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The Last Right in Vermont HA-21-4-10


By A. Joseph Sanders


In my search for a new State I thought to move in with Senator Bernie Sanders (S) from Vermont.  Vermont is a small State in the northeast with little more than 600 thousand inhabitants.  Vermont was the fourteenth State to enter the Union in 1793, although it did declare its independence in 1777.  Vermont is one of the thirteen, or fourteen, free colonies under medical marijuana law.  The governor talks straight.  Gay marriage is allowed.  Most importantly the tax system is progressive.  The budget is balanced although not specifically required in the Constitution.  The Green Mountaineers pay their debts.  Vermont does not seem to be fighting their health insurance company(s).  Socially, Vermont is described as the state with the oldest working population.  Politically, Vermont can be described as a well governed socialist State, taking into consideration the utter meaninglessness of the Democratic and Republican (DR) parties.     


Vermont has a marvelous service called Home Share Vermont that matches elderly and disabled people with caregivers in exchange for discount or free rent.  All transaction are between the landlord or lessee and tenant.  Home Share Vermont runs a background check, checks references, publishes a newsletter and ostensibly arbitrates disputes and provides social support.  For low income beneficiaries it seems to the only affordable living situation advertised.  The instant I wrote on April 9 to ask “should I move to Vermont?”, hoping Vermont was a place where a Sanders could be someone, complaining of motheritis, my motherboard blew out.  Now I need a new computer, but I don’t want to bring the Utah wiretap with me, so I am renting my roommates for a share of the price of a new adapter. 


I wrote Senator Sanders on April 15 to reconcile the socialist totalitarianism in Vermont with the religious persecution of Utah and also to be kicked for begging for the $1,000 due for balancing the federal budget as requested in the Spring Equinox Edition Vol. 10 Is. 1.   In that email can be found the rationale for the total takeover of all family judge and lawyerships of divorce and estate law, in both the United States and Russian Federation, by social workers, employed by the State Treasury, moving Hospitals & Asylums to amend its statute.  I concluded that as the result of their socialist leanings Vermont is not a good State for low income beneficiaries and I would prefer to take the $1,000 and run from the Democratic and Republican (DR) parties.      


Now, although I am an American I know a little bit about socialism.  My dear departed grandfather, my namesake, Opa Toon Sanders, was a union organizer at a blanket factory in the Netherlands, where he worked.  Socialism is a mitigated form of worker centric communism.  Socialists however attempt to provide for the less fortunate through income taxes and the redistribution of wealth.  The great weakness of socialism is that the party tends to usurp the role of religion, naively exposing the family, the nucleus of society, to the abuse of power by the State and the Courts under the influence of party members.  To enjoy their retirement benefits my grandmother, Oma Cor Sanders, helped to organize the Verkenners, boy and girl scouts in a local church that had been abandoned.


Although they both lived long lives the marry-in corp of their four baby boomer sons were too much for them.  Although she outlived her husband and one of her sons, so unwise as to marry a legal secretary, Oma Sanders passed away in a nursing home in Helmond, Netherlands/Afghanistan from wounds sustained from my Nobel Peace Treaty shortly after St. Nicholas Day 2009, at the age of 89, after years of being confined to a wheel chair by a stroke suffered when the UN University in Maastricht asked me to enroll.  I was the only person in the family willing to sustain her allegation of poisoning and she was subjected to considerable dementia, paralysis and heartbreak for want of the care of another beneficiary who would not discriminate against her disability. 


Oma was the soul surviving Sanders, a wonderful lady, a great crossword puzzler until her stroke.  She was the only person keeping our family together, totally different than the marry-ins of the Baby Boomer generation so fond of Xing out the new generation.  We cannot hold her, Cor, responsible for cooking the potatoes that her husband Toon grew and peeled for decades before it became known that potatoes are junk food as of 2008.  He did warn me before he died in the late 1990s, "the eyes are poison" but I don't know if he took it to heart.  I remember him as being kind of yellow, maybe from liver disease, a Soviet Union disorder for a union leader of a blanket factory, like himself, perhaps.  There, I have said my peace. The socialists are going to have to switch from potato vodka, to rum, whiskey, wine and beer and the girls are going to have to like the way the Prohibition of the malevolent distribution of laboratory supplies, gets the virtuous women elected to high political office. 


This brings us to our point.  Vermont looks pretty well governed.  The election of a Socialist is exceptional.  The election of Senator Bernie Sanders is in good taste, taking into consideration that the true meaning of the Sanders family name in bastardized American English is, the social worker who adjudicates wills.  I presume that is why he is so popular, because when push comes to shove in Vermont, he is the best man for resolving the only political problem in Vermont – the existence of Probate and Family Courts.  Several States have wrestled with this problem, but none has truly succeeded.  I would however like to do more than just quote Stalin "when one person dies it is a tragedy, but when millions die it is a statistic".  Vermont is not that big.  Probate Court has to go. 


