Hospitals & Asylums    

Autobiography of Anthony J. Sanders HA-11-8-1974

1. Anthony Joseph Sanders was born on 11 August 1974, on the Island of Tholen in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.  He is the writer of new draft Hospitals & Asylums Statute (HAS) for Title 24 US Code.  His family has lived in the United States of America his entire life, he was given the name Abraham at his bar mitzvah and he was naturalized a US citizen, at the age of 14 to honor his father who is also an immigrant.  When Tony graduated from Colerain High School in Cincinnati, Ohio he returned to the Netherlands on a family visit visa and studied Dutch in Elkylic College for nearly 6 months.  When Tony returned home he decided to study International Affairs at the University of Cincinnati and work for his mom as a medical officer manager.  In 1993 he left to study at the Facultad de Anthropologia in the Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan in Merida, Mexico to observe the implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA from the perspective of indigenous rights and attended as an international observer at the Dialogues between the Mexican Army and the Revolutionary Forces of the Zapatistas.  After he returned to the US in 1994 Tony took several classes and worked several odd jobs until he decided to take out student loans to finish his degree in International Affairs in 2000 and went on to earn a Mental Health Certificate from a Consumer Education Course taught by BRIDGES.  Tony is conversational in Dutch and Spanish and fluent in English.  In 1999 Tony was president and then vice president of the University of Cincinnati Earth Company, a campus environmental group. After a temporary job for the 2000 Census and filing for disability insurance in summer of 2001 and having that later supplemented by his father, Tony has devoted the vast majority of his time to litigating and legislating - writing, editing and codifying Hospitals & Asylums Statute (HAS) as a public service and publishes a free journal yearly equinox and solstice (yes).  The 11 new Chapters of Statute teach basic human rights and good governance in the outstanding spirit of the original.  The 1st edition of the 10 Chapter Hospitals & Asylums Manuscript (HAM) was finished on Christmas Eve 24 December 2004 for the enactment by the Senate and House of Representatives under 1USC(1)§101.  Tony was elected by the American Bar Association to make crediting judgments for the Organization of Regulatory Administrators of Continuing Legal Education (ORACLE) on 28 November 2005 and plans to grant credit at a rate of 1 credit per 10 single spaced pages reviewed, free of charge to the State.  Tony currently lives with a cat named, “Day” in Clifton, a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio, near the University of Cincinnati.  The plan is for the Text of the HA Statute to be ratified by Congress and distributed to Law Colleges as soon as 2010 and to high schools by 2020. 


2. Sharon M. Sanders, was born exactly two years later, on the same day as her brother, 11 August 1976, in Visalia, California, USA.  As their birthday occurs at the height of what is often the largest meteor shower of the year, 76-139 meteors an hour, called the Perseid Shower 20 July - 24 August.  Tony’s sister Sharon joined him to witness both the Descent of the shadow of the serpent down the pyramid of the sun and the descent of the sun down the edge of the box through the spiral staircase at the top of the Observatory called el Caracol, on the Vernal Equinox 20 March 1993.  Sharon went to the University of Cincinnati where she studied for an undergraduate degree in Biology and graduated with highest honors in 1997.  After college she went to Arizona to work in Cabeza Priet wild life sanctuary.  She then went to Los Vegas with the US Geological Survey (USGS) to study desert tortoises.   She then returned to Cincinnati to work on an organic farm.  She then went to the Everglades to give tours as a naturalist. Then she went Cortes Colorado to work for mosquito control for two days.  She went to the Island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean to do a work study program in 2000 from where she did some traveling in Africa, Reunion (France), Madagascar and India.  She then worked on a kibbutz in Israel for 6 months.  After some time landscaping she went to London to work at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew.  She then went to Oregon to spot marbel murlets.  Then she went back to school in Canterbury, England and completed a one year masters program in ethno botany at the University of Kent University in the United Kingdom.  At the end of the program she visited Morocco and wrote a thesis on thuya wood handicrafts in Morocco.  When she returned to the Americas she went on an wood carving study to Belize.  She has worked with Oregon Fish and Wildlife Bureau contractors to count birds, snorkel the rivers and count the salmon and other fish and has a boyfriend named Jay with whom she went to Hawaii in 2006 to help clear the wilderness and is going to Alaska to give tours at Denali State Park, this summer.


