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Political Platform 2009-2012


Tony Sanders


To not file a third Congressional Lobbying Disclosure or UN Quadrennial Report


Be it Enacted in the Publishing Houses and Private Residences of the Good Citizens of the United States and World, referred to the Author


A BILL for $100


Barack Obama’s Campaign for Change infringed on the Constitution of Hospitals & Asylums Non Governmental Economics (CHANGE) breaking every law there-under to make a record billion dollars in campaign contributions, plunging the industrialized nations several trillion dollars into recession.  The thing that neither the President, Congress whose approval rating was last estimated at 8%, nor ECOSOC, to whom we can attribute the idea to draft a Constitution, yet irreparably entered Hospital & Asylum (HA) in their database for the reminder to file a quadrennial report, seem to be unable to seize upon, is that it is the phrase Hospitals & Asylums (HA) that is for the author to put at the top of their document.  In response there will be no third annual Congressional lobbying disclosure nor quadrennial report to the DESA NGO section of ECOSOC-k we now know to throw into the Socio-economic Administration (SEA) to make something of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for 2015.  Global economic success is contingent upon the new President who must live up to his name Commander in Chief, O as in zero, 0 bomb, 0 balm, Obama. 


The benchmarks upon which we are given to judge are,


  1. Pass the fail out by stopping the market subsidies and manipulation that are responsible for the recession.
  2. Balance the budget.  3% of the GDP is the maximum allowable deficit in the EU and it is simple to completely balance the budget as directed in this report.
  3. Continue reducing the international trade deficit.  The trade imbalance is huge so it will take a considerable amount of time to achieve balance but we must Buy American.
  4. Reduce the prison population safely and sustainably to achieve the international legal limit of 250 detainees per 100,000 citizens by implementing a halfway house system.
  5. Ban Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM).  The government must stop playing games with the victims of con men and remove the defective product from the market.
  6. Achieve Universal Health Insurance to eliminate class warfare, economic and racial disparities in the provision of health care with provisions banning the manufacture, stockpiling and de-liver-y of toxic substances and propaganda for their use.
  7. Repeal the prohibition of federal control of education to allow the Department of Education the academic freedom to deal with education along the lines of core curriculum and continue making social progress on racial desegregation.
  8. That the federal government pays those upstanding citizens petitioning the government for a redress of grievances royalties.  Namely that Hospitals & Asylums that reforms the entire federal and international governments, does the day to day work of balancing the budget, is spared some CHANGE.
  9. That developed nations redouble efforts to contribute $200 billion annually to achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals 2009 and 2010 for a $1 trillion first decade of the millennium.
  10. That developed nations seriously consider devaluating against the currencies of developing nations to make a great leap forward towards income equality.


The global financial crisis is the most severe since the Great Depression.  Japan, Germany, France, and Italy all recorded negative growth in Q2 2008. After two quarters of negative growth the United States is officially in a recession.  The Bureau of Economic Analysis reports that real GDP decreased 3.8 percent in the fourth quarter of 2008 after decreasing 0.5 percent in the third quarter.  In 2008, real GDP increased 1.3 percent after increasing 2.0 percent in 2007.  In the Crash of 2008, that was the result of the bailout on the equinox immediately after HA terminated service to the unpopular Congress, 40 percent of stock value vanished, almost $9 trillion. Some $5 trillion in real estate value has disappeared.  News reports are filled with sweeping layoffs, unemployment compensation surging, and social welfare benefits soaring.  In 2008, there were 3.4 million foreclosure filings and 2.6 million job losses.   


America's first trillion-dollar budget deficit is at hand. In Fiscal Year 2008 the deficit was $438 billion.  In 2009, the federal deficit will be larger as a share of the economy than at any time since World War II.  Recent Congressional Budget Office baseline projection reports a fiscal year 2009 deficit of $1,186 billion, or 8.3 percent of GDP, under the assumption that no new tax or spending policies are implemented. The recently enacted $787 billion stimulus package raises the 2009 deficit by roughly $185 billion to $1,371.  Balancing the budget poses a serious test of the new administration.  Can Obama pass the fail out and recall the illegal market subsidies? The Obama administration has the authority the revoke the $200 billion cost of the GSE conservatorship and the $700 billion cost of the bank bailout so that the budget could be balanced FY 2009.  All the legislature needs to do is ban ARM loans and other defective products like the illegal market subsidies the nation cannot afford.  If the Obama administration were to limit spending on the GSE implement to what has already been spent and seek to recover spending on overpriced assets the new administration could balance the budget as soon as FY 2010 and definitely by FY 2011. 


The United States needs to get back to eliminating the $1 trillion account deficit.  An account deficit is defined as the sum of the national budget and international trade deficits in goods and services.  2004-2006 the account deficit was over a trillion dollars.  In 2004 it was - $1077 billion, in 2005 - $1183 billion, in 2006 when it was first noticed, the account deficit began to decline at the end of the year to - $1007 billion, this 2007 it is down to an estimated - $868 billion.   The trade deficit declined to a lucky -$711 billion and the budget deficit is estimated at $200 billion wherefore the account deficit is -$911 billion.  However as the result of the cost of the stimulus programs to the budget deficit, the progress did not continue into 2008.  Although the international trade deficit declined to -$677 billion the budget deficit of -$407 billion resulted in an account deficit of -$1084.  In 2009 the account deficit is expected to climb to -1,500 billion, mostly because a budget deficit of more than $1 trillion is predicted, and then drop below the trillion dollar mark in 2010 or 2011, providing progress continues in the balance of international trade.  If the illegal market subsidies can be revoked 2009 is not lost.


