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Petersonís Pardon HA-17-3-05

California Secretary of State
Dear California Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger:

I am writing to inform you of the Change of Address of Scott Peterson v. Red Wood City, California so that you may publicly apologize for the cruelty of the sentence with Peterson's Pardon - (1) New trial of the facts and (2) 5 year maximum sentence.

The case was removed from the prima facie of the litigation column and preserved in the Vienna Conviction Abolishing the Death Penalty HA-3-3-99 to protect the witnesses from the "contract killer".

The Governor's email address was lost in a recent theft.  If you wish to protect your health industry I recommend transferring the Health Care Fraud case to the State Department of Health and releasing any prisoners as they are protected from detention under Art. 11 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Art. 11(2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Should the health care fraud unit of the FBI be considered safe and proffessional they may be transferred to the Department of Health for more professional processing of health care related financial matters. 

If you wish to protect the author from a fate similar to "Suck Dick Cox" in Atlanta, Georgia or "Keyhoff for Chertoff" in Los Angeles you are welcome to inform the author of the Governor's email address.  I hope to provide an explanation of what happened at the Military Base in Southern California in early August 2004 after the dismissal of the Attorney General from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in Independent Drug Enforcement Agency (Oregon) .  If you send the Governor's email address you will both be subscribed to Hospitals & Asylums quarterly.  To have the Governor's name placed on the Vienna Conviction Abolishing the Death Penalty (Schwarzennegger) the Governor must sign and inform the public.

$100 fee waived.

Anthony J. Sanders
451 Ludlow Ave. #212
Cincinnati, Ohio 45220