3. Tony first became interested in Hospitals & Asylums Statute, after wiping the State Mental Institution Library Education (SMILE) buildings off the prima facie of the Probate Court per curium the “which court ? trick” in Sanders v. Kravetz S. Ohio USDC C-1-98-411 (1998) that established grounds for direct access to the community mental health shelters for the alleged mentally ill.  When Tony graduated from college in 2000 AJ Sanders met Professor AJ Stephani at the Glenn M.Weaver Institute of Law and Psychiatry at the University of Cincinnati College of Law in 2000 in time to support the right to vote and be free from court enforced medication in Steele v. Hamilton Cty. Community Mental Health Bd. (2000), 90 Ohio St.3d 176.  This inspired Tony to appeal “Peace on Warfield” in Constitutional Mental Health Commission v. Pauline Warfield Lewis Center US 6th Cir. (2000) No. 00-4185 that was successful in renaming the 180 year old state mental institution to Summit Behavioral Health.  3-5 May 2001 TJ Sanders attended the 2nd International Conference on Therapeutic Jurisprudence (TJ) that had been arranged by AJ Stephani.   The political agenda in the field of mental health is now for the Probate Court to give up their jurisdiction over the incarceration of the alleged mentally ill (ami) and rename the entire Court and Judgeship, the Justice of the Peace, and for the State Mental Institution to open their doors to serve either as the community mental health headquarters or serve as prisons that uphold human rights for the criminally adjudicated to discontinue discrimination against people’s marriages, wills, trusts and estates.  Chapter 4: State Mental institution Library Education (SMILE) is a comprehensive study of mental health that is amended annually in May. 

4. Scarborough v. Anthony J. Principi Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs No. 02-1657 (2004) introduced Us to Anthony J. Principi, then Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs, at the 105th National Convention of Veterans of Foreign Wars August 14-20 2004 that was held in our hometown Cincinnati.  The Cincinnati Police Labor Management Agreement broke on the 8th of that month exacerbating the homicide in the force that was remedied with the closure of the Cincinnati War Crime Tribunal HA-8-8-04 but continues to require a military judge to preside over the election of both police chief and sheriff with a will to reduce prison population in half by the invention of community corrections. To remember the occasion Congress printed the omitted sections of Navy Hospitals, Naval Home, Army and other Naval Hospital, and Hospital Relief for Seamen and Others §1-40 and Anthony J. Sanders duly filled in the blanks.  On the 85th anniversary of Armistice Day Anthony J. Sanders submitted to Anthony J. Principi the second draft of Chapter 1 Humanitarian Missions of the Military Department (MD) on Veterans Day 11 November 2004 at 11:11 am ceasing hostilities between the US and Fallujah under ICJ Art. 26(1)(e)(n)(d) of the Rules of Court.  Anthony J. Principi has subsequently become the Chairman of BRAC Commission and completed the 2005 rounds HA-10-6-05.  Mr. Principi is a Vietnam Veteran, has a law degree and lives in Arlington, Virginia, since being honorably discharged from the Office of Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs by Jim Nicholson who was formerly the US Ambassador to the Vatican.  Mr. Principi is the most highly recommended candidate to serve as Secretary of Defense (Military Director) at the discretion of the President and Senate, as his military judgment is sound and with the consent of the American Bar Association (ABA) and the soldiers, might be willing to lead the Department of Defense to rename themselves the Military Department (MD) led by a Military Director (MD) who respects the right to life and liberty, honors the African Union in the foundation of a US African Command, promises to reduce the US arsenal of nuclear warheads to less than 2,000 by 2010 pursuant to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty HA-5-5 and is willing step down within one year of becoming engaged in any international or civil war that is beyond his or her ability to peacefully resolve similar, but more decisive, than the way that the House censured Secretary of Simon Cameron in April 1862, shortly after the beginning of the Civil War.

