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US District Court Southern District of Ohio Cincinnati Office

On Trial for the Names of US Judges on the Cincinnati War Crime Tribunal



                                                                                                   Thursday April 21, 2005

Anthony J. Sanders

Hospitals & Asylums

451 Ludlow Ave. #212

Cincinnati, Ohio 45220



$40 fee 28USC§1821


Prepared Statement


How USA v. Booker J. No. 04-104-105 (January 12, 2005) damaged my personal security and Joel Kemmet with the Cincinnati US Marshall’s, at 200-4235, came to promise to visit me in the ante chamber, after two failed attempts the day and week before, in the afternoon of Thursday April 21, 2005 in order to ask some questions he was disconcertingly not comfortable to ask over the phone.  I hope that he will secure my fee from the District Court and might even considering making the $40 non-profit witness contribution to Hospitals & Asylums himself.


1. My website was hacked to inform me that I needed to amend Chapter 8 Drug Administration Yield (DAY) to update criminal sentencing data in Sections 317a and b.


2. My Food Stamps were cancelled after the Social Worker failed to show up to the interview that was rudely scheduled for December 20, 2005 the same day that I publish my quarterly journal.


3. My Medicare cancellation notice had a common cold virus in the envelope.


4. My SSI was illegally taxed +/- 60 similar to last year that I was eventually reimbursed.


5. 3 documents of great merit were stolen with a wiretap before they could be published.  The wiretap seems to have 24 hour surveillance of my Microsoft Word while plugged into the phone jack crippling my ability to conduct Internet investigations without having my work destroyed. 


6. I was poisoned with a flu.  I intend to place the names of the Board of Health on the top of the document to change venue from the District Court to Hamilton County.  Upon reading this brief the Court should consider the title of the document already changed from Prosecutor v. Meridian Bio Science to Health Inspector v. Meridian Bioscience that is entirely the jurisdiction of the Hamilton County Board of Health and might demand a civil injunction for the legislative repeal of Title 3 of the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to ensure the prohibition of biological weapons and dangerous products.  Although the  Court is moot we hope the Judges and investigators will learn how to administer a Prescription of Law for Superior Orders after reading this case.


7.  The telephone and computer tap seem to have been alleviated after prohibiting the words “24 hour surveillance”.


Crimes of Federal Merit Witnessed this 2005


1. The train wreck in LA on the day Al Gonzalez was to be confirmed by Senate and a Latino drug addict was jailed.  It associated with a phone call I had received from a Mr. Keyhoff who claimed December 18 to have been authorized to offer $20,000 and royalties for my book of Hospitals & Asylums Statute by Simon & Schuster in LA.  His claim to know a friend later proved to be false.  I cancelled the verbal agreement and wait for a written contract although I was not pleased with the discrimination…see the cover of January 2005 2005.htm


2. The shooting of Judge Barnes in Atlanta occurred 1 day after I submitted a possibly politically inflammatory article to the Georgia Secretary of State and summary of such killings can be found at


3. Cincinnati War Crime Tribunal is the only legitimate interest of either the local armed forces or US District Court Southern District of Ohio whom this officer works for without any writing explaining his duties in regards to myself.  The Cincinnati Police Labor Management Agreement must be updated after 8 months of delinquency and over a year of dispute.  I am charging no less than $1,100 for the work I have already done for the US District Court who should be able to avail of the Cincinnati Police’s Bureau of Justice Assistance Grant to a far greater degree in order to afford a public investigation.  Please feel free to submit prosecutions of police officers, local officials or organizations for publication in accordance with the Rules of the Cincinnati War Crime Tribunal at, no other venue of communication is considered meritorious and espionage is strictly prohibited. 


Thank You,


Tony Sanders


The Interview