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Hamilton County Food Stamp Fraud Case No. 5058689257


 Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune




US Medical Director (MD) Michael Leavitt


Conviction: 1. Hamilton County Job & Family Services (no priors or record of cash payment)

Suspected Conspirators: 1. Hamilton County Commissioners (no priors or record of payment)

2. Ohio Job & Family Services (no priors or record of payment)

3. Former US SHHS Tommy G. Thompson (convicted of incitement of genocide, fraud and forgery)

3. Hamilton County Clerk Gregory Hartman (convicted of incitement of genocide and record destruction)

4. Former Ohio Secretary of Treasury Joe Deters Current County Prosecutor (convicted by SEC)


RE: Continuance of food stamp benefits for Case No. 5058689257 Anthony J. Sanders and missing person report on Ms. Mathews Worker ID: WMCMHA.


Background Information:


1.      Blackwell Consolidation HA-6-1-05

2.      Food Stamp Acquisition HA-11-1-04

Administrator Mike Leavitt's vision for sound management of our natural assets is articulated in the Enlibra Doctrine, an approach to environmental stewardship co-authored by Leavitt and former Governor John Kitzhaber of Oregon. Enlibra, from the Latin, means "move toward balance." Enlibra is based on the dual concepts of balance and stewardship, and is built upon principles of flexibility, innovation, partnership and collaboration. The philosophy emphasizes collaboration instead of polarization, national standards and neighborhood solutions, markets instead of mandates, solutions that transcend political boundaries, and other common sense ideas that will accelerate environmental progress.
Food Stamp Acquisition HA-11-1-04 (F) reports that HCJFS is the largest combined human services agency in Ohio – that is, welfare, child support and child protection programs all administered by a single organization.

(1) HCJFS programs are:

(2) HCJFS programs serve more than 300,000 Hamilton County residents per year. In 2001:

(3) State, local and federal funding

HCJFS is a government agency that receives federal, state and local funding. The local funding comes from the Childrens Services tax levy, which raises about $40 million a year for child protection and juvenile court services.

In 2001, HCJFS revenue and expenditures totaled $986.9 million. That includes operating funds as well as the payout to our consumers in benefits (welfare checks, Medicaid, etc.)


(4) Medicaid costs most


(a) Medicaid is by far the highest-cost public assistance program in Hamilton County, in Ohio, and elsewhere. Locally, direct benefits paid to health-care providers for Medicaid patients exclusive of state and local administrative costs-account for 65 cents out of every dollar HCJFS spends per year.


(b) In 2001, 70.5 percent of local Medicaid participants were low-income families who accounted for one-fifth of expenditures. Older people and those with disabilities were 27 percent of local participants and accounted for 75 percent of Medicaid expenditures. Remaining Medicaid funds covered the healthcare costs of children in foster care.


(5) Employees


At the end of 2001, HCJFS had 1,460 employees.


(6) Agency receives national accreditation

In July 2001, HCJFS was accredited by the Council on Accreditation for Children and Family Services. It is one of the few, if not the only, public agency with a full breadth of services to be accredited.

(7) State, local and federal funding

HCJFS is a government agency that receives federal, state and local funding. The local funding comes from the Childrens Services tax levy, which raises about $40 million a year for child protection and juvenile court services.

In 2001, HCJFS revenue and expenditures totaled $986.9 million. That includes operating funds as well as the payout to our consumers in benefits (welfare checks, Medicaid, etc.)


(8) Employees


At the end of 2001, HCJFS had 1,460 employees in three locations.


(9) Agency receives national accreditation


In July 2001, HCJFS was accredited by the Council on Accreditation for Children and Family Services. It is one of the few, is not the only, public agency with a full breadth of services to be accredited[1].


A. A new federal mandate for accountability through face to face interviews worked fine for the Social Security Administration that requested only handwritten forms be handed in via the US mail (although individual waivers of confidentiality needed to be signed for every doctor) working successfully.  Although I initially only sent one confidentiality waivers they were able to remind me and I sent three signed waivers a few days late as the result of being out of town during Christmas.  SSA was definitely obsessive regarding confidentiality and probably suspected foul play regarding this unique written interview that has so far not granted an increase in income to $1,000 a month in exchange for my website. 


B. The Hamilton County Department of Job & Family Services however chose illiterate face to face interviews with empty research for a rent subsidy, not offered.  The interview reflected so little less tact that my African American social worker, Ms. Mathews, didn’t show up to the interview and is now reported to have quit.  It is possible that she has been slaughtered by the overweight genocidal maniac who makes sausage without ingredient labels who took my case and probably others to bar them from successfully completing the face to face interview and steal the money sustaining the food stamp card.   In the Case Concerning the Factory of Chorzow A. No. 9 (1927) the Permanent Court of Justice the Court ruled that by reason of attitude not in accordance with the Geneva Conventions the government is under obligation to make good to consequence of injury.  Interpreted for the USA the lapse of communication by the Hamilton County Job and Family Services indicates no less than Major Fraud Against the United States 18USC(47)§1031 as the result of their devious incommunicado behavior to deprive a beneficiary of his rights accompanied by the retirement of an employee.  From the public hearings by the Commissioners it can be inferred that the deprivation of relief occurred on a massive scale.  Being a government agency the corruption of communication lines and elusive behavior regarding the deprivation of benefits the Hamilton County Department of Job & Family Services is an independent major fraud for the purposes of the Basic Principle on the Independence of the Judiciary (1985).   The Hamilton County Commissioners, as the only email address of the Department of Job & Family Services will need to co-operate with Ohio Department of Job & Family Services to;


  1. fix my $149 a month food stamp card immediately, without any requirement for further interview, and,
  2. verify that my social worker and others are okay.
  3. ensure that communications are restored to the Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services
  4. ensure that beneficiaries that were removed from the list this month are reinstated.
  5. ensure that employees who quit in Fall and Winter 2004 are interviewed for unemployment compensation and information explaining the manifestation of the major fraud.
  6. verify that there is enough money to pay beneficiaries and retirees

a. if there is not enough money take out a loan to do so immediately.


