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Fault of the Haitian Constitution of 1987: A Voodou Ritual to End all Abuses of Power and Acts of God HA-26-4-10


By A. Joseph Sanders 


After reading the Haitian Constitution of 1987 at the Georgetown University website, in vain pursuit of a reference to voodou that does not seem to exist, I did indeed encounter the abuse of power so falsely attributed to voodoo internationally, and therefore move to amend the Constitution of 1987 under Article 282 as proof against the abuse of power and Acts of God such as the 8.8 Haitian Quake of January 12, 2010 and to honor and respect the Constitution of 1987. 


In the US Constitution it is the right to bear arms and quarter troops in homes in the face of the first amendment freedoms and right to sue the government that offends.  This false association is often redressed by the separation of church and state, whereby God blesses our homes, families and speaks for the legitimate institution of marriage and the State for the government and legislature and there is no religious persecution. 


In the Haitian Constitution of 1987 Title X Family is sandwiched between Title IX Environment penal protection and Title XI Armed Forces and Police.  Although there are alternate theories circulating amongst the National Guards of the Utah State prison, this one technical weakness in the Constitution of 1987 is clearly at fault for the earthquake that took so many lives.   The reason being is that this error attributes geopolitical magnitude to the abuse of power so many occupying powers like to capitalize upon. There is needed a separation of Family and Armed Forces in all societies and definitely in the Haitian constitution.  


What I am therefore suggesting to the legislature is that Haiti amend their constitution to separate the armed forces and family, and also to recognize the voodou religion unique to Haiti, wherefore -


Article 30-1 would be inserted in Title III Chapter 2 Section E and subsequent sub-articles renumbered so as to recognize voodou.  It would read something along the lines of,


Article 30-1 Voodou is a religion unique to Haiti.


Haiti could therefore defend the reputation of their native religion internationally and even sell rights thereto.


Title X Family would be transferred to a Basic Right in Title III Chapter 2 Section F and the Constitution would be recodified with as minimal impact as possible.


That is my idea.  I cannot think of better hospitality for the donors than a voodou ritual to end all abuses of power and Acts of God in Haiti under the Constitution. 


With the State not ashamed no one could discriminate against Haitian voodoo, HA could demonstrate how people of good faith cure themselves of the DR and we could all express our concern that even the United Charter Legitimate Edition (UNCLE) might be an abuse of power.     




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