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King Blackwell (Ohio) HA-17-1-05


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MLK Day Draft of Chapter 8


Petition for the Signature of the Ohio Governor under Art. III §11 of the Ohio Constitution that states, after conviction the Governor shall have the power to grant reprieves, commutations and pardons. 


Ohio Secretary of State J Kenneth Blackwell v. Hamilton County Clerk Gregory Hartman

1. Pending Winter Quarter Balanced Ohio Budget

2. Hamilton County Food Stamp/Courthouse Fraud

a. Application to the Supreme Court HA-11-1-04

b. Food Stamp Fraud Case HA-11-1-05

3. Hamilton County Election Fraud

a. Prosecutor v. Mike Allen HA-25-8-04

b. Rucker v. Deter HA-2-11-04

4. $1 million habeas corpus

(a)  Vincent Doan v Taft HA-25-6-04, A 351671

(b) Luebbe v. Cooper (Taft) HA-19-12-03-04, A 459444

(c) Johnson v. One Love (Taft) HA-1-4-03-04, A 455932

(d) Alonzo Johnson (Taft) A 366671

(e) Campbell v. Moyer (Taft) HA-18-6-03-04, A 211228

1. The punishment of these transgressions by the Justices and Solicitor Generals of the Supreme Court can only be satisfied by the certification of at least 10 qualified applicants certified by the American Bar Association (ABA) to replace an estimated 5 vacancies in the US Supreme Court pursuant to Deputy Attorney General (DAG) James B. Comey for Attorney General HA-15-12-04 Senator Arlen Specter Presiding. 


2. It is highly recommended that the entire office of the Federal Attorney General (FAG) be abolished and from now on attorneys will accept the Deputy Attorney General (DAG) for Attorney General Executive (AGE). 


a. DAG means both “hello” and “day” in Dutch, the language spoken in the Hague, Netherlands and Americans are sick of spending significantly longer than a day of unjustified institutionalization.  

3. the oath is “I solemnly swear not to incite genocide, kill, slave, steal or deceive so help me God

Certificate of Service Monday January 17, 2005 Martin Luther King Jr. Day when it became known that I could not find the email address of the US Supreme Court because it was not on the prima facie of their website and that the Spanish Constitution may indeed be correct that there are, No Courts of Honor as none of these email literate institutions have yet consented to pay for the legal scholarship of Anthony J. Sanders. International Court of Justice Constitutional Court of Korea, Israeli Supreme Court, Ohio Secretary of State, Ohio Department of Job & Family Services, Hamilton County, Courthouse, American Bar Association