5. Being approved for approval of Organization of Regulatory Administrators of Continuing Legal Education (ORACLE)has its benefits.  Anthony J. Principi, who has great respect for litigation, was the first to appear after being mentioned as the general consultant of dreams to the ICJ in Afghanistan & Iraq v. USA HA-19-12-05 came to the author’s dreams when – we were at an all night party at Mr. Principi’s small two story red brick suburban home and we got the opportunity to be together in the bedroom where the author was going to sleep in red silk sheets, Mr. Principi was so somber that he did not send Tony into the paralyzed state between waking and asleep when one dreams of oneself as you are, at the breakfast of dawn most people had gone home except myself and a table of disgruntled African American workers at one of the picnic tables, when woke up we had just been joined with an unshaven Appalachian man.  In  a second dream at the end of December 2005 Tony was walking at a fast clip down a dirt road at the side of (then) President Judge Shi, who was dressed in full pirate gear although unarmed, he warned me I was being attacked just as an arrow struck a log whereupon, we parted ways.  Tony awoke with the knowledge that the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea of 1984 would apply.  A third dream came to Tony after Anthony J. Sanders v. Anita J. Douglas’ HA-14-2-06 beauty had launched a ship of Marines to go the assistance of the Phillipino military in the search for survivors of the most lethal mudslide in recent history – I was sitting in the shade by the side of a dirt road separated from the water by a stand of trees when Anthony J. Principi and an unidentified blond lady, cheerfully walked up in matching shorts, frame backpacks, hiking boots and wool socks to tell me that they were going across the water South America.  After the word “love” had been mentioned to the military torture was ruled fair until the Supreme Court prohibited such homophobia.  Paul Wolfowitz, the controversial President of the World Bank, likewise visited Tony in a dream to follow up on the Naval dispatch by giving the author a tour of naval ship and let him sleep in a pup tent, in a campground of pup tents, with his high school girlfriend, Tessa Tyler.  Although HA has chosen to censure the World Bank HA has subscribed to the Weekly World Bank Update and a compromise could be reached for $2 million to fully incorporate Hospitals & Asylums as a foreign owned banking corporation with the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve under 12USC(6)§614 so that the author and his sister could live on the interest until corporate governance of HA was deemed sufficiently ethical to justify the sale of stock to national banks.  It seems the WB has managed to teach a neo conservative, neo classical principles sufficient to keep the peace until his civil relief arrives.  Whereas Anthony J. Principi has demonstrated no ambition of his own, for the sake of my American dream of success, freedom, democracy, justice, and peace Ret. General Wesley Clark, Secretary Donald Rumsfield, President Paul Wolfowitz and Chairman Anthony J. Principi are sought to run against each other in mock elections for Secretary of Defense in the US Senate for the amusement of the American people and the relief of our soldiers. 

