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Separation of the LDS Church and the Utah Constitution HA-25-3-10


By Anthony Joseph Sanders


Many people find solace in religion. In the United States of America, a Christian nation, largely populated by people fleeing religious persecution in the Old World, there has been written a separation of church and state. The separation of church and state both gives rise to allegations of immorality on the part of the state and protects the populace from the abuse of power by religious patriarchs.  There is no religion so close to state religion in all the Americas as the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, the LDS, in Utah. The Book of Mormon was written by Joseph Smith who founded a religion around the myth that he transcribed the book from golden tablets given to him by an angel and therein is a story of a tribe of Judea that populated the Americas in biblical times. In 1990 73% of the population in Utah was reported to be Mormon and in 2006, 55% attended church weekly, the fifth most faithful in the nation.

Granted, the freedom of religion and to worship as one chooses is written into the first section of the first article of the Utah Constitution and the eleventh Article of Faith of the LDS Church. Denied to the LDS however is the right to be respected as the entity comprising the majority of people in the state of Utah. The LDS are the only entity even slightly competitive with the 99% monopoly of all levels of government by the Democratic and Republican (DR) parties, for the hearts and minds of the people. In Utah, statistically civilized for a member of the contemporary Union, most of the success of keeping the people in line can be attributed to the moral principles espoused by the LDS that enables the people to ignore the carrots and sticks of the tyrannical political majority.

No good deed however goes unpunished. Joseph Smith was martyred in a jail in 1844 while running for President of the United States, the grandiose method of begging one's pardon. Brigham Young, who led the Mormons to Utah, famously said, "people are healthier and live longer in communities without doctors". But the Democratic and Republican (DR) parties inexorably moved in to tax the success of the Mormons. After being rebuffed entry to the Union by Congress, on seven occasions, beginning in 1849, Utah, or Deseret, as the territory originally wanted to be called, until the Mormons settlers renounced polygamy Utah was not allowed to enter the Union until after the 66 day Constitutional Convention of 1895 was ratified by the public in 1896.

The creation myth underlying the Utah Constitution is that the Democratic and Republican (DR) parties created Utah in 66 days. Having abolished polygamy the nation was forced to concede the Mormons half a free will and the Probate Court was abolished, only to have probate causes transferred to the District Court, short of the slavery free justice of the peace, or modern day social worker, needed for a genuinely free will. Being quite jeoulous of God the Democratic and Republican (DR) parties ensured there would be one national guardsman for every state prisoner. True to the conflicts of interests of their founders the State of Utah is a monster that cannot be begrudged for driving the people to the relative safety of the LDS.

Haitian Voodou is similar to the LDS. Both are similar to Catholicism because of their belief in los, or saints, who have real life manifestations, while the supreme God, or bondye, has no direct connection with the real world. Both are American religions adapted from Old World religions. Both eschew health to venerate their ancestors. The Haitian Revolution of 1791 is attributed to have begun as the result of a voodou ritual. After 23 attempts the Haitian Consitution did not, as reported in the press, recognize Haitian voodou in 1987. Haitian voodou is however not a Christian religion, more an animist belief of African heritage, nor does Haitian voodou have any organized leadership. The LDS need not envy Haitian voodou, but instead join together in the common goal of being legally recognized American religions.

The recent Act of God in Haiti, that took the lives of 212,000 served to unite similarly populous Utah and Haiti, both in the form of innocent LDS mission, Haitian immigrant fundraisers and as a cloud of suspicion that the Utah state prison may have been mined by the National Guard. The prisoner in question that day appears to have been falsely arrested for reporting the abuse of a national guardsman and remains incommunicado although reportedly free. And so the State of Utah wore out their welcome and Hospitals and Asylums left. No religion enjoys the recognition of the laws in America, whose religious persecution is thus driven to such depravity in the Middle East and Central Asia (MECA), without any practical experience in state religion, as so many Mormons, perhaps naively, profess interest in.

The DEA theology that swept the nation in the 1970s is the primary example of violent religious persecution. Fascinated by the connection between LDS and LSD, pontificated on by the Native American Church, the DEA weighed in particularly hard on the LDS and stole from the LDS their ability to govern several hospitals, the material manifestation of the moral authority of religion over bioterrorist health theology. So useful to righteously bring bad medical b(k)ills to the state treasurer for termination in avoidance of the ignomy and danger of bankruptcy court, or worse paying for quack. A decade after laying down their healing hand, the Church mandated the one true genocide of geneology upon all their parishioners, much to the consternation of strangers meeting unethical Mormons with geneological research privileges, of particular danger to foreign families. These philosophical adaptations were needed to defend the Church Presidents against a rash of untimely natural deaths since the religious persecution of DEA theology first antagonized OPEC and duped the masses in the 1970s.

