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February 2006


The Official Development Atlas of the States of the United Nations (SUN) could not be completed in the shortest month of the year, as planned, and work continues on the second draft of the Middle East and Central Asia and third draft of African Social Security before the international development budget can be satisfactorily balanced enough to permit the UN the liberty to elect a new Secretary General.  In the future the SUN will be revised annually during the month of March.  The SUN should be completed in the first week of March 2006. In appreciation for the monthly e journal since 2004 and dedicated service for the alleviation of poverty and sustainable development in the Americas the Inter-American Development Bank is hereby granted a gift membership to HA and shall be served with the monthly journal, as well as the quarterly they already receive, unless they write to unsubscribe and/or be removed from the list at   


European Union and Russia Option HA-5-2-06


Equality is within the reach of the European Union in decades if only the wealthy states would devote 33% of their ODA to Eastern European Developing Nations. The European Union has a population of 456,953,258; its population is the world's third largest after China and India, and accounts for some 6% of the total world population.  Continental Europe has a total estimated population of 737,567,222 in 2005.  Europe had a GNI of US $14,283 billion, €11,848 billion, and per capita of US $19,379, €16,061.  The European Union had a GNI of $11,650 billion, €9,655 billion, and a per capita of $26,900, €22,295.  In 2004 European ODA was estimated at $46,499 million, €38,542; 60% of all ODA estimated at $76,272 million, €63,220 in 2004.  In 2004 $13,824 million, €11,458 was received by developing Eastern European nations, 18% of the global administration of ODA.  ODA for Eastern Europe is projected to increase $5 billion, €4 billion, in 2006.  New spending must prioritize projects, such as international social security, that provide for relief from unemployment, extreme poverty, illness and retirement. 


United Nations of America HA-10-2-06


The Organization of American States is the primary regional organization administrating the Free Trade Area of the America with self determinate sub regions under the North American Free Trade Agreement, Central American Free Trade Agreement, Andean Community, Mercosur and Caribbean Community.  The Andean Community should have finished with their common market in 2005. Mercosur intends to embark upon a common market this 2006.  America has a population of 885,909,600.  A GDP of $13,324 billion and per capita of $15,038.  It is the second most economically successful continent after Europe.  America is a net provider of Official Development Assistance and the continent donated an estimated $21 billion and received an estimated $15 billion, $10 billion for Argentina, only $5.3 billion were administrated as ODA in 2004.  Canada contributed $2 billion and the USA, $19 billion.  Free trade with emerging common markets is likely to benefit only wealthy merchants and America must awaken to double the administration of ODA to benefit the poorest people in the least developed countries increasing spending from $5.3 billion to $10 billion this 2006 that will be supplemented with the accounting of remittances. 


Anthony J. Sanders v. Anita J. Douglas HA-14-2-06


This case regarding the fair use of public information arose as a routine civil dispute under the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works of September 9, 1886 when Anita J. Douglas wrote me, Anthony J. Sanders, on Valentine’s Day 14 February 2006.  The Berne Convention makes it clear that authors of literary works shall enjoy the exclusive right of authorizing the public recitation of their works, including such public recitation by any means or process however it also makes it clear that it shall be permissible to make quotations from a work which has already been lawfully made available to the public under the doctrine of fair use.  The question that arises is whether a public international organization, APEC, has the right to plead private ownership of the work of Ministers and Leaders of many Asian nations at the expense of the quality of the life of the individual researcher? 


Harry Whittington v. Vice President Dick Cheney HA-20-2-06


To ensure the integrity of the US Constitution and UN Charter are fully restored this US President’s Day this case is filed with the US Legislature for the supervision of the United Nations and Organization of American States to ensure neutrality and accountability for the international laws that Dick Cheney and his secretive associates have breeched so that he can be removed from office for President’s Day 20 February 2006 so that the US President might stand a chance of serving out his second elected term.  As the most homicidal official in the world Dick Cheney cannot afford to shoot his friends.  Should Congress fail to impeach the Vice President on President’s Day case shall brought forth in March for the removal of the entire Bush Administration. 


