions in the prison population is a priority for the U.S., lawyers and judicial officers must focus on achieving this monumental task and cease corrupting political and commercial power with their negligence.  The prison population quintupled from 503,586 in 1980 (220 per 100,000) to 2,085,620 in 2004 (707 per 100,000).  The U.S. has the most and densest concentration of prisoners in the world comprising 24% of the 9 million global prisoners, more than Russia, the runner up, and more than China.  For the U.S. to achieve the legal limit of 250 detainees per 100,000 the total number of local jails and state and federal prison beds must be limited to less than 740,000.  One million is a good goal.  Nearly 650,000 people are released from prison to communities each year.  Each year the nation’s 3,200 jails release an excess of 10 million, 3% of the population back into the community.  Nearly two thirds of released State prisoners are expected to re-arrested for a felony or a serious misdemeanor within three years after release.  In 2005 7% of all prisoners were women, the number of women prisoners increased 2.6% while male prisoners rose 1.9%.  Racial disparities among prisoners persist, particularly in the 25-29 age group, 8.1% of black men, about one in 13, were behind bars, compared with 2.6% of Hispanic men and 1.1% of white men.  To enforce a legal limit of 250 prisoners per 100,000 residents, create an SSI financed halfway house system of renters to achieve the legal limit over 10 years at a cost of $1.3 billion (2012) or up to 7.7% of SSI program costs, to transfer the entire federal Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) and other extra-jurisdictional judicial financing to community corrections programs, to purchase 59,000 halfway houses from foreclosure auctions over 10 years, retrain 207,090 trained, full-time parole and probation officers and social workers, ratify the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, to pass a Human Rights Amendment and 10 Year Community Based Corrections Equality Plan Amendment to Civil Rights Statute…856  


Book 7 National Cemetery Organization (NCO)


To amend Chapter 7 National Cemeteries §271-296 and repeal Chapter 7a Private and Commercial Cemeteries §298.  To elect a licensed professional funeral director to judge Probate and hear disputes regarding wills and estates, written or intestate.  To free wills and trusts from obligatory registration with Probate. The mental illness jurisdiction shall be heard by a completely different social work judge in an unrelated Mental Health Court.  Death statistics shall be kept up-to-date.  It is estimated that 56,597,030 people died around the world in 2004 an average of 863 death per 100,000, 0.86% of the population with a life expectancy of 66 years.  It is estimated that 2,398,343 people died in the U.S. in 2004, 808 per 100,000, 0.83% of the population, a decrease of 49,945 from the previous year, the life expectancy at birth in 2004 reached 77.9 years, 76 years for men and 80 for women.  The leading cause of death was cardiovascular disease (654,000), followed by cancer (550,000), stroke (150,000), respiratory disease (140,000), accident (109,000), diabetes (73,000), Alzheimer’s disease (66,000), influenza/pneumonia (61,500), nephritis (43,000), septicemia (33,500), liver disease (27,000), homicide (22,000), Parkinson’s (19,500), HIV/AIDS (13,000) and suicide (11,000).  Estimates of the number of deaths caused by medical malpractice and product liability range from 250,000 proven cases in 2004 to 780,000 in 2001 and taking into the consideration the damage caused by the malevolent distribution of laboratory pathogens the number of death caused by medical science can be conservatively estimated at over a million.  To process the human remains there were 23,015 death care service establishments employing 165,000, 0.05% of the work force, generating revenues of $12.6 billion, with a payroll of $3.5 billion, not including the manufacturers of caskets and funeral supplies.  Per death receipts for funeral services are estimated to total $4,166 for a burial and $1,080 for a cremation on average.  Federal regulation of the funeral industry is currently limited to the National Cemeteries under the supervision of the Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs and a prohibition of unfair and deceptive advertising in the funeral industry that must provide a general price list to consumers.  Under current law estate taxes are limited to those estates valued over $3.5 million and national revenues were only around $23 billion…967


Book 9 Public Health Department (PHD)


To amend Chapter 9 Hospitalization of Mentally Ill Nationals Returned from Foreign Countries §321-329 that was transferred to Chapter 4.  Common infectious diseases accounted for 40% of all deaths in 1900 but they accounted for only 4% of all deaths in 2000. Cardiovascular disease (CVD; heart disease and stroke) accounted for 14% of all deaths in 1900 and for 37% in 2000. Cancer accounted for only 4% of all deaths in 1900 but for 23% in 2000.  In 1900, infant mortality was 162 per 1,000 live births and life expectancy at birth was only 47 years. In 1940, infant mortality was 63 per 1,000 live births and life expectancy was 55 years. In 2000, infant mortality was 7 per 1,000 and life expectancy was 77 years.  In the 20th century considerable progress was made eradicating communicable diseases, in the 21st century medical science must begin to communicate about the laboratory pathogens.  People suffering from chronic illnesses must medicate themselves and throw away their war-robes and death beds, eat a vegan diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains and exercise daily.  Medical residency rotations must be limited to less than 60 hours per week.  Payments to highly paid specialists and surgeons must be reduced and primary care promoted.  To secure people against the dangers of the Public Health Service (PHS) and at long last, graduate from the Department of Health Education and Welfare (HEW) the Centers for Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP (CMS) shall change their name to National Health Insurance (NHI) and be transferred with all other Mandatory Benefit programs to the management of the Social Security Administration (SSA). Children’s Health insurance shall be financed with 100% of the proceeds of the Attorney General’s Master Tobacco Settlement.  The Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) shall change its name to Social Work Administration (SWA) and in time become an independent social work agency also responsible for the Agency on Aging and Children and Family Services.  The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) shall change its name to the Drug Evaluation Agency (DEA) and be transferred to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Whereupon the DHHS may adopt the name Public Health Department (PHD) on the condition that an Education Division (ED) to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) be created to secure toxic laboratory supplies.  Epidemiologic statistics shall be improved.  The abuse of bio-medical research supplies is prohibited and trans-fats banned…1243