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Spring Equinox Edition 2007


Vol. 7 Is. 1


Roster of the United Nations HA-19-3-07


The UN DESA is again considering HA for the NGO Roster.  An introduction has been drafted for the Atlas.  Some 400 million people have escaped poverty in the last 20 years.  The development slump of the 1990s, when many African nations actually backslid into poverty, is over.  United under the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) developing nations are growing at average rates between 5-7%.  The $1 trillion account deficit of the US is the primary source of global economic risk these days.  It is hoped to achieve the MDGs through methodically increasing solicitation, participation and administration of donations until 2015 with particular concern for Sub Saharan Africa that is the only continent not likely to reduce extreme poverty by half.  To administrate these funds ethically ODA must be invested in individuals living below the national poverty line with collective options to invest some of their income into community improvements such as water and sewage treatment. To complete the reforms of the MDGs the UN Charter amendments are sought under Chapter XVIII for a Chapter XII International Tax Administration, Chapter XIII Human Rights Council, Chapter IV Parliamentary Assembly and Chapter XV for a democratically elected civilian Secretary of the United Nations (SUN) for 2020 when paychecks will have 1% international development tax on them.


Balancing of the Official Development Atlas of the States of the United Nations HA-16-3-07


The HA world atlas tables have been updated using the statistics from the CIA World Fact Book from 2006.  The findings are that the world population is between 6.56 and 6.8 billion.  Population must be rounded up because there are hundreds of millions of undocumented people living throughout the world.  The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the world is estimated at $63.5 trillion.  Although the official growth rate is closer to 4.8% these figures reflect an 18% growth rate mostly because of the devaluation of the dollar.  There have been large upward revisions in the oil producing nations and in South America and HA has been more generous in the downward revision of the US to $11.5 trillion.  The average per capita GDP is $9,600.  The average life expectancy is estimated at 67.86 years with a low of 33 years in Swaziland and high of 84 years in Andorra. A new column pertaining to the incarceration rate per 100,000 citizens has been added, to reflect a 162 average with a high of 737 in the USA and low of 22 in the Republic of Congo, the arbitrary legal limit is 250.  Global government budget revenues are estimated at $14 trillion and expenditures at $15 trillion.  International trade is estimated at $12 trillion.  The official development assistance (ODA) statistics have not been meticulous forecast for 2007 however it is projected to levy $120.5 billion from wealthy nations and disburse $112 billion to developing countries - $125 billion is a good goal for the UN in regards to ODA contributions this year.


Lobbying Activity Disclosure HA-1-1-07


First Annual HA lobbying disclosure.  Most recent reports indicate that gross domestic product (GDP) increased 2.2 percent fourth quarter after increasing 2.0 percent in the third quarter 2006, after economic growth rates exceeding 5% in 2005.  GDP projections, already in need of moderation, are in need of downward adjustment from $13.5 trillion and $13 trillion to $11.5 trillion.  Personal income is reported to have increased 5.3% after increasing 3.2% (revised) in the third quarter, this number is however inflated with multimillion bonuses and golden parachutes for corporate executives.  Estimates for gross disposable personal income using chained 2000 dollars is $8.5 trillion for a per capita income of $28,000, a reasonable estimate of a 30% tax rate sustaining a $2.6 trillion administration this 2007.  For fiscal year 2008, the Federal budget projects a $239.4 billion deficit, a $4.8 billion decrease from the $244.2 billion deficit that is projected for fiscal year 2007. Fiscal year 2006 ended with a $248.2 billion deficit.  Combined with the international trade deficit of $665 billion in 2004, $783 billion in 2005 and $829 billion in 2006 there has been account deficit over $1 trillion since 2004, posing a serious risk to international markets.  The US must make progress balancing their budget, that philosophers say requires peace, and promoting import substitution policies that promote domestic manufacturing, that requires freedom.  The attention to the trade imbalance has already made some progress in bringing the trade deficit below $800 billion in the beginning of 2007   US Congress must purchase this lobbying activity disclosure for $6,500 under 1USC(3)213 to have the wherewithal to balance the budget by limiting military spending, that is fully 50% of the global total, below $365 billion in 2007 $333 billion in 2008 and less every year thereafter and establishing a pay as you go policy for social security until the budget is balanced.  Should Congress pass this bill they would show a surplus immediately.


