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April 2010



A dissociative fugue, according the DSM-IV, is a rare disorder that occurs only during times of extreme stress, such as wartime, natural disaster, market fundamentalism, abuse of power, corruption, persecution, bio-terrorism and identity theft.  Rationally, adissociative fugue is when a person becomes a refugee to escape a particularly persistent persecution.  The primary feature of this disorder, that can also be a profound mental illness, is abrupt travel away from home, an inability to remember important aspects of one’s life, and the partial or complete adoption of a new identity.  The disorder typically dissipates on its own in a few weeks and generally not longer than a month.  The prognosis is very good.  When embarking on a dissociative fugue it is important to travel light.  Savings, direct deposit social insurance and general labor being the ideal sources of fuel.  Be very cautious about your identity, but be social, find out what to do, stay at homeless shelters, go camping and enjoy yourself.  


Try to find other traveling companions.  If you don’t have a car, try to hitch and ride share.  Possessions can be contaminated, if you are ill, even mentally ill, buy new clothes and bedding on the way out to make a clean break, or go to a hospital.  Do not use ATM cards, cell phones, computers or any electronic communication device with a corruptible motherboard, for a while.  Don’t worry.  In most cases the source of your need for a new identity is the result of the militant feminism of an in-marrying woman, a so called Obama mama, who probably divorced but kept her married name, or other such illegitimate infringement.  The test of wills would best be resolved if States made it a law that divorced women must revert to their maiden names, until such a time as they marry again, and against “motherboarding”.  Nothing less could salvage Virgin Mobile USA’s prepaid cellular service’s reputation.  Social workers are the State’s best friend.  Try to find a happy community you are welcome in, and free to leave, and return to, so you don’t go back to a broken home.  Tell people you are on the run from the Democratic and Republican (DR) parties and are looking for a good time.  I blew a fugue myself and am looking for a new laptop and home, not necessarily in that order, any suggestions other than the Rainbow Gathering on the East Coast.  I might take the summer off to use my National Park pass.  Any suggestions?     

Free at last.  All that’s left is the bed and the deposit.  All my worldly possession fit in a small backpack.  With no Internet service I won’t be writing until I find a new home and purchase a computer.  The Attorney General has even promised to be nice as long as I don’t write the government.  The wire-tapping damages for usury were pretty steep for the friends of Greeceand Portugal.  Whether or not I will take responsibility for the world economy after a three year hiatus is in the hands of the people.  All that remains to do is update the atlas and organize my notes.  I am however unsure I want to subject myself to the slave labor and might just enjoy seeing Rome burn like the majority of world perjurers.  After that, or instead, I hope to read a few books to harmonize social and political statistics with the socialist party in order to elect licensed social workers in all family, divorce, probate and social security administrative law judgeships in the United States and Russian Federation and amend the statute to direct the socialization of civil law and benefit programs so as to sustain a separation between the socialist party and the social worker. 


Perhaps the 20th century was not such an American century after all, but a socialist century.  Now all we have to do reduce the nuke per family ratio, retire the Baby Boomers and stop Xing out Generation X but instead X out the bad debt.  Whereas the 111th Congress is not worth paying for, a gasoline tax was denied.  The anger against indiscriminate commodities taxes that oppress the consumers, particularly the poor, gave way to a plan to fine the excessive profits of primarily energy and pharmaceutical companies in the short run and invent a revolutionary new progressive corporate income tax, in the long run. The money laundry that leveraged the bailout was primarily derived from energy company price gauging, extortion and profiteering from a conflict of interest with the previous administration.  This money has clearly been transferred from the stock market to Treasury securities.  It is now a matter of determining how much of their illicit revenues they are entitled to keep and how much should be written off to reduce the public debt.  While the United States might have their debt downgraded in the process, like was done in Greece and Portugal, we really need to downgrade academic and financial credit to spare Generation X the slave trade and be true to the ideals of democracy, republican government, medical ethics and feminism that seem to be ridiculed in this newest bailout.  


In the long run however the government needs to tax the rich and pay the poor and this translate also to the corporate income tax.  Heavy industries valued at billions of dollars that have a margin of profit exceeding three percent, such as the U.S. pharmaceutical and energy industries, in times of greed, probably need to have those profits taxed at a much higher rate to automatically punish them and encourage them to keep their prices low without government price controls that require a rational and good government, that not even Plato, Aristotle and Hippocrates could expect in the absence of any woman philosophers. I guess the Democratic and Republican (DR) parties finally got a report card they know how to read.  But to recover from this F in finance, the Democratic tax administration needs to improve from Credit, to Benefits until they pay the Authors, who had almost discredited the entire debt system, before the panic ensued.   As for a working solution to our problems I suggest forgetting about them watching the Bollywood film, “God Only Knows”.        


