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Delinquency Notice HA-3-11-05


Dear Bureau of Economic Analysis:, ,,,


The reason that I am writing is that the US GDP estimates in excess of $11 Trillion seem to be a vicious lie that distorts market analysis and leads to corruption, treason and debt in the economic sector such as exhibited in the recent Justice, Commerce and Science Bill and the housing of state debt collection services with the Attorney General rather than State Treasurer where such functions would be rational.


The crux of the dilemma is that the US GDP seems to be falsely inflated with corporate and industrial costs.  These statistics are however brought into global competition where the GDP is used to reflect the national total of per capita income.  If the US had a GDP of $11.1 trillion and a per capita of $44,000 the federal government would have no difficulty levying $2 trillion in tax revenues they want, but this is not the case.  The widening gap between rich and poor lends a false ring.  It seems more likely that a corrupt government continues to seek the counsel of a dwindling circle of rich people.


The real GDP, as used internationally, can be derived by multiplying the Census Bureau's estimate of per capita income of $21,500 by the national population of 294 million coming to a grand total of $6.4 trillion.  This would bring the USA at the lower end of European nations who are much more developed, upholding of equal and human rights and generally more civilized than our nation has become over the past two and half decades, after our short period of growth in the peace after Vietnam, without removing the USA from its status as a first world nation.


$6.4 trillion is much more believable GDP than $11.1 trillion.  US citizens are not wealthier than Europeans as a rule.  We have more falsely imprisoned people and wars and therefore lies than ever before.  We are in desperate need of the truth before our nation falls completely out of the first world, while the politicians pretend to be the wealthiest nation in the world, a claim that rightfully belongs to China, where the per capita is only $5,500.  The fundamental lie, or at least that which we are concerned about in this letter, resides in the false accounting of the GDP.


It is not wrong to account for the GDP in a peculiarly national manner.  What is wrong is to call this pound a kilogram and flaunt the inflated figure internationally, in the CIA World Fact Book and Human Development Report etc. 


I am hoping that BEA can reconcile the US accounting method of GDP with that of other nations and come up with a figure regarding GDP for international use, that I must add will greatly help the US with their expectations regarding the economy of scale and lend the economy a realism without guns.  To assist you I have also contacted the UN Development Program, IMF, UNU School of Economic and Technical Change and Federal Reserve in hopes that BEA can reconcile the accounting of the GDP to international standards. 


I would be honored to hear your preliminary arguments and wish you the very best in publicizing the truth without losing track of the larger economy.  I had initially hoped to hear from you within the month of October.  This letter extends the request for a response to November.  I hope to hear from you by email.


Thank you very much,


Anthony J. Sanders

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