State Mental Institution Library Education HA-28-2-07


This third draft of SMILE has been done in the shortest month of the year for speedy recovery from mental illness.  WHO estimated that mental illness and psychological disorders stemming from substance abuse affect an estimated 450 million people, 7.3%, of the global population.  The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) reported that 21.1%, 44.3 million, of the 272,690,813 US population suffered from diagnosable mental disorders in 2003.  The rights and freedoms assure all persons have the right to the best available mental health care, which shall be part of the health and social care system and be free of charge to the otherwise uninsured. The rules are 1. for hospitals to privatize into community shelters, 2. for advocates to litigate patents and licenses for consumers, 3. for County Mental Health Boards to tear down the legal barrier to community mental health shelters and usurp the Tribunal, 4. for the election of the slavery free Justice of the Peace and 5. for legislatures to abolish all forms of slavery, brainwashing, spying, bio-terrorism, drug enforcement and unauthorized practice of law.


Freedom: Model Rules of Community Corrections HA-30-1-07

The third draft of the Model Rules of Community Corrections (MRCC) shall assist Congress to make America a community where all people can live together as sisters and brothers without fear of crime by either citizens or government.  By adhering to these principles the US shall achieve minimum standards of human rights for the treatment of prisoners and instill the philosophy of rehabilitation, community corrections, probation and parole to cut the prison population in half in pursuit of international norms.  To enforce freedom in a nation where it was the slavers and not the slaves who revolted a rule of law establishes short terms limits of not more than two years for elected judicial officials in any problematic jurisdiction with a prison density greater than 250-500 prisoners per 100,000 citizens unless the leader significantly reduces the prison population without a crime problem.  Community corrections programs shall be placed on the state and local ballots to garner public support for the transfer of funds from more expensive detention programs.  To direct the community correction reform federally the $3.3 billion Justice Assistance Grant program shall be administrated for community corrections programs upholding the general principle of not financing the armed forces.  So as not to mislead Washington DC, the densest known concentration of prisoners in the world, is being held up for a community corrections program as grand as the District of Columbia Mental Health System.     

President George W. Bush Jr. et al v. Her Majesty the Queen HA-19-2-07

The case summarizes the “The Constitution in Crisis: The Downing Street Minutes and Deception, Manipulation, Torture, Retributions and Cover-ups in the Iraq War.”  by the House Judiciary Committee and was reviewed for President’s Day on the 19th to secure his impeachment.  There is substantial evidence the President, the Vice-President and other high ranking members of the Bush Administration misled Congress and the American people regarding the decision to go to war in Iraq; misstated and manipulated intelligence information regarding the justification for such war; countenanced torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment in Iraq; permitted inappropriate retaliation against critics of their Administration, in support of this report Ranking Member Conyers introduced three House Resolutions concerning the serious allegations contained in this Report.


Zyprexa Products Liability Litigation HA-12-2-07

Art. I Sec. 8 Clause 3 of the US Constitution grants to the US Congress the power to regulate Commerce with Foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes.  Clause 8 of the same section promotes the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writing and Discoveries.  The new Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities bans discrimination and abuse of people with disabilities.  This case has been written to secure Congressional hearings regarding the improved regulation of the anti-psychotic drug Zyprexa (olanzapine) whose warning label cautions against the consumption of alcohol but covers up the potentially lethal side effect of diabetes.  This case began after Psych Rights founding attorney Jim Gottstein, leaked files to New Times journalist Alex Berenson resulting in more than a month of coverage of Zyprexa.  The cause of action is that District Court for Eastern New York seized 11 million pages of information on wrongful deaths and disabilities caused by Zyprexa at the behest of Lilly.  The parties to the proceeding seem forced to play the roles they know so well - the pillaged plaintiff and secretive corporation that does now concede to settle. The point at bar is that the Zyprexa drug has toxic, even lethal side effects when mixed with alcohol and the danger to society is aggravated by this ultra vires, unauthorized practice of law.   

