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Heat Emergency HA-13-8-16


By Anthony J. Sanders


I saw about 20 meteors, a few very bright, on my overnight birthday marathon, on the night of August 11-12 in about seven hours, the same as the 100 year old Indian marathon runner who motivates me to run the 26 miles to the 11 am free lunch, after I thought of him when I was eating a snack and catching my first glimpse of the false dawn at around 4 am, after walking half a mile on a forest service road connector trail by lighter light, having forgotten to charge my rechargeable flashlight.  The clouds of last weekend were not seeded or were insufficient to extinguish the Soberaines fire that was said to be 64% contained, but it is much hotter now.  Flooding in the Gulf should probably be attributed to the cooling pumps on the Gulf coast of Florida and smaller array on the Atlantic coast.  Perhaps they sued to put the Zika virus bearing mosquitoes to sleep at night. The heating pumps on the Atlantic Cost that mock the bird brained Framework Convention on Climate Change (1994) off the coast of New York City need to be turned to cool or removed from the US/Canadian exclusive economic zone of the Law of the Sea (1982).  There is no heating or cooling  pump solution to flooding caused by overuse .  Let Russians be the only thermal polluters.  High pressure from heating pumps are generating unnatural winds in the direction of any artificial cooling (AC).  On the Pacific front the so-called El Nino of last year caused unusually warm waters across the equator for nearly the entire length of the Pacific on SST Anomaly charts.  This spring and summer those heating pumps seem to have been turned to cool and there is a brand new trans-pacific cooling event to the west of California.  This event is not producing rain because the clouds of the north south Santa Anna winds are too far out to sea, leaving California in the dust.  If California warmed the waters on the western Pacific side of the artificial cooling along the coast, maybe 200 miles out to sea, winds would blow cool clouds to California from west to east, that could be coordinated with silver iodide cloud seeding missile technology to extinguish the Soberaines fire, before the end of the heat wave at the end of the month.  The hydrocarbon heating pumps off the US and Canadian North Atlantic coast need to be turned to cool or be removed from the ocean.  An environmental impact statement regarding Florida’s artificial cooling must be published before pulling the plug on the AC program in that mosquito infested state, but should definitely be turned off in response to flooding in the Gulf.  An array of heating pumps may be placed on the Pacific a hundred miles or so to the west of the AC along the California Coast to make rain, extinguish the Soberaine fire and chill out the heat wave before the end of August. 




All I got for my birthday was triple digit temperatures in the West and flooding in the Gulf.  I’ll have to update the penalty for piracy in Jury Duty (JD) to change of the Court of International Trade of the United States (COITUS) to Customs Court (CC) in triplicate under Supplementary Convention on the Abolition of Slavery, the Slave Trade, and Institutions and Practices Similar to Slavery (1956) to contest the Congressional protest of the gas, oil, coal and electricity export tax under Section 514 and 515 of the Tariff Act of 1930 for the civil action of the Customs Court under 28USC§2631.  Maybe the perverted unconventionally armed pirates of New York City are better at regulating the weather than the admiralty and maritime by jury and they are the only people better than Congress or the Supreme Court to change the name of their place of work to Customs Court (CC) as was the true intention of the Customs Court Act of 1980 before it dithered into Title 22 Foreign Relations and Intercourse (a-FRaI-d) that needs to be amended to Title 22 Foreign Relations (FR-ee) under 1CFR§1.  It is not lawful to detain Rod Blagojevich because Judge Zagel, who is reported to have exhausted all his self-incriminations on the appeals court, says so.   Hillary’s deal with the Democrats regarding her Vice-Adulterer (of tobacco products) offends the 12th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, Bernie Sanders 10 to 1 lead in bumper sticker sales and the monopoly of truth between a politician and the people (Sanders, Bernie and Tony) rather than betraying the people to the Democratic-Republican (DR) two party system defendant at bat.  Republicans could be convinced to set down their Texas Solicitor General.  To tell you the truth, the way it is now, the Trump Casino Boat seems more free than the USS Adulterer.  Can Hillary be convinced to break-up with a Southern Democrat, a Virginian lawyer? Southern prison population is unacceptable to a free country of not more than 250 detainees per 100,000 residents.  We still haven’t gotten any complaints from the rich and famous about Vermont’s increase in prison population from about 275 to 325 per 100,000 incidental to Bernie’s Presidential ambitions.  Virginia federal prosecutors unlawfully detain a former Governor after crashing a family wedding and becoming fascinated with his new tobacco product for smoke-stopper samples in 2014, are reported to have adulterated the 2015 pipe tobacco harvest by means of an FDA teenage anti-smoking campaign and most recently had to be overruled by the new governor for disenfranchising felony voter that makes Tim Kaine’s political integrity exactly as dubious as the author of the Bush v Gore (2000) miss-Congress, Trump defeated for a civilian fortune, maybe even victim compensation for property damage other than lost wages.  The United States cannot tolerate any more of these 12th Amendment Violating-Presidents (VP) after suffering “Dick” Cheney, Jo Biden’s perpetuation of the Alien and Sedition Acts, and this new Democratic threat to American freedom ,the USS Adulterer (aka Frigid Bitch) Hillary is asked to make right by taking the hand of her true partner of the people (Sanders, Bernie and Tony) as Vice-President without the capacity to question the technicalities of the 1,000 electoral vote shortfall, or be forced to deal with the monopolist of the truth without any nearly tolerable, false representation perpetuating the Democratic-Republican (DR) two party system, due to Bernie’s non-signature, under similar investigation regarding Congressional evasion of taxes from the Social Security Amendments of January 1, 2016 and Summer Solstice Instructions HA-6-6-16