Hospitals & Asylums










16 percent December Devaluation of the US Dollar HA-28-11-20


Hydrocortisone, Eucalyptus, Lavender or Peppermint (HELP) Act of 2020 HA-11-8-20


Convention on Pandemic Treatment HA-28-7-20


National Discovery Trail Act of 2020 HA-30-3-20


Legalize Orange Picking at the California State Capitol HA-18-3-20


Message of the Public Trustee HA-15-3-20


California Coastal Trail HA-29-2-20


UN Arrears and Certain Iranian Assets Act of 2020 HA-1-2-20


2020 Annual Report of the Supplemental Income Program: Letter of Intent HA-20-11-19


UN Arrears and Certain Iranian Assets Act of 2019 HA-11-11-19


Accounting for International Development: Double Column Ledger HA-9-5-19


First Annual United Nations Budget 2020 HA-29-4-19


Statement of the United Nations HA-19-3-19


United Nations General Assembly: United States Assessment HA-16-4-19


Supplemental Security Income Tax Act of 2019 HA-20-12-18


Federal Insurance Contribution Adjustment Act of 2018 HA-9-6-18


Land and Water HA-11-1-18


White House Office of Management and Budget Historical Tables FY 17


Social Security Amendments of January 1, 2017; White House Office of Management and Budget FY 2018 and 2017 Second Annual Summer Solstice Instructions to the Board of Trustees of the Old Age Survivor Disability Insurance Trust Funds and Supplemental Security Income Program HA-1-1-17


Social Security Amendments of January 1, 2016 HA-6-6-16


Poverty and Social Security HA-7-2-16


Rationale for Retroactive Accounting of the Social Security Amendment of January 1, 2016 HA-29-12-15


FY 2015 Federal Budget 2000-2020 HA-19-12-14


Gas Export Tax (GET) HA-26-9-14


Statement of the United Nations HA-24-8-14


Disability Insurance Replenishment Tax (DIRT) Act of 2014 HA-4-7-14


Jogging Road Act HA-29-5-14


Weather Control Regulation HA-14-2-14


Black Medicare and Social Security Commissioner HA-17-6-13


Walking Pneumonia to Salem for the Affordable Health Care for All Oregon Plan HA-4-2-13


Sandy Relief HA-15-12-12


Winter Solstice Dissolution of Hospitals & Asylums (HA) Political Party Relating to the Mayan Long Count HA-21-12-12


Federal Budget Balanced to Prevent Debt from Exceeding 100% of GDP FY 2012 HA-13-7-12


Disability Insurance Replenishment Tax (DIRT) of 2012 HA-16-6-12


TARP Winter Shelter Close-out HA-31-12-11


Occupy Ashland Report on Occupy Wall St.: The American Fall HA-11-11-11


Drought and East African Famine HA-8-8-11


Standard & Poorճ Debt Ceiling and Balanced Budget Amendment Crisis HA-16-7-11


Defense of Social Security Caucus: US v. Astrue Esq. HA-1-7-11


Flood and Tornado Insurance from the Deepwater Horizon Overpayment HA-16-5-11


A Treaty of Freedom with the Rogue River Tribes: Table Rocks Wilderness Camping Powwow Petition HA-12-5-11


Tornado Relief HA-5-5-11


Tohoku, Kilauea and Fukushima HA-14-3-11


Re-invest Security Council Resolution 1970 in a Libyan Constitutional Convention HA-7-3-11


Customs House Act St. Elizabeth, e-Motion HA-26-2-11


American Popular Election: The United States has not had a Quorum for Democracy since 1900 HA-29-10-10


Rolling Back the Tobacco Tax of 2009 Act HA-10-10-10


Empirical US Foreign Assistance Statistics at the Close of the American Imperial Century: An Act to Secure a Voluntary 1 percent ODA Tax on Income HA-30-9-10


Care Pakistan: The Seeds of Flood Relief HA-21-8-10


Review of the 2010 Medicare and Social Security Trustee Reports HA-12-8-10


Deepwater Horizon Spill Response Solution HA-8-6-10


The 2010 World Atlas: MDGs 1990-2015 and the 2009 Factbook HA-31-5-10


Fault of the Haitian Constitution of 1987: A Voodoo Ritual to End all Abuses of Power and Acts of God HA-26-4-10


