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Thanksgiving with the Bush Family HA-24-11-05

Dear Mr. President:


I just had a wonderful idea for making peace with freedom.  You can send for Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, Manuel Noriega, Bill Erpenbeck, Alonzo Johnson and Jose Padilla to attend the Bush family Thanksgiving feast.  Your secret service and US Marshall's should have not trouble ensuring your safety and procuring the prisoners and ensuring that they are unarmed, clean and presentable and liberated to pursue their own lives afterwards. 


This will be the best Thanksgiving the Americas ever had.


Bush Sr. could even read the quote from Frederick Douglas in the Narrative of his life for the American people


What! preach freedom, and kidnap men?

Give thanks, and rob thy own afflicted poor?

Talk of thy glorious liberty, and then

Bolt hard the captive's door?


What! servants of thy own

Merciful Son, who came to seek and save
The homeless and the outcast, fettering down

Free the tasked and plundered slave!


Happy Thanksgiving,


Tony Sanders


La Pesadilla de Padilla HA-23-11-05