C. The interview was scheduled at 7:30am 20 December 2004, the Winter Solstice, the scheduled day for the quarterly release of the Hospitals & Asylums Magazine.  This reflected mal intent but I finished my journal after working all night and took the 6:30 am bus to make the 7:30am appointment at Job & Family Services.  After waiting 21/2 hours and much questioning I was informed that Ms. Mathews wasn’t there.  The receptionist refused to do anything but threaten me with losing my benefits and could not direct to another case worker.  When confronted the receptionist said, “its not a threat, you can leave right now and call your social worker”.  Calling the social worker disclosed only that her mail box no longer works and messages to central dispatch elicited no immediate response.  After discovering that the food stamp card had not been immediately uploaded in January, when it is supposed to be, I was referred to a social worker named Ms. Jeters whose mailbox also claimed to be full.  I am now writing to ensure that my food stamp card is reinstated to the $149 amount that was promised for the month of January. 


D. As an afterthought I shall explain what I believe my suspicion means.  First I am scared for my life and sanity and for that of my former social worker Ms. Mathews. Second, Hamilton County Job & Family Services, as an organization that fails to administrate cash assistance, has indeed made significant contributions to my income with the food stamp card and helping to negotiate with the $66.60 a month “health premium” issued under Tommy Thompson’s signature to get me a $666 check from the US Treasury out of respect for my living below the poverty line for premiums set a few hundred dollars more than a thousand dollars a month; this numerology is quite disturbing.  The former Secretary of Health and Human Services has a mixed record and was obviously not strong enough in law to avoid associating for genocidal maniacs and was convicted for suppressing the flow of information under law using $250,000 fines regarding breeches in confidentiality in a common crime of the office of SHHS that is used by kidnappers in psychiatric hospitals and child custody cases and administrative thieves to make off with their victims and their money.  The policy is known as omerta, mafia code of silence or thieves honor and is the primary cause for the insolvency of Medicaid in 2002-2004 that has been remedied by the US Secretary of Treasury. 


E. The insidiously suppressive SHHS acronym is one of the top ten issues under existing Hospitals & Asylums Statute and Medical Director (MD) seems to be a much better name for the political office.  It is very likely that the Hamilton County Clerk Gregory Hartman is giving these institutional criminals asylum to steal as part of the deal for his soul for the Republican Party Chair that should not be conferred to judicial officers who are far too substandard on issues of human rights as a rule to run a political party, attorneys are given a Bar and must not overindulge in power as the Framers of the Constitution envisioned a “weak judiciary”.  Joe Deters is very suspicious as his former position as failing Secretary of Treasury shows him to have both the power and lack of moral principles for just this kind of major bank fraud however it is more likely that the local hoodlums are merely inspired to their highest heights of fraud by the new prosecutor who is not astute enough to discipline his staff for defrauding the records of City Beat the lesson for them is clearly no major fraud against the united states- prosecutors are not to tamper with records, not to interfere in financial matters and not to be served with this document as they seem to commit horrible crimes such as church arson, school bombing, assassinations in Amsterdam and homicide in Cincinnati while making references to the most recent Hospitals & Asylums document that they have been served with or intercepted, in fact they behave as if they have co-opted by the CIA.


E. The email address for the appeals court has elicited two responses from hypothetically former Probate Court Magistrate Mark Coombs.  Although he did nothing but make neutral and meaningless statements they inevitably led to a serious deterioration in the local security situation to such an extent that the Courthouse has been convicted of arson and homicide (not related to Mr. Coombs) the homicide appears to come from the County Clerk.  The appeals court needs to clamp down on email security.  Appellate judges need to censure incoming emails to protect informants and prevent the criminally insane judges in the nice courthouse down the street from their incessant criminal actions every time they are confronted with thought provoking laws.  As the County Clerk’s office has been convicted of incitement of the crime of genocide the Clerk should be barred from accessing email that has not been approved as completely public by the Appellate judges.  Closed circuit judicial case review is also recommended to be abolished in favor of public review of Internet documents to prevent known criminals from monopolizing information. 


F. The County Administrator reportedly was impeached by the County Commissioners and received a $409,000 severance package. I hope that he is responsible for this food stamp card fraud so I could claim justice is served as the news failed to provide any evidence of wrongdoing but history shows that Hamilton County is remarkably tight lipped about serious crimes that they do indeed process without the benefit of a judiciary.

G. Under §120 of Chapter 5 Health and Welfare (HaW) the board of commissioners determines from the quarterly reports filed by the trustees with the county auditor that the levies made by the respective townships for poor relief purposes will be insufficient to provide free and available money during the following year for poor relief purposes.  Under §122 The Managing Trustee may determine that borrowing authorized under 42USC(7)§401(k-1)is appropriate in order to best meet the need for financing the benefit payments.  Under 42USC(7)IVA§606 the Secretary of Health and Human Services (SHHS) may also makes loans, repayable in 3 years, particularly in anti-welfare fraud cases.  

Certificate of Service, Saturday 15 January 2005,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


[1] Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services.