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La Pesadilla de Padilla


Dear US President and Attorney General:


I am writing to thank the Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez for alerting us to the human rights catastrophe occurring in Florida in the Ahmed Omar Abu Ali v. Alberto Gonzalez, US Attorney General case that more appropriately belongs to the International Court of Justice HA-24-10 05 and  RUMSFELD v. PADILLA [03-1027].  


I hope that with the drafting of this brief under Art. 34 of the Statute of Court and Art. 26(1)(e)(n)(d) of the Rules of the International Court of Justice we can turn a judicial nightmare into the President's greatest defense of American freedom to date with the Pardon of not one, or two, but of ten Americans under Art 2(2) of the US Constitution.


With the disclosure of these atrocious convictions that occurred within hours of the publication of Natalee Holloway (USA) v. Clifford M. Sobel (Netherlands) HA-22-11-05 the FBI field office responsible for the case is suspiciously and disturbingly located in Miami, Florida and was contacted shortly before the abominable convictions were advertised on the television news.  This brief also treats upon the tragic plight of other sex slaves Michael Luebbe, a college professor who was sentenced to five years for trying to have a computer consultant delete child pornography from his computer that was probably placed there to entrap him.  It also treats upon Vincent Doan who was sentenced to death for the murder of his girlfriend and has served nine years although no evidence was found to convict him and the local prosecutors were so misbehaved in the habeas investigation as to have very likely kidnapped her for sexual slavery or raped and killed her.  With the extra punishment of the false terror trials I failed to get any sleep at all last night but pray this brief is intelligible enough for the practical purposes of the President. 


I had thought that the entire day would be wasted due to lethargy but I was blessed with a rare telephone call from my African American friend Alonzo Johnson A 366671 who is unlawfully imprisoned in Warren Correctional Facility in Ohio with a ten year sentence for the rape of a lady going by the name of One Love, a mental health professional with a domestic violence prior, with whom he had a sleepless night at CORE Respite Center. In  light of precedence and these mitigating factors that were violently suppressed at the trial it is appropriate that he be sentenced to not more than one year in prison and 6 months supervision at sexual offender program and an extended stay with community correctional program if financial independence was not imminent. The fact that he held in his hand, but did not use a pocketknife, in what he calls self defense, but she calls a threat that she disarmed, probably justifies the extra time served.  Since April's Fool's day 2003 when he was taken into custody he had served 21 months in prison.  While he will never be as great a fighter as President Lyndon B. Johnson, nor be permitted to bear arms as a convicted felon, it is possible that even in his early twenties Alonzo Johnson was a better lover.  Mr. Johnson was reported at the trial to have had sex with over 50 women before running afoul of One Love. With your help it is possible that his fiancee will still consent to marry him even after this disgrace and he will become a faithful husband who does not live within 1,000 feet of a school as is the rule for sexual offenders in the State of Ohio.  It seems fair to grant him, like all the detainees in this brief, time served but with a six month commitment to the Volunteers of America Sexual Offender Program as set forth in 


This Pardon of Manuel Noriega is of great merit to all of America and both an official televised ceremony and a lengthy edited discussion between both the Bush and Noriega families and any other respected guests they might wish to invite is recommended to ensure history records their conversation on this day of American liberation and thanksgiving.  All the persecution in this brief seems to be instigated by the Secretary of Defense and Vice President who are violently refusing to take any responsibility for the release of Manuel Noriega as called for in Drug Administration Yield of Halloween 2005 at These most recent sentences for the provision of material support of terrorism seem to be most likely a hypocritical retaliation for the criminal responsibility given to the Vice President and Secretary of Defense in Section 33 of the Hospitals & Asylums Chapter One: Military Department of Veteran's Day 2005 at where it is directed the US to grant Manuel Noriega an early release in exchange for a pardon from Mr. Noriega that would relieve the Vice President from the duty of serving such a long sentence himself. 


Several days before a letter to Bill Erpenbeck c/o Coleman Medium Security Facility had been written and it is doubtful that it was served upon the prisoner who is illegally not registered with the Bureau of Prisons inmate locator, but was instead used to justify the corruption of the trial court of Padilla and Ali.  The letter stated in part,


The reason that I am writing is that prisoner Bill Erpenbeck is not registered in the BOP inmate locator and I would like to know his ID number because I am compiling a list of detainees that I represent in my writing.  Please forward this letter to him as I would like to help represent him.  Also please register him with ID number at the BOP inmate locator.


I am particularly concerned about Bill Erpenbeck because he received an extraordinary sentence for a crime that no self respecting judge would give a sentence for - if it is true that he was an unethical businessman then the court should have put him out of business, jail should never have entered the picture and 30 years was the longest sentence in the President's white collar crime spree.  The criminal conspiracy that brought Mr. Erpenbeck down certainly made a profit after selling his houses.  When combined with the welfare rolls and political institutions these prosecutors plundered it is they and not Bill and Tony Erpenbeck and John Finnan 09493-032 who should be serving time. 


Mr. Erpenbeck needs a better judge than they offer in Cincinnati where they haven't told the truth in several hundred years.  I am hoping to ensure that he has possession of his case that I doubt was ever served upon him or his counsel.  Please make sure he has access to the Internet to read his case for the US 6th Circuit Court of Appeals No. 04-3456&7 at


It is furthermore written in Section 2725.25 of the Ohio Revised Code that No prisoner is to be sent out of state. No person shall be sent as a prisoner to a place out of this state, for a crime or offense committed within it. 

A person imprisoned in violation of this section may maintain an action for false imprisonment against the person by whom he was so imprisoned or transported, and against a person who contrives, writes, signs, seals, or countersigns a writing for such imprisonment or transportation, or aids or assists therein. 

Let the President of the United States now Pardon these American Men this Thanksgiving 24 November 2005 in the spirit of our forefathers who came to America in pursuit of peace, freedom and prosperity in the New World.  In the words of Frederick Douglas in the Narrative of his life


What! preach freedom, and kidnap men?

Give thanks, and rob thy own afflicted poor?

Talk of thy glorious liberty, and then

Bolt hard the captive's door?


What! servants of thy own

Merciful Son, who came to seek and save
The homeless and the outcast, fettering down

Free the tasked and plundered slave!


Manuel Noriega

Ahmed Omar Abu Ali

Jose Padilla

Alonzo Johnson

Michael Luebbe

Vincent Doan

Bill Erpenbeck

Tony Erpenbeck who has served enough time for a strange and probably mythical murder plot that never manifested in anything but his unjust punishment by judges who had never been tricked into committing a greater crime in their entire lives.

John Finnan

Bill Frist

Tom Delay


Please feel free to add to this list of freedom in hopes that the abductors of Natalee Holloway will relent.


Have a Happy Thanksgiving


Tony Sanders

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