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Occupy D.C. Founders Speak at Southern Oregon University HA-2-16-12


By Anthony J. Sanders


Wes Brain from Jobs with Justice, and his wife, an immigration lawyer, hosted two events in the month of February at Southern Oregon University.  The first, at Feb. 15, 5:00pm -- Solidarity Potluck; 6:30pm -- Trade Justice Roadshow: Corporate Globalization & the Trans-Pacific FTA.  The second, on Feb. 16, 6:30pm -- Dr. Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese: The Occupy Movement and Universal Healthcare.  The flyer said theTrans-Pacific Free Trade negotiations are "being held in secret".  The vast majority of us whose lives will be affected by this pact have been specifically barred by the U.S. Trade Representative from reviewing and commenting on U.S. proposals and broader draft negotiating texts.  If the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative has its way, we will presumably only be able to comment on specific language once the negotiations are completed - at which point it will become extremely difficult to make substantive changes.  This is unacceptable in a democracy.  Evan opened with a speech about the meaning of potlucks.  Arthur said “The global economy is a force of nature.  You need a PhD to understand.  It is nice to be with people who believe in themselves and the power of small groups of like-minded people.  An estimated 2.5 million jobs have been lost to off-shoring and folding under foreign competition in the United States, 52,000 jobs in Oregon.  Besides the TPFTA Canada, Mexico and Japan are entering in bilateral agreements


Those attending the TPFTA potluck unanimously declared the United States of America v. Kim Dotcom, Megaupload Limited et al. United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia Alexandria Division Criminal No. 1:12CR3  seizure of January 19, 2012 a mistrial under Sec. 202 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) P.L. 105–304—OCT. 28, 1998, entrapment as codified and adopted the armed robbery case as poster-child to the TPFTA under penalty of the Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights aiming at the abolition of the death penalty as it pertains to the want of criminal codification of civil rights statute at (1) Conspiracy against Rights 18USC(I)(13)§241and (2) Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law 18USC(I)(13)§242.  As of HA-5-5-5, D.C. had the highest incarceration rate in the world, more than Texas, Bush v. Gore (2000) explained and highest 5% HIV+ rate in the nation.  Occupy D.C. founders agreed to look into converting D.C. prisons to homeless shelters, as was done by the D.C. Mental Health System 24USC(4)III§225 et seq. under the Customs House Act, St. Elizabeth HA-26-2-11. 


Here are my notes from the 6:30 pm town hall style meeting at Southern Oregon University.  Deb Van Poolen went to Washington D.C. on hunger strike for Bradley Manning as noted in Wikileaks: Release Assange and Manning HA-31-1-12.  She returned with a bunch of folks from D.C. in early February and Wes Brain from Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice made arrangements for lawyer Kevin Zeese and physician Margaret Flowers, who are travelling the West Coast Occupy movements from San Francisco, to speak at Southern Oregon University.  Kevin Zeese’s Labor Day Reflection: Time for Americans to participate in power-Three hundred million Americans can take control of the economy and country solicited by Ralph Nader’s Single Payer Action October 2011 is cited in the Occupy Ashland Report on Occupy Wall St. HA-11-11-11.  Dr. Margaret Flowers is a co-founder of Occupy D.C. and Physicians for National Health Care.  Both she and Kevin Zeese are creators of It's Our Economy, Occupy DC and Come Home America.  She explains, “I am a Maryland physician who lives close to Washington DC and hope for a working health insurance system.  We held actions and were sometimes arrested.  The time of symbolic actions is over.  Nonviolent social revolution is necessary because the system is defunct”.  


Kevin Zeese told us, “This is an interesting time in our history.  The empire is hollowing out our economy.  Rome had 37 bases, the U.S. over 600. Occupy helped to put inequality on the agenda.  400 people have 80% of the wealth.  They didn't get there by being any smarter or working harder than everyone else but because the system is corrupt.  We've had everything stolen from us.  2/3 of us do not have $1,000 for emergency expenses.  Corruption is so extreme Obama holds luncheons costing $37,000, more than the median American income.  For 10 years polls have shown 2/3 of Americans want single payer”.  Mr. Zeese continues, “Corporate power makes government dysfunctional.  The people who founded Occupy D.C. endorsed Occupy Wall St. in early July and went public on October 6.  Occupy is a nonviolent movement as described by whose revolution is reliant upon and competes in free market with the establishment for the nine pillars of support – police, military, religious institutions, non-profits,/NGOs, youth, labor, media and civil servants.  The power structure of the establishment must be weakened for us to succeed.  We therefore tell police we think they are the 99% and we are nonviolent people pursuing their socio-economic interests.  If we act intelligently we can be the media.  The Internet gives everyone access to information.  We want to move to a democratized economy away from oligarchy.   Occupy is the beginning of a political movement however it must abolish and not lobby the establishment” to not be poisoned by the Democratic-Republican (DR) two party system. 