6. The plan of action for summer 2006 is to do a complete study of the Organization Chart of the United Nations in Chapter 5: International Development (ID) to compliment the $111 billion State of the United Nations HA-10-3-06 for our new friends Anita J. Douglas Director of Communication and Public Affairs of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) HA-14-2-06, Alonzo Johnson who is doing far too much time at an Ohio Correctional Institution HA-1-4-03, Audrey Jones BRAC Commission Information Officer, and Mr. Jose Antonio Ocampo Under Secretary of General of the United Nations Department of Social and Economic Affairs HA-19-1-06 who has been recommended to RUN for the office of Secretary General of the United Nations beginning 1 January 2007.  This case seeks to reinstate the request for remuneration from the United States pursuant to the reasonable $1 million demand of peace made by the author in Afghanistan & Iraq v. United States HA-19-3-03 that the US Department of Defense (DoD) bombed 19 March 2003 for a $20 billion judgment on the Spring Equinox against the United States that was settled in the Madrid Conference that September and was reinforced free of charge in the draft New Iraq Constitutional Elections (NICE) and Iraqi Sovereignty HA-30-6-04 and most recently in Afghanistan & Iraq v. USA HA-19-12-05 that calls for the argument of the controversial case in the Hague with the Advice of the UN General Assembly for Memorial Day 29 May 2006 regarding the withdrawal of troops.  $1 million would be a fine settlement for Hospitals & Asylums (HA) to be attributed with inventing the more peaceful concept of the Military Department (MD).  In absence of confidence in the safety of the application due September 2006 for Matriculation in 2007 to the United Nations University MERIT INTECH PhD programme in Economics and Policy Studies of Technical Changes in Maastricht, Netherlands HA-5-6-05, after Natalee Holloway (USA) v. Clifford M. Sobel (Netherlands) HA-30-6-05 or the University of Cincinnati after the Ohio State Debt Collection, Student Loan and Detention Case HA-14-3-06.  Tony would be happy to trade his periodical for the academic freedom of the school publisher and maybe your 6 month course in 2007.  In preparation for the meeting between the United States and the United Nations of Afghanistan and Iraq scheduled for Memorial Day by HA in Afghanistan & Iraq v. USA HA-19-12-05 the original statute in Chapter 1 Navy Hospitals, Naval Home, Army and other Naval Hospital, and Hospital Relief for Seamen and Others §1-40 shall be transferred to Chapter 10: Armed Forces Retirement Home §401-441and the blanks filled in twice a year on Veteran’s and Memorial Days.  Chapter 10 shall be amended for a liberalized definition of Armed Forces, to recognize the new office of Military Director (MD) and will be supplemented with the codification of Afghanistan & Iraq v. USA, at the end.  

7. The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve issues permits to begin doing business as a foreign owned banking corporation with $2 million of starting capital under 12USC(6)§614.  This respect would greatly facilitate the credibility of Hospitals & Asylums (HA) so that the $111 billion States of the United Nations HA-10-3-06, $2.4 Trillion in Social Security Assets, $2.4 Trillion Budget, $1 Trillion of injustice, $4 Trillion of health assets and $1 Trillion International Development Decade would not be corrupted by status offenders who discriminate against the poor.  Under 12USC(6)§627 the banking corporation is liable to pay the state in their geographical location appropriate taxes on their profits. AJ Stephani is hoped to recommend investment in Hospitals & Asylums (HA) to Hon. Anthony J. Principi who is sought to invest the finite sum of exactly $1 million in behalf of the US Congress and see that $1 million matched by Paul Wolfowitz, President of the World Bank, to establish HA with the $2 million minimum holding for an international banking corporation to afford the author(s) a living wage, and be honorably mentioned in the Consultative Roster of the NGO Section of the Economic and Social Counsel for the purpose of contributing 1% of taxable income to the UN.  12USC(6)§611a grants the bank powers sufficiently broad to enable them to compete and co-operate effectively within a rule based framework with similar foreign-owned institutions in the United States and abroad to capitalize on prevailing economic conditions and banking practices to improve international trade.  Under 12USC(6)§633 a member bank shall not be required to repay any deposit made at a foreign branch of the bank if the branch cannot repay the deposit due to - (1) an act of war, insurrection, or civil strife; or (2) an action by a foreign government or instrumentality (whether de jure or de facto) in the country in which the branch is located.  2/3 vote of the Board of Governors and shareholders are required under 12USC(6)§629.   Anthony J. Sanders declares dividends of the net profits of the banking corporation in the quarterly journal (deposits in the bank, interest earned on investments and payouts, etc.) as they shall judge expedient under 12USC(6) §626, HR 4975 Lobbying Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 and ECOSOC Resolution 1996/31 pertaining to Non governmental organizations.   Having been elected with 139 visually observed meteors an hour on 11 August 2004 we have high hopes for our birthday this Hospitals & Asylums Day 2006 and although the Perseid Meteors are predicted to be obscured by a full moon on the 9th, we hope you will help us celebrate - Sharon’s 30th and Tony’s 32nd birthday - researching $1 Meteors for the party favor of HA Membership.   

Yours Truly,
Tony J. Sanders
Hospitals & Asylums