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September 2011


By Anthony J. Sanders


I met Apollo on Rosh Hashanah.  He was bright yellow, carried an ornamental lute and ate a small bowl of green mash.  He is such a bright yellow I could see he was severely jaundiced on the moonless night I first saw him from a distance, the week before.  On Rosh Hashanah he sat down next me at the food co-op where I was eating a bowl of brown rice and drinking a cup of decaffeinated coffee.  I asked him if he was naturally yellow.  He said “no I have septic liver disease involving inflamed bile ducts”.  The doctors had just given him less than a year to live for the fifth year in a row.  He is as sick as he has ever been.  He informed me that liver disease causes much more discomfort than the painless death from jaundice it is made out to be in the literature and that dandelion greens that are reputed to be good for the liver only irritate his bile ducts.  After ruling out viral hepatitis and liver transplant I asked him if he had ever been prescribed the antibiotic metronidazole.  Metronidazole is effective against the amoeba E. histolytica that attacks the liver and is the most under-prescribed of 3,200 FDA approved drugs in 1998, that could theoretically cut the number of abdominal and thoracic surgeries in half as the result of its high level of effectiveness healing ulcers and infections of the gastrointestinal tract and .  After ensuring that metronidazole was indeed “conventional” he suddenly finished his green mash, grabbed his lute and left.  I shouted “metronidazole, write it down”.  He didn’t give me time to do more than to warn him not to get cancer.  To limit cancer risk metronidazole is taken one tablet twice a day for ten days, wait a month, and then take another course, if needed, or for not more than three weeks max and six weeks between courses.  I didn’t get to tell him that I had two tablets left, was getting more in the mail and, although it is the only drug that quiets my bursitis enough to run to town and back, I would gladly give him all I have to see if it would tone down his jaundice.  It was such a humbling experience healing the Greek God of the sun, music, and healing I forgot to go shopping and had to walk ten miles to buy a midnight snack.  


After reading Thomas J. Moore’s Prescription for Disaster (1998) I hope my October revision of Book 8 Drug Regulation will lead the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to shift the focus of their labor from new drug research to the regulation of both the pharmaceutical industry and the prescribing habits of physicians. To monitor the safety of 3,200 approved drugs taken daily by millions of people, the FDA has a staff of just 54 in 1998, by comparison, to evaluate an average of 25 new drugs a year, the FDA has 1,500 chemists, doctors, toxicologists and statistical experts.  In 1998 only about 4 percent of the FDA budget for drug evaluation went to monitor the safety of existing drugs.  Annually at least 1-3 million people are severely injured, 400,000 overdose and 100,000-140,000 die from adverse drug reactions.  No other type of accident causes a million hospital admissions a year.  The four basic drug safety tests are addiction, cancer risk, unusual toxicity and cardiac effects.  Of the top 50 drugs, 7 can cause addiction, 18 have cancer risks, 18 are unusually toxic, and 25 have cardiac risks.  More than 90 percent of drugs are potentially hazardous to pregnant women and only five, including folic acid, are considered safe.  One out of eight drugs can damage the bone marrow, the critical source of new red and white blood cells.  In more than 700 million annual office visits in the United States, a prescription of a drug is the single most likely outcome.  More than a million prescriptions are written every hour of the working day, in a year’s time eight prescription will be written for every man, woman and child in the United States.   Inappropriate drugs were prescribed for 1 out of 5 elderly patients, one survey showed.  In another study, 60 percent of the patients went home with a drug that wouldn’t benefit them.  Neuroleptics (antipsychotics and antidepressants) and hypnotics (sleep aids) are the leading cause of fatal drug overdose reported to the Poison Control Center and massive recalls and criminal prosecution of corrupt practices are needed to terminate all psychiatric licenses.  On the other hand, Antibiotics, insulin and contraceptives are so effective they should be made available over-the-counter.  If given for an infection against which the antibiotic is effective, it will be effective about 90 percent of the time.  It is highly important to note that antibiotics are an effective cure for bacterial endocarditis while heart medicines endlessly treat symptoms.  Contraceptives are of course better than 99 percent effective at preventing pregnancy and for those with juvenile onset diabetes insulin is virtually a 100 percent effective alternative to dying.    