The DEA is particularly virulent in Utah where the drug cops, probate death cult and mental illness adjudicators all congregate at the District Court. The legislature, pumped up on religious dogma justifiying expulsion from the inner sanctum of the LDS temple for drug abuse, passes particularly severe drug laws that must downgraded in every case from first degree felonies, all the while being assaulted by mind altering and deadly tortures, to grant Utahans accused of hard drug possession equal privileges and immunities with the still repressive laws of other states. DEA drugs are unethically prescribed for the common back quack, and there is an unusually high risk of being murdered by a drug cop at every pharmaceutical filling of a DEA prescription.

To keep the religious role in government de minimus, reference to the LDS shall be limited to their very humorous interpretation of the one legitimate religious institution - marriage. It is important to check the abuse of power that occurs when the State infringes upon the family privacy of religious matters such as drug abuse, toxic substance abuse, health, sexual orientation or religious doctrine that is intended primarily to legitimize the institution of marriage and strengthen the family. Free religions, whose flocks are free to come and go, must not forcibly impose their way of life and moral covenants upon others, as useful as these dicates may be to sustain happy families and people. On the other hand religions have a responsibility to defend themselves and the public against immorality and religious persecution that is violent.

Thus, in farewell to the territorial boundaries of the State of Utah, far too homicidal to be granted any ICANN privileges, having been sentenced by the U.S. Supreme Court to perform their first human sacrifice in ten years, in lieu of punishment for an even larger one day mass murder than either Hiroshima or Nagasaki, license to rewrite the Utah Constitution is hereby granted to the LDS. Having censured all reference to the LDS the Utah Constitution falsely represents the majority of people in the State and as the Democratic and Republican (DR) parties obviously cannot govern themselves the Constitution must be rewritten. Taking into consideration the impoverished coffers of the State Treasury the LDS are asked to pay the reasonable cost of a Second Constitutional Convention so grand that its eleven days would be remembered for neutralizing the curse of the 66 day original convention in all official and unofficial introductions to the Utah Constitution.

Thus, to avoid the moral necessity of annulling Utah's membership in the Union, if it pleases the LDS, and makes the gay people of Utah happy, to outlaw polygamy, infidelity and veneral disease, Article 1 Section 29 Marriage that currently reads,

(1) Marriage consists only of the legal union between man and woman.
(2) No other domestic union, however denominated, may be recognized as marriage or given the same substantially equivalent legal effect.

Would be amended to respect the sanctity of marriage as a religious institution, whereby,

In order to gain entry into the Union, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, the religious majority in the state, agreed that marriage consists only of the legal union between a man and a woman, and that polygamy was not allowed.

To secure for Utah the blessing of a free will their founders had dignified in the XXIV Amendment Section 9 Transfer of probate causes to District, before their moral advantage was compromised by the DEA, would be amended so it reads,

Section 9 Transfer of probate causes to social workers

When the State was admitted into the Union, and the District Courts in the respective districts were organized, the books, records, papers and proceedings of the probate court in each county, and all causes and matters of administration pending therein, upon the expiration of the term of office of the Probate Judge, on the second Monday in January, 1896, passed into the jurisdiction and possession of the District Court, which processed to final judgment or decree, order or other determination in the several matters and causes, as the Territorial Probate Court might have done, if the Constitution of 1895 had not been adopted. And until the expiration of the term of office of the Probate Judges, such Probate Judges performed the duties imposed upon them by the laws of the Territory.

When this amended Constitution goes into effect all probate causes shall be transferred from the District Court to a staff of licensed social workers employed by the State Treasury, who shall adjudicate wills, trusts, estates and survivor benefits, free of judicial restraint. The District Courts shall have criminal, appellate and revisory jurisdiction over the decisions referred by the social workers as provided by law.

To spare the cigarette smokers cast out from the inner sanctum of the LDS temple, the wrath of sensitive nosed Governor Gary Herbert, no relation to President Herbert Hoover Prohibitionist Snoot-Hawley Tariff Act signer of Hooverville fame, nonetheless duly sentenced to be the first killer in a decade, a Section 9 should be added to Article 13 pertaining to Revenue and Taxation, to justify increased taxation of the extremely wealthy, that reads,

Section 9 Poor exempt from income tax

(1) People living under the national poverty line shall be exempt from any form of income taxation by the State.

(2) People under 150% of the poverty line shall be returned any income tax contributions they may have made on sliding scale.

(3) Taking into the consideration the relatively equal cost of living, people with higher incomes shall be taxed at higher rates than people in lower tax brackets.

As for the religious liberty in Article 1 Section 4, I give it to you,

The rights of conscience shall never be infringed. The State shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office of public trust or for any vote at any election; nor shall any person be incompetent as a witness or juror on account of religious belief or the absence thereof. There shall be no union of Church and State, nor shall any church dominate the State or interfere with its functions. No public money or property shall be appropriated for or applied to any religious worship, exercise or instruction, or for the support of any ecclesiastical establishment.

God Bless America

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