American Political Economy HA-20-3-10


Federal Budget in Balance FY 2011: Comparison of Bush and Obama HA-28-2-10


Haitian Earthquake Relief: $2.3 billion est. HA-12-1-10


Treaty of Peace between the United States of American and Afghanistan HA-5-12-09


US War History HA-26-11-09


Drug Evaluation Agency Reform of the CSA HA-31-10-09


Human Rats Amendments to Human Research Protection HA-25-10-09


CWC Protocol for the Elimination of Pathogens HA-23-10-09


Pathogen Patent Protocol HA-23-10-09


Tort Reform Act of 2009 HA-9-9-9


Disseminating the World Financial and Economic Crisis and Its Impact on Development HA-14-8-09


Amended United States Constitution HA-26-7-09


Why the Tobacco Tax Needs Amendment HA-20-4-09


United Nations Charter Legitimate Edition HA-28-2-09


Hospitals& Asylums Political Platform 2009-2012 HA-16-2-09


Federal Core Curriculum? HA-15-12-08


Devaluating United Nations Currency Enforcement CAP = US$ -7%, ۠-5.5%: Price of Bailouts under Rule of Law HA-13-11-08


The Moral Bankruptcy of FY2009 and 2010 HA-10-4-08


Motion Picture Copyright Transfer Act HA-25-9-08


Ministry of Religion Act HA-8-8-8


Social Work Act of 2008 HA-17-6-08


To Win the War against Terror Change US Foreign Policy from the Inside HA-22-5-08


Supplemental to Extend Unemployment Insurance Benefits HA-3-5-08


National Health Care Debate HA-28-4-08


National Health Insurance: Compromise to Immediately Achieve Universal Single Payer Social Insurance and Progressively Realize National Health Insurance that is Free for All HA-28-4-08


Duke Energy, a Kentucky Corporation HA-3-3-08


Economic Stimulus Package HA-20-1-08


Me, Myself and Iraq HA-11-11-07


End of FY 2007 HA-20-9-07


Civil Rights Amendment HA-27-8-07


Book Proposal HA-24-8-07


Race for Twenty Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution HA-4-7-07


Day of Action to Restore Law and Justice HA-26-6-07


5th Plenary Perseid Party HA-21-6-07    


Military Economics HA-27-5-07


Prospectus for Peace of the 110th Congress HA-15-5-07


Adjustable Rate Mortgage Ban HA-10-5-07


Major Earth Treaties of 1992 HA-26-4-07


Tax Return Estimate: $300 billion HA-19-4-07


Poverty Reduction Obligation Under Deliberation, Human Rights Day HA-10-12-06


Demolishing Over-the-Rhine Development by 2020 HA-19-12-06


Official Report of the Iraq Study Group HA-6-12-06


Buy American Goods HA-1-12-06


2006 Congressional Elections HA-7-11-06


Towards a Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities HA-19-10-06


The Health of the Economy HA-5-10-06


$1 trillion Balanced Account Deficit HA-26-9-06


Mid-session review of the Office of Management and Budget HA-7-8-06


Substantive Session of the Economic and Social Council HA-22-7-06


Balanced Health and Welfare Budget Amendment Act of FY 2007 HA-14-6-06


$750 million Draft Constitution for the Republic of Somalia HA-8-6-06


Animal Rights Treaty HA-6-6-6


Compromise Amending and Repealing Title III of the Border Security Act of 2006 S. 2394 HA-11-4-06


States of the United Nations HA-10-3-06


Islamic Fundamentals HA-2-3-06


Civil Rights Act HA-27-1-06


Bureau of Economic Analysis Resolution HA-1-1-06


Agenda for the Eight Committees of the 60th UN General Assembly HA-10-12-05


Ruling Regarding the Threatened Endangered Species Act HA-8-10-05


Martin Luther Kingճ Nonviolent Social Change Movement HA-27-9-05


World Summit HA-15-9-05


Act of FEMA - Hurricane Katrina HA-29-8-05


New Iraq Constitutional Elections Draft Permanent Constitution HA-11-8-05


Constitution of Korea Draft Treaty Establishing the Korean Union HA-17-6-05


Decriminalizing Corrections and Poverty in Washington DC HA-5-5-5


Kyoto Protocol HA-16-2-05


Organic Law HA-10-1-05


9.0 Earthquake and Tsunami with 140,000 mortalities HA-26-12-04


FEMAРHurricane/ Haitian Insurance HA-29-9-04


The situation in Sudan HA-7-8-04


Iraqi sovereignty HA-28-6-04


US Military Budget Adjustment HA-20-3-04


Bank Afghanistan Day (Ahady) HA-20-6-04


Juvenile Census HA-2000