September 30 is the last day of FY 2011 and October 1 the first day of FY 2012 so at least a cursory review the federal budget should be performed at this time.  The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) estimates a $1.6 trillion deficit in FY 2011 and $1.1 trillion deficit in FY 2012, 10.9% and 7.0% of GDP respectively.  The reason for these record deficits is twofold, in FY 2009 expenditures increased as much as revenues decreased, and also there are enormous accounting discrepancies in spending between what the OMB and CBO estimate and the federal agencies that do the actual spending report.  In other words, the bailouts sabotaged the federal accounting which will continue to sabotage the general economy until the balance sheets are repaired.  European bailouts should not cause any increase in U.S. federal debt or spending.  Finally, appointing his own Defense Secretary, after two totally incompetent years, military spending has been reduced to an acceptable level of $517 billion in FY 2012 and it is conceivable that the federal budget deficit could be restrained within normal limits of 3% of GDP if Transportation Department and Department of Health and Human Services spending is limited to within 3% annual growth of FY 2008, $75 billion and $780 billion, a $50 billion and $100 billion reduction, respectively.  The Social Security Administration (SSA) needs to pay for SSI from the OASDI trust funds relieving this >$50 billion cost from the insolvent General Fund without incurring an OASDI deficit needing a FICA tax increase until FY 2020. With the termination of Bush tax cuts, revenues should return to normal levels in FY 2012.  The Republican saboteurs, the Transportation Secretary, Social Security Commissioner, Chairman of the Federal Reserve and CIA Director, must be immediately removed from office to protect the political economy from intentional harm.  In the mean while the Treasury Secretary is highly recommended to hire HA to publicly cross-examine the incredibly flawed OMB and CBO accounting and/or do it himself, to provide a new practical and professional overview of the federal budget, that would foster creative financing such as the United States Postal Service Pension Obligation Recalculation and Restoration Act of 2011 HR 1351.


Graduation from Homeland Security in Separation of Customs and Domestic Emergency Management Functions HA-5-9-11


To question the beauty of amending Title 6 of the United States Code and Code of Federal Regulation from Domestic Security to Customs and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to Customs.  To enact “Customs” as the occupiers of what was St. Elizabeth’s hospital.  To impeach M.J. Astrue (R) Esq. Commissioner of Social Security and rude Ray Lahood (IL-R) Transportation Secretary. To authorize SSA, DMV and other identification providers to file USCIS Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Form G-639 so as not to burden clients with Fraud and related activity in connection with identification documents, authentication features, and information. To limit Transportation spending to $75 billion in FY 2011, $77.7 billion in FY 2013 and 3% annual growth thereafter. To implicate Harvard law in the use of weapons of mass destruction and require a national hazardous substance response plan be drafted regarding styrene chemicals.  To transfer FEMA and $7 billion for Hurricane Irene to White House in OMB tables. To remove NPPD Federal Protective Service and State and Local Law Enforcement Training to DoJ Criminal Division in OMB tables and reality. Fine NPPD the $1.3 million cost of the cyber-mission integration program. To grant proceeds to FEMA for the costs of Hurricane Irene and USCIS if needed to process freedom of information/privacy act claims swiftly and without interference whereas the USCIS budget has declined from the previous year and USCIS is on strike in regards to mailing naturalization papers to the author of this brief. To question the moral hazard of lawyers in consular, executive, legislative office, or in this case, traffic judge and diplomats in domestic security operations, and punishing TD for their graft by recusing lawyers from the role of traffic judge, the busiest jurisdiction, and replacing the docket with a licensed social worker to ensure Americans receive the just compensation they deserve for their automobiles and for the Federal Court of Claims to appoint a social worker to prove the 20th century professional can judge civil claims in writing. To relieve the author of private ownership of government work.  Be Customs billed $5 a night for the HA bicentennial of the Naval Hospital Act of Feb. 26, 1811.


Book 5 Customs (ID)


To amend Chapter 5 Columbia Institution for the Deaf §231-250.  The Millennium Development, MDGs for 1990-2015, cuts in half the number of hungry people to 622 million people and percent of people in poverty to 22.75% by 2015 from 45.5% in 1990.  In 2005 843 million people, 12.5% of the population, were hungry and over a billion lived on less than $1.25 a day, in 2009 after the economic crisis the number of hungry people rose to 18%, 1.2 billion people, and the number of people living on less than $1.25 a day rose from 21.5% in 2007 to 22.9% in 2009.  The other goals, education, gender equality, and water and sanitation are on track and the spread of the HIV/AIDS pandemic has been reversed.  Official Development Assistance (ODA) growth must be sustained to achieve the intermediate target of 0.7% of GDP on the way to a 1% social security style payroll tax for international development.  Voting at the Bretton Woods institutions must be reformed from contribution based to population based, a one person one vote democratic system.  To end dependency upon the U.S. dollar as reserve currency IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDR) shall be the international reserve currency.  To improve global public health, diplomacy and reputation the U.S. shall change the name of Title 6 of the US Code and CFR from Domestic Security and Homeland Security to Customs, amend Title 22 Foreign Relations and Intercourse (a-FRaI-d) to Foreign Relations (FR-ee), change the name of the Court of International of the United States (COITUS) to Customs Court (CC). To terminate financing the Israeli/Egyptian US military finance race, to cease obstructing Palestinian statehood, to purchase a quota from an Afghan Opium Agency, to terminate all international offices of the DEA, to hold NATO and UN peacekeeping mission war profiteers accountable for their crimes, to terminate the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Haiti, to expel the prosecutors from the Hague, to pass the European Constitution or repeal the European prosecutor to protect the global economy against further military coup under Monroe doctrine non-entanglement in European colonial affairs. Furthermore, it is resolved to set down the General of the United Nations (GUN), elect a Secretary of the UN (SUN), abolish the Permanent Membership to the Security Council, change ECOSOC to Socio-Economic Administration, General Assembly to Assembly, Trusteeship to Human Rights Council and establish an International Tax Administration by ratifying the United Nations Charter Legitimate Edition (UNCLE)…674