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Mahmoud Abbas Elected President of Palestine HA-9-1-05


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Advisory Opinion: The Legal Consequences of Constructing a Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory No. 131


May peace reign in your defenses and prosperity in your fortress (Psalm 122:7) Please advise the cost of this Palestinian Israeli Treaty (PIT) under Article 107 of the Rules of Court to guarantee 2.7 million Palestinians equal rights under Art. 55 of the UN Charter.


A. On Veteran’s Day 11-11-2004, the anniversary of the Treaty of Versailles, Yasser Arafat 1969-2004 passed away leaving his wife Suha At-Taweel and three year old daughter, Zahwa sustained in §27 of this Treaty.  It was not until Sunday January 9, 2005 that Mahmoud Abbas 2005, was matriculated into §28 of this Agreement after being elected with 66%-69.5% of the vote to succeed Arafat as the President of the Palestinian Authority.  In celebration of the democratic election Israel has offered to free the 7,000 Palestinian detained pursuant §2 Operation Defensive Wall 2002-2004.  Signature of the Deed of Incorporation in §35 enables the Palestinian Administration to fulfill the Draft Constitution 2002-2004 pursuant to §31, §6 Minting the Islamic Dinar, §34 Constituting the Court of this Treaty and Clause 10(a) of the UNGA Resolution 181 (1947). 

(4) The Dossier of the Secretariat that is consolidating claims regarding Palestine for the Court is requested to further update their document with this new draft and seek its ratification pursuant to §35 Deed of Incorporation of this document. 

The Deed of Incorporation and Certificate of Organization is published with the permission of the author, Abraham Sanders, Hospitals & Asylums Secretary.  He is an American Jew conceived on a Kibbutz in Israel and born on the Island of Tholen, Netherlands who has found it to be his responsibility to rehabilitate Title 24 US Code Hospitals & Asylums.  He received the name Abraham for his bar mitzvah, it turns out that Abraham is pronounceable in Arabic where they have no, “O”, whereas both Anthony and Tony are unspeakable.  The author had initially hoped to be registered under Article 66 of the Statute of the Court for Palestinian welfare dividend payments to be made to him for life in exchange for time spent researching and drafting this Palestinian Israeli Treaty (PIT).  The author’s blasphemy was however immediately punished with the corruption of his US Bank account and the author feels compelled to reaffirm his plea for compensation for expert opinion under Article 68 of the Rules of Court.  The author feels that this tax and garnishment exempt annuity would help to ensure that payments are conferred upon individual Palestinian citizens and an annuity the size of a Palestinian welfare check could be awarded to all participants of the trial.  It is hoped that the cost of this brief will be approved by the International Court of Justice under Article 107 of the Rules of Court to found a Palestinian welfare state tolerated by the heads of state and Governors of the Central Banks that pays dividends guaranteeing an income of at least 1,000 USD – 1,000 ID a year.

Make checks payable to;

Anthony J. Sanders

Hospitals & Asylums National Director;

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