UN Chronicle: Women’s Reproductive Health HA-24-2-06


As International Women's Day, commemorated annually on 8 March, approaches, it is appropriate to remember that more than half a million women die in pregnancy or childbirth each year, especially in the developing world.  Children are the future of society and mothers are guardians of that future. There are an estimated 136 million births every year.  However, each year 3.3 million babies are stillborn, about 4 million die within 28 days of coming into the world and about 6.6 million children die before their fifth birthday. Maternal deaths also continue unabated—the annual total stands at 529,000 deaths—often sudden and unpredicted, which occur during pregnancy, at birth or shortly after - these deaths are largely avoidable.  In the 75 worst-affected countries only 43 per cent of mothers and newborns receive some maternal care, but it is by no means the full range of what they need just to avoid maternal deaths. In the worst-affected countries, scaling-up coverage of programmes will require at least $91 billion over the coming ten years, in addition to current expenditure, compared with around $97 billion per year, which is the total public health expenditure in these countries.


Ohio Israeli Bond Sale HA-24-2-06


US Israeli relations are friendly but as the result of an Israeli Military Financing agreement in the Annual US Foreign Relations Act, is complicated with treason that finances both sides of the Arab Israeli conflict.  Although this treason has come under control by the Arab States that have placed their funds in escrow, this illegal financing has not been eliminated despite three years of advocacy.  The Foreign Military Financing provision of the $4,442,300,000 for Foreign Military Financing Program with $2,280,000,000 for Israel not less than $595,000,000 of which for advanced weapons systems including research and development, $1,300,000,000 for Egypt transferred to interest bearing account in New York, $206,000,000 for Jordan, $41,600,000 for expenses of the USA, $373,000,000 for Department of Defense.  This program is the most expensive of all categories of foreign assistance expenditures as the result of the arms race to achieve the number 0 in the balance of power between the Arab league and Israel and should be totally discontinued to eliminate this arms race amongst friends of the USA. Shortly before an illegal assault on Palestine by the US and Israeli militaries without the authority of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon the former Secretary of Treasury of the State of Ohio purchased Israeli Bonds that now need to be sold for the benefit of the State of Ohio.  With this leverage we pray that the US will repeal the treason for a $4 billion deficit reduction and prosecute the war criminals responsible for illegal military actions.


Pacific Asian International Development HA-27-2-06


The continent of Asia is arbitrarily separated from Europe by the Ural mountains from whence it runs to the Pacific Ocean, including the Middle East populated by an estimated 5.5 billion people, 85% of the world population.  In this Chapter the SEA includes the world’s two most populous nations, China with a population of 1,306,313,812, India with a population of 1,080,264,388, the entire Indian subcontinent, imperial China, the Sea of Japan, the South East Asian peninsula, South East Asian Islands and the Pacific Islands including Oceania.  SEA is the most populous region in the world with 10 January 2006 estimates of 3,416,455,647 people, 53% of the world population.  The purchasing power parity of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the region was estimated at $21,459 trillion and per capita at $6,311 in 2006.  The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in the Human Development Report of 2005 stated that the SEA received $14.616 billion in ODA and contributed $10.773 billion in 2003.  This 2006, as part of global increase in spending projected at $25 billion to continue the progress made in 2005 it is hoped to increase international development spending to the SEA by administrating as much as $10 billion in new aid for the benefit of the 2/3 of the world’s population living on less than $2 a day in the region, increasing ODA contributed to $15.651 billion and ODA received to $25.500 billion. 


Nations with a High Risk for Major Infectious Diseases HA-27-2-06


Table from the CIA World Fact Book regarding major infectious diseases in countries where there is a travel advisory for inoculations, vaccinations, treatments and preventative measures.


World Languages HA-27-2-06


Table from the CIA World Fact Book regarding the languages of the world, by country, with percentage of nation that speaks every language.


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