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Miller 1,000 Execution Freeze HA-28-11-05

Dear ICJ Webmaster and Judges:

While Webpro International looks great, Ohio doesn't.  They are sacrificing yet another Mr. Miller to give me insomnia We must take this opportunity to sentence the Ohio Governor, his Lietenant Governor and Attorney General to 18 days in prison as set forth in as the only remedy that has been successful.  Mr. Miller killed someone and their child in the 1980's.  This is extremely important because I believe this will flip the 1,000 mark for the USA since exeuctions were legalized see Campbell v. Moyer .  This is a very important case for us because they also executed a Mr. Miller on the exact day we landed  $1 Trillion declaration from Bank One in January 2004, if I recall correctly.  The Ohio legislature shall appoint a new Governor and Lieutenant Governor in this time from amongst their peaceful number.  The Attorney General has led a coup d'etat and it is therefore not permissable that he assume the office he wants so badly see the Memorandum to Balance the Ohio Budget .  The Lieutenant Governor chose an electorally violent County Clerk and cannot be permitted to assume the office he would have otherwise been entitled to see Secretary of State v. Hamilton County Clerk  Once against this is a motion for a sentence of 18 days divided three ways - 6 days for each Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General - and the impeachment of both Governor and Lietenant Governor under Art. 26(1)(end) of the Rules of Court.


Anthony J. Sanders

Hospitals & Asylums

PS I suppose this should also be accepted as a motion for an extension of time for Afghanistan & Iraq v. USA out of respect for my tenuous sanity at the end of this persecutorial month of November and the US Attorney General should be notified as to this.  He should be gratified to know that someone is trying to limit US executions to 1,000.  The Governor must really be suffering.  He hasn't had an email address for a year.  The other reciever is of course my overly intelligent counterpart Anthony J. Principi who is required to advertise on the homepage of his website this November that he is holding international BRAC rounds as requested by, several laws and myself.  Thank you