Don't Esq. a lawyer.  Orphan's Courts are not all they are cracked up to be, if they also slave the alleged mentally ill (ami).  I have flirted for some time with the idea of a slavery free justice of the peace.  However, after updating the transfer of probate cause to the District Court in the Utah Constitution I have decided that the responsibility for adjudicating wills should go to a licensed social worker employed by the State Treasury who has the authority to refer criminal and disputed cases to the District Court.


I believe that as the result of this reform there would not be so much class struggle in Vermont, life expectancy would increase, families would be happier, old age more pleasant and the legal system would function more smoothly, if the State Mental Library Education (SMILE) buildings were not merely wiped off the prima facie of the Probate Court, but the Probate Court was completely abolished and transferred to a social worker employed by the Treasury.  I believe the relief would be immediate as the wills tortured out of families are transferred from a Court to a licensed social worker, sworn to secrecy, employed by the Treasury.  Genealogic research, of course poses a problem, but a lot of legal strife might be eliminated overnight. 


This modern philosophy of social work translates also to divorce court, family courts, mental illness and social security appeals.  A lawyer is either behind bars or drunk on power.  Lawyers should really dedicate their time to getting people out of prison, and if they grow to old or rich or lazy, be disbarred to pursue a career in business or politics, free of espionage.  Social workers are trained in mental health and are sworn to help the poor against oppression and this is a rational basis for processing the perjury, betrayal and heartbreak of family decision-making.   Licensed social workers should be the "family judges". 


I realize this is a dangerous political move.  Think of all the unemployed lawyers thrust into politics because they are associated with too many families, corporations or politicians, to freely go to jail.  Perhaps there can be a cooling off period under conflict of interest law.  The salient issue is that they either go to work for a “criminal” law firm or they be honorably disbarred.   Lawyers are by definition not confidential, whereas the fundamental principle of confidentiality is that the personally identifying information not be used in legal proceedings.  Messing with other people's freely chosen careers is however a particularly sensitive issue that must be dealt with honestly, as over-educated people.  Under Sections 51 and 53 of the Vermont Constitution these terms would be enumerated by law in Chapters 7 and 8 of Title 4 of the Vermont Statute, with explanation of the social division from the judiciary.


The Bible lesson for socialists this day of senseless state sanctioned violence and so called natural disasters and death at every breech of confidentiality by Obama mamas, comes from the story of the Virgin Mary Magdalene.  Legend has it that Mary immaculately conceived of Jesus Christ and gave birth to him in a manger with the assistance of Joseph and three Magi from foreign States. Non-believers and Catholic school girls alike tend to interpret this story so that the Virgin Mary was a prostitute who ruined her career by getting pregnant, Joseph, too poor for a wife, let her ride on his donkey and paid for the stable when she was due.  No other story, rape, incest or promiscuity (other than the under-age exploits of Catholic school girls and their beaus), explains the immaculate nature of the conception of the Christ Child.  Mary reportedly turned into a virtuous woman and teacher of Christ’s lessons thereafter. 


Mary’s lesson for Vermont women throughout the United States of America and Russian Federation is, when a woman divorces from her husband, that woman must revert to her maiden name.  It is forbidden for her to keep the last name of her ex-husband, regardless of the fact that her children, who she more often than not raises, retain the last name of their father.  Regardless of the facts of the case a divorced woman and her ex-husband are legally charged to hate each other and the failure of the woman to revert to her maiden name is like a neon sign to abusers of power.  This is detrimental to both the neglected ex-wife’s family and abused ex-husband’s family, not to mention themselves and any children they may have conceived, and indicates a failure of the State to close the case.  So, when a woman divorces her husband she must revert to her maiden name, being mandatory there is no extra charge.  That is why the mother’s maiden name is written on all birth certificates.     


The rationale for transferring Probate causes to a licensed social worker employed by the Treasury is impeccable.  As is the idea to transfer all family law functions to licensed social workers trained in family counseling and sworn to secrecy.  The Socialist Party should really incorporate this “socialization of civil law” into their agenda.  The particularly socialist State of Vermont should find this greatly relieving.  The socialization of civil law would greatly help to protect the family against the abuse of power that has led to so many divorces, disabilities and untimely deaths in Vermont, the United States and the Russian Federation.  If disenfranchised lawyers are kept out of power.  If the separation of the Socialist Party (eg. Democratic and Republican (DR) parties) and the Social Worker is properly understood.  Longevity and quality of life could be expected to increase dramatically in all States socializing the civil and political rights of family law.   


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