On the domestic front there are now plans for universal health insurance and a repeal of the prohibition of federal control of education.  The United States is the only developed nation that does not promise universal health insurance and although the health expenditure is the highest in the world results are second rate.  There are 48 million uninsured people, life expectancy, infant mortality and incidence of disease are significantly worse than in other developed and many developing nations.  Because of Obama’s soldier mouth universal health insurance has been taken off the agenda and his first nominee for Secretary, who lost his seat in Congress for his vote on FISA, was rejected. Nixon’s coup to eliminate peace protestors with a prohibition of federal control of education and prohibition of drugs resulted in a proliferation of public and private research institutions manufacturing toxic substances that are delivered by capitalist disease registers (dr).  These toxic substances need to be destroyed. The US Department of Education needs to be allowed to focus on the core education values of the curriculum, textbooks and elimination of racial disparities because that is how it is done around the world. 


There are a number government reforms that would greatly benefit the international economic system.  The US has several outstanding amendments, namely Title 22 US Code Foreign Relations and Intercourse (a-FRaI-d) that needs to be amended to Foreign Relations (FR-ee), Court of International Trade of the United States (COITUS) to Customs Court (CC), USAID to US International Development (ID) and Bureau for Asia and the Near East (ANE) to Bureaus for Middle East and Central Asia (MECA) including North Africa and Indonesia and South East Asia (SEA) including Oceania.  The core principle of UN reform is to set down the General of the United Nations (GUN) and elect a Secretary of the United Nations (SUN) in general elections around the world.  The Ambassadors to what we would like to rename the Parliamentary Assembly would also be elected in their nation.  Furthermore, of critical importance to the administration of ODA is that ECOSOC-k is the epitome of corruption and to eliminate money laundering must be amended to Socio-Economic Administration (SEA).  The focus of the SEA would be to tax and administrate the 1% tax on GDP of wealthy nations for the benefit of the social security of the poorest people in developing nations in accordance with the Official Parliamentary Acts.  Furthermore the US should ratify the Rome Statute with this reservation the Prosecutor is a persona non grata in the H(Pl)ague. 

The most direct response to the financial crisis is for industrialized nations to devaluate their currency against that of developing nations whose economies, at least so far, are not as badly damaged as those in the first world.   This measure of devaluation would stimulate the international trade of industrialized nations by reducing the price of their goods on the international market.  The export market is 2/3 of economic growth statistics so this measure is very likely to reverse economic recession in the industrialized world for a slight increase in the price of oil and other imported commodities.  Developing nations would gain proportionally greater purchasing power for the benefit of their domestic economies at the expense of foreign assistance and investment that is always questionable in regards to subverting the interests of the native people.  Because industrialized nations have already manipulated the economy with large counterintuitive financial sector subsidies, they cannot afford, this devaluation should be enforced by the UN General Assembly in much the same way the US and EU forced Mexico and Asian nations to devaluate their currency when they were in crisis.  Major devaluation of first world currencies needs to be at the top of the agenda because currency appreciation and equal purchasing power is in fact the major issue pertaining to equality of income. This first world financial crisis presents an excellent opportunity for currency appreciation to allow developing nations take a great leap forward towards to equal purchasing power and income, on the currency exchange.

But let us continue to be united around the MDGs that have been the core of international economic cooperation for nearly a decade.  For those countries that do not have access to private financial flows, official development assistance (ODA) is a critical source of external financing. ODA has recovered from its decline in the 1990s, reaching $78.6 billion in 2004, a 4.6 per cent rise in real terms.  In 2005 with the help of HA aid climbed to over $100 billion.  Aid dropped 5.1 per cent from $106.8 billion in 2005 – a record high – to $103.9 billion in 2006 after the coup. To achieve the $1 trillion decade we have been striving for developed nations will need to contribute $200 billion in both 2009 and 2010.  It is with this focus on the MDGs that the Iraq reparations got the economy back on track after the Iraq invasion, but the colonials overstayed the rent and oil prices broke the first world economy.  To recover developed nations will need to redouble efforts their international development efforts by vacating Afghanistan that needs only some debt forgiveness, money for the families of civilian casualties and to be freed from colonial military occupation by a National Opium Agency.  Having ceased enforcing the law of diminishing returns with subsidies for the rich and having renewed confidence in the law of supply and demand by continuing to cooperate to achieve the MDGs for 2015, the global economy should recover.  Whereas the economic success and failure of the new millennium is directly tied to the work of HA it is important that everyone uphold the moral and material interests of the author, particularly the right to obtain equitable remuneration.


Sanders, Tony J. Hospitals & Asylums Political Platform 2009-2012. 418 pgs. HA-16-2-09