Hospitals & Asylums    





February 2009


This is the final query letter as to whether the world wants a perfect 444 page balanced federal and international budget so the bona fide claim to enforcement would empower the new President to skip the apology for being too poor of spirit to spare any CHANGE and go straight to the stirring oratory.  Please Donate


Hospitals & Asylums Political Platform 2009-2012 HA-16-2-09


To sell rights to a 418 page manuscript that promises to pass the fail out by eliminating illegal market subsidies that are undermining the economy, balance the federal budget, ban ARM loans, devaluate the industrialized nation currencies against developing nation currency appreciation to stimulate trade, repeal the federal prohibition of control of education, achieve universal single payer health insurance, and save the $1 trillion international development decade of the MDGs with two years of $200 billion contribution.  Barack Obama’s Campaign for Change infringed on the Constitution of Hospitals & Asylums Non Governmental Economics (CHANGE) breaking every law there-under to make a record billion dollars in campaign contributions, plunging the industrialized nations several trillion dollars into recession.  The thing that neither the President, Congress whose approval rating was last estimated at 8%, nor ECOSOC, to whom we can attribute the idea to draft a Constitution, yet irreparably entered Hospital & Asylum (HA) in their database for the reminder to file a quadrennial report, seem to be unable to seize upon, is that it is the phrase Hospitals & Asylums (HA) that is for the author to put at the top of their document.  In response there will be no third annual Congressional lobbying disclosure nor quadrennial report to the DESA NGO section of ECOSOC-k we now know to throw into the Socio-economic Administration (SEA) to make something of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for 2015.  Global economic success is contingent upon the new President who must live up to his name Commander in Chief, O as in zero, 0 bomb, 0 balm, Obama, with a $100 donation to HA. 


Constitution of Hospitals & Asylums Non Governmental Economics HA-22-2-09


12th draft for Washington’s birthday makes major changes.  The Constitution is now exactly 10 Chapters long and the Amendments are subdivided in Chapter 8 A-G.  A new Chapter on Practical Petitions makes it is easy to be paid for donating blood, defended against unlawful intrusion and violation of the rules and regulations, to perfect bona fide claims to land, to repatriate and release detainees, to claim fines and forfeitures under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and to be admitted to the Armed Forces Retirement Home.  Copyright royalties have been elaborated on as they pertain to pay.  Common law is now the Supreme law of Chapter Four Rule of Law that defends medical and legal immunity.  Political ‘Privilege’ elaborates upon the confusion of the American political spectrum that is not founded in the work of the political philosophers they profess and seeks multi-party democracy.  Economic Law now equates the dual mandate of price stability and maximum employment in both the public and private sectors as well as for currency devaluation in lieu of bailout subsidies.  A Bureau of Economics concludes the long hallucination regarding the future.  There should be no more breaches of General Washington’s independence and the UN Charter lies edited.  


United Nations Charter Legitimate Edition HA-28-2-09  


The UN Charter that entered into force on October 24, 1945 has been amended to reflect a civilian form of government that the parliaments of the world would consent to elect in general elections.  The general principle of the reform is to set down the General of the United Nations (GUN) and elect a Secretary of the United Nations (SUN) in general elections around the world on the same day.  To cut down on unnecessary operations and viciousness of the domestic strife the term organ is changed to branches.  The name of the General Assembly is changed to Parliament.  The name of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC-k) is changed to Socio-Economic Administration (SEA).  The permanent membership to the Security Council is abolished.  A 1% income tax is set for wealthy nations to administrate social security benefits to individuals in least developed countries.  The Trusteeship Council is repealed and replaced with a Human Rights Council.  So that the money is not cursed in Art. 66 some Chapters and Articles have been renumbered and the Preamble now refers to the enforcing Chapter IX as appears to have been the original intention of the author before the San Francisco conference sabotaged it.  To ratify this Charter before it is brought before a referendum of all the people in the world a Parliamentary Conference is called for.