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New Iraq Constitutional Elections (NICE): English Draft Permanent Constitution HA-8-11-05

In the Name of Allah, the benevolent and the merciful, the people of Iraq, inventors of the 24 hour day and Hammurapi Code (1780 BC) reject violence and inequality with the ratification of this Constitution that has been drafted in English by Hospitals & Asylums (HA) for translation into Arabic and publication by the Constitutional Monarchy Movement (CMM) for the promulgation of the National Assembly on the authorís birthday pursuant to Article 61 of the Interim Constitution of 8 March 2004 that states;

(a) The National Assembly shall write the draft of the permanent constitution by no later than 15 August 2005


(b) Their draft permanent constitution shall be presented to the Iraqi people for approval in a general referendum to be held no later than 15 October 2005.  In the period leading up to the referendum, the draft constitution shall be published and widely distributed to encourage a public debate about it among the people.


(c) The general referendum will be successful and the draft constitution ratified if a majority of the voters in Iraq approve and if two-thirds of the voters in three or more governorates do not reject it.


(d) If the permanent constitution is approved in the referendum, elections for a permanent government shall be held no later than 15 December 2005 and the new government shall assume office no later than 31 December 2005.

This English Draft Constitution incorporates the qualities of (1) the Constitution of the Kingdom of Iraq 21 March 1925, as amended 29 July1925 (2) the Interim Constitution of 1990 and (3) the Interim Constitution of 8 March 2004 that most uphold human rights into a one hundred article long Constitution that inspired the Text of the Draft Iraqi Constitution for

33 page Text:


Citation: Hospitals & Asylums. New Iraq Constitutional Elections (NICE): Draft Permanent Constitution. HA-11-8-05.