My notes end with Ms. Flowers’ response to the town hall comment, “In the 1970s 8.5% of payroll (at my firm) was dedicated for family health insurance but now families, vision and dental are not covered and medical costs drive down employee wages” to which she made the very insightful defense of her failed experiment lobbying for universal health insurance, “20 years ago 70% of American physicians were members of the American Medical Association (AMA) today on 15% are”.  Wherefore, I propose to abolish Medicare and insure the reasonable salaries of all licensed and practicing health care professionals against the lies of laymen via Medicaid for the health benefit of everybody so ill as to want to seek medical treatment, as decided in my recent work titled Authorization Request for Dental Services HA-14-2-12.

I swear, at Occupy Ashland, if you leave your seat for a few minutes to speak to the honored guests the Democratic grad students give your winter jacket a possibly washable case of colon cancer, quoloquially known in a 70s tune as anus curly whirly, and remove all the coats from the free box.  My uncle died of colon cancer so I am very concerned by the off chance that the chronically subversive fat girl who occupied my seat at the Occupy D.C. talk might be infected with a contagious form of the polyomavirus JCV SV40 that causes 50% of colorectal cancer.  Maybe the reason she abusively silences me and the other very physically fit homeless man is that she was as wrongfully displeased with me as I was with the old lady who couldn’t’ hear what I said and provoked me to say “vote Democrat” to the “deaf” torturer instead of “vote Nader” and abruptly leave the building instead of staying to enjoy the after-party with my peers because I had to die of colon cancer for an hour walk in the cold.  The host might heed the line of reasoning of the spurned elderly lady and prefer to not use a microphone unless needed and let the audience who raise their hands speak, but this is not so certain as the need for a few tables when using the Stevenson Union for a potluck.


This is however the second rainproof jacket lost to conflicts of interest with Occupy Ashland this winter.  Ashland volunteers need to be better insured against further injury and property damage under 24USC(10)§422(d), wherefore independent organizations like Hospitals & Asylums (HA), the host Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice, who have not been recused for their conflict of interest related to unethical lobbying like Occupy, must collectively charge both the Democratic and Republican (DR) Parties in the United States Second Congressional District of Oregon 25% of their 2012 campaign contributions in pursuit of the $2,500 fee for independent candidates and issues to appear in the 2012 Voter Guide, to do the federal chemical weapons exemption of the establishment parties civil and political justice under 18USC(11B)§229(b) as supported by Medford 6 and Bend 8: Trespassing on a Conflict of Interest HA-11-1-12.  It was said that the Democratic congressional candidate for 2nd District was attending the talk anonymously and he or she did not declare themselves during speaking hour.  The anonymous candidate, Rep. Walden’s mole, is hoping to raise nearly 400 signatures to avoid paying the $2,500 Voter Guide registration fee.  Perhaps he or she would not be ashamed to speak running on an independent ticket without fear of being stabbed in the back by the free radicals in the Democratic camp.  The Jackson County Clerk Chris Walker (female), who was federally indicted for graft in the Medford 6 case above, is reminded to charge both penniless Democratic and incumbent Republican candidates our county’s share of the 25% of their 2012 campaign contributions, by all the independent political organizations with literate candidates and issues for the local 2012 ballot such as Jobs with Justice, Occupy and Hospitals & Asylums.  So go camping, run the White Rabbit Trail daily, Mt. Ashland on the Sabbath and buy high quality Indian antibiotics online without prescription to treat your bacterial endocarditis and terminate your 10 year tenure with 25% chance of dying from rheumatic heart disease caused by easily cured Streptococcus pyogenes and never be a patient again using Hospitals & Asylums' Best Medicine Monographs HA-14-2-11.


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