Fault of the Haitian Constitution of 1987: A Voodoo Ritual to End all Abuses of Power and Acts of God HA-26-4-10


Fault is found in the sandwiching of Title X of the Haitian Constitution of 1987 pertaining to Family between Title IX Environment with penal protection and Title XI Armed Forces and Police.  It is therefore proposed to amend the Constitution of 1987 under Article 282 as proof against the abuse of power and Acts of God such as the 8.8 Haitian Quake of January 12, 2010.  It is recommended that Haiti amend their constitution to separate the armed forces and family, and also to recognize the voodou religion unique to Haiti, wherefore - Article 30-1 would be inserted in Title III Chapter 2 Section E and subsequent sub-articles renumbered so as to recognize voodou It would read something along the lines of, Article 30-1 Voodou is a religion unique to Haiti. Haiti could therefore defend the reputation of their native religion internationally and even sell rights thereto.  Title X Family would be transferred to a Basic Right in Title III Chapter 2 Section F and the Constitution would be recodified with as minimal impact as possible. In the US Constitution it is the right to bear arms and quarter troops in homes in the face of the first amendment freedoms and right to sue the government that offends.  This false association is often redressed by the separation of church and state, whereby God blesses our homes, families and speaks for the legitimate institution of marriage and the State for the government and legislature and there is no religious persecution.  With the State not ashamed no one could discriminate against Haitian voodoo, HA could demonstrate how people of good faith cure themselves of the DR and we could all express our concern that even the United Charter Legitimate Edition (UNCLE) might be an abuse of power.     

Last Right in Vermont HA-21-4-10


Vermont is a small, well-governed State in the northeast of the United States, with a population little more than 600 thousand. Vermont was the fourteenth State to enter the Union in 1793.  Socially, Vermont is described as the state with the oldest working population.  Politically, Vermont can be described as a well governed socialist State. Vermont even elects Senator Bernie Sanders, the only Socialist in the U.S. Congress.  This tribute to Oma and Opa Sanders is addressed to him and Home Share Vermont.  Vermont is one of the thirteen, or fourteen, free colonies under medical marijuana law.  The governor talks straight.  Gay marriage is allowed.  Most importantly the tax system is progressive.  The budget is balanced although not specifically required in the Constitution.  The Green Mountaineers pay their debts.  Vermont does not seem to be fighting their health insurance company(s).  There has been an extremely high rate of divorce.  Whereas Vermont is a particularly well-governed socialist State the Baby Boomers chose not to have many children as their method of Xing out the X Generation, heaven help the social security beneficiaries.  This essay takes advantage of the good socialist governance in Vermont to make a rational decision regarding the transfer of Probate and Family Court to licensed social workers employed by the Treasury.  It is found that by socializing the civil law a great deal of legal strife could be eliminated thereby increasing longevity and improving the quality of life by enforcing the separation of the socialist party and the social worker.  The Virgin Mary is proselytized for the discipline of the marry-in corp in regards to reverting to their maiden name when divorced or widowed. 

CHAPTER 9 Public Health Department (PHD)

To amend Chapter 9 Hospitalization of Mentally Ill Nationals Returned From Foreign Countries §321- §329.   In the 20thcentury considerable progress was made eradicating communicable diseases, in the 21st century medical science must begin to communicate about the laboratory pathogens that are theoretically the cause of the majority of non communicable diseases.  To secure the people against the dangers of the Public Health Service the Centers for Medicare, Medicaid & SCHIP (CMS) shall change their name to National Health Insurance (NHI) and be transferred with all other Mandatory Benefits Programs to the management of the Social Security Administration (SSA). Children’s Health Insurance shall be financed with 100% of the proceeds of the Attorney General’s Master Tobacco Settlement.  The Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) shall change its name to Social Work Administration (SWA).  The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Office of Diversion Control shall change its name to the Drug Evaluation Agency (DEA) and be transferred to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Whereupon the name of DHHS may be changed to the Public Health Department (PHD) on the condition that an Education Division (ED) to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) be created to secure toxic laboratory supplies. To limit medical costs by enabling patients to refuse to pay and be compensated for abusive, involuntary, and/or unnecessary treatment and for the poor to gain access to medical care all health institutions shall be required to employ Ethics Committees. Internet medical records shall be confidential.  Epidemiological statistics shall be improved. Medical residency rotations limited to less than 60 hours a week. Payments to high paid specialists reduced and family practice promoted.  The abuse of bio-medical research supplies is prohibited and tans-fat banned…1243