100 Hour Agenda HA-23-1-07

Since January 4th, Democrats have reached out to Republicans and passed a series of bills reflecting some of the top priorities of voters.  Congress passed legislation to restore honesty and openness to our government, to re-establish fiscal responsibility, to strengthen our national security, and to expand hope and opportunity for all Americans.  Congress passed bills to cut federal student loan interest rates in half, to raise the minimum wage, to end subsidies for Big Oil, to promote stem cell research, to lower Medicare prescription drug prices, and to implement the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission.  The House did it all with 58 hours to spare the Senate as they bring the bills to the President.  The laws have been linked to and reviewed finding several flaws easily remedied by the Senate, or House in regards to surplus suppression in the House Rules, with a memorandum to publish the law and reports daily (lard) for free by email.      

Democratic Response to the State of the Union Adress HA-24-1-07

The President’s State of the Union Adress failed to balance the budget.  The trascript is somewhat different than the spoken version but has the same meaning.  The first goal is to stimulate economic growth by making tax relief permanent.on private incomes and eliminating the tax on dividend incomes.  The second goal is to ensure high quality affordable health care for everyone. The third goal is to promote energy independence with legal independence on clean air and forests.  The fourth goal is to be compassionate with the homeless, fatherless and addicted by supporting caregivers.  The foreign policy has compassion for Africa but is otherwise litigous.  Sen. Obama writes, “the real test of leadership is how the President works with Congress in the next few months”.  Rep. Conyers writes, “if we continue to stay true to our principles while being willing to work with our colleagues on the other side of the aisle, we will have the opportunity in the 110th Congress to make progress on many of the nation’s most pressing priorities”.  Rep. McGovern says, “the ratification of HR4232 would lead to the withdrawal of US occupying forces within six months”.  Sen. Voinovich has been, “waiting for the administration to extend an olive branch and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will hold three hearings a week on Iraq.


The Rocks of Gibraltar HA-25-12-06


Jay Scelza wrote on Christmas day regarding his trip to the Netherlands, with my sister, and their journey to Spain, Portugal and past the Rocks of Gibraltar to Morocco.  Sharon did a field study in Morocco while studying ethno-botany at Kent University in the United Kingdom a few years ago.  The photos tell the story of foraging for Christmas on the Iberian Peninsula feasting on the fruits of a relative of madrone (here also called madrona; whick looked like a spiny red grape, and tasted like a pear-peach... gritty, but sweet; and picked some hedgehog ( Dentinum sp very similar to D. umbillicarium) mushrooms that we never fully verified, so didn’t end up eating.  The picture of the citrus tree growing up to the balcony of the second floor apartment challenges everyone to climb the tree in pursuit of the ripe tangerines.  The Santa Klaus on the railing of the balcony invites travelers to pick the fresh fruit.


Economic Report regarding the Shanghai of the DJIA HA-28-2-07


Yesterday, on Tuesday the 27th, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) suffered a 9%, 416-point plunge, the most dismal trading since 9/11, almost as low as 14 April 2000 when the Dow closed 617 points down.  The most obvious cause for this slump is the malfunctioning of its computer system.  The Shanghai Composite Index dropped 8.8 percent to close at 2.771.79, its largest decline since it fell 8.9 percent on Feb. 18, 1997, at the time of the death of Communist Party elder Deng Xiaoping.  Key European exchanges also fell about 3 